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  • In the example of the voting primaries above there are 236 or about 70 billion subsets. Of course, we cannot deal with this many subsets in a practical problem, but fortunately we are usually interested in only a few of the subsets. The most interesting subsets are those which can be defined by means of a simple rule such as “the set of all logical possibilities in which C loses at least two primaries”. It would be diffi- cult to give a simple description for the subset containing the elements {P1, P4, P14, P30, P34}.

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  • Namely, it was shown that if the two goods are complements retailers are able to discriminate between the more informed consumers (the shoppers) and the less informed ones (the captives) by enticing the former with one of the goods on a deep discount while taxing the latter by keeping the overall price tag high. This practice requires that the retailers are able to charge di erent combinations of prices that have a xed sum and yet induce consumers to buy both goods.

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  • “The class focuses on the likely roles that business professionals will have in regard to information systems: end-user, manager, and innovator,” said CIS Department Chairman Dr. Richard Mathieu. “In order to accomplish these goals, the hands-on component of the class focuses on collaboration and workl ow.” After gaining admittance to the College of Business, a CIS stu- dent’s junior campaign begins with a 12-credit integrated course in which students create a business plan.

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  • For example, you may have eight phases in your budget. When you have completed phase 2, should your variable expenses and labor equal 25 percent of the total? Not necessarily. The best way to break down the total project budget is on the basis of percentage-of-completion work. As long as labor represents the lion’s share of your expense, the completion phase may be defined by total hours in each phase. The labor-tied method also dictates percentage-of-completion for other expenses, even when expenses do not always follow the same pattern as labor.

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  • Congestion charging schemes such as those introduced in Singapore and London, which have lead to a decrease of 40% and 30%, respectively, in traffic in the central business districts of both cities [27], have the potential to transform urban cities into more sustainable and liveable environments. In urban cities where people prefer using private modes of transport (cars) for commuting, as is the case in Auckland, work is needed to change people’s perception of public transport and thereby lead to changes in behaviour.

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  • Howarth et al. [10] developed an approach for estimating the net nitrogen inputs to a region N that is highly correlated with average nitrogen transport in the rivers draining temperate regions (Fig. 2). Net N input to a region was defined as sum of N in fertilizer used, biological N fixation of agricultural crops, oxidized N in atmospheric deposition in the region, and the N in food and feed imported to the region minus the N in food and feed exported from the region. This approach assumes that there is no net gain or loss of N from soil organic matter.

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  • Brentano and Meinong differ further in their respective accounts of the interrelations between the given categories. For whilst both see judgments as presupposing, i.e. as being dependent on, associated presentations, the Meinongian framework allows also a presupposition or dependence in the opposition direction: a presentation, too, may be dependent on a moment of conviction in the sense that it is associated with the disposition to make judgments of a given type.

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  • Web applications must consider the possibility of mali- cious attackers that craft arbitrary messages, and counter this threat through server-side mechanisms. However, to date, Web application development has focused only on methodologies and tools for server-side security enforcement (for instance, see [11, 13]). At most, non-malicious Web clients have been assumed to enforce a rudimentary “same origin” security policy [22].

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  • To allow for feasible comparisons, we define HGFs as the one percent of firms with the highest growth over three different time periods, three, five and seven years. We considered other shares of the firm population, such as the five or ten percent of firms with the highest growth. However, besides the one percent definition, it was not possible to apply precise cut- off levels, since a great many firms showed the growth required to enter as the last firm using other thresholds.

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  • These differences should be embraced and appreciated. Although access is not universal, the digital era allows certain groups of people to connect across vast distances in unprecedented ways. Information can be accessed with ease and spread rapidly around the globe. Anyone online can publish their thoughts in a public space and connect with people who have similar thoughts. While the digital opportunities are invaluable, understanding and working with the differences to provide users with a more sociable space can only enhance the possibilities of the digital realm. ...

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  • However, this does not mean leaders should make all decisions alone. Instead, respondents suggested that representatives from the team should be selected to assist in the decision-making process. Respondents also suggested that, for some key decisions which can affect the whole project, everyone should participate and be responsible for making decisions. Besides all the analysis above, the researcher also found an interesting phenomenon. As all questionnaires were sent both to people in the United States and China, the responses were almost the same.

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  • Today, within the era of globalisation, the recognition and evaluation of intangible assets according to IAS/IFRS or rather of human capital is on the agenda, at least since January 1st, 2005. Nevertheless, human resource accounting is a rather young research area, which still has to prove itself. In practice this is considered as a challenge. Business teams in companies are beginning to face this finance - and capital market-oriented as well as personnel management task.

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  • The issue of liability is most relevant where custody is delegated. According to Article 22(2), the depositary's liability "shall not be affected by the fact that it has entrusted to a third party all or some of the assets in its safe-keeping". The UCITS Directive contains no further provisions governing liability for the loss of a financial instrument where custody has been delegated to a third party. This issue is left to the general principle expressed in Article 22(2), which gives a wide margin of interpretation to Member States.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'ownership of mutual funds, shareholder sentiment, and use of the internet, 2012', tài chính - ngân hàng, quỹ đầu tư phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Thirty two fourth level students in the Department of Foreign Languages at King Faisal University have participated in the study. They are 22-24 years old. All the subjects of the study were Saudi female college students enrolled in an advanced course, Language Testing, and most of them have successfully passed all the courses of the English program and are left with only one course, Teaching Practice.

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  • Ooplasmic transfer involves egg retrieval from the woman undergoing IVF and another woman donating ooplasm (the cytoplasm of an egg cell: the material outside the nucleus). The egg is then fertilized with sperm and implanted into the woman intending to become pregnant. The resulting child has DNA from both women because of the mitochondrial DNA present in the ooplasm of the donor, as well as DNA from the sperm provider (partner or donor), and therefore has three genetic parents. It had been used for women whose infertility seemed to stem from the ooplasm in their eggs.

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  • While significant parts of this book have been written anew, it have drawn on material from a number of previously published articles. Sometimes only a part of an article made it into the final manuscript; in other cases, its parts ended up in different chapters of the book; in yet other case, a whole article became the basis for one of the sections. In the following I list the articles which were used as material for the book. Many of them were reprinted and translated into other languages; here I list the first instance of publication in English. Also, it...

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  • The 2000 census also documents the languages spoken at home by members of the population who were 5 years old and older. Whereas 82.1% (more than 215 million people) report speaking only English at home, 17.9% (nearly 47 million people) report speaking a language other than English at home. Of these, more than 21 million people (8.1% of the total U.S. population over the age of 5) report that they “speak English less than ‘very well’” (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2003).

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  • What you need to do depends mainly on the age of the vehicle and the standards applicable in its original sales market. Generally speaking, you are unlikely to have significant problems importing a vehicle from the European Union except to ensure that the lighting and mirrors are set up for left hand traffic and the speedometer includes an m.p.h. display. Cars from other parts of the world might need extensive modification before they can be used in Britain. (You should not assume that a vehicle which seems to be similar in appearance is identical to a model already available in...

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  • The goal of this project is to learn about the visual qualities that can be used to control aesthetics in visualization. Psychologists have identified emotional and cognitive properties believed to underlie the aesthetic judgement of images. Based on this work, I have chosen three visual qualities that appear promising to aesthetics in visualization. I propose to vary these qualities and conduct studies to evaluate the salience of each quality in terms of aesthetics. Statistical analysis will be used to detect any significant changes in aesthetic judgement or related properties.

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