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  • Approximation of a picture fuzzy set on a crisp approximation space gives a rough picture fuzzy set. In this paper, the concept of a rough picture set is introduced, besides we also investigate some topological structures of a rough picture fuzzy set are investigated, such are lower and upper rough picture fuzzy approximation operators.

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  • Picture fuzzy set (2013) is a generalization of the Zadeh’ fuzzy set (1965) and the Antanassov’ intuitionistic fuzzy set. The new concept could be useful for many computational intelligent problems. Basic operators of the picture fuzzy logic were studied by Cuong, Ngan [10, 11]. New concept –Pythagorean picture fuzzy set (PPFS) is a combination of Picture fuzzy set with the Yager’s Pythagorean fuzzy set [12, 13, 14]. First, in the Part 1 of this paper, we consider basic notions on PPFS as set operators of PPFS’s, Pythagorean picture relation, Pythagorean picture fuzzy soft set.

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  • The dissimilarity measures between fuzzy sets/intuitionistic fuzzy sets/picture fuzzy sets are studied and applied in various matters. In this paper, we propose some new dissimilarity measures on picture fuzzy sets.

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  • Some basic operators of fuzzy logic as negation, t-norms, t-conorms for picture fuzzy sets firstly are defined and studied in [6, 9]. This paper is devoted to some classes of representable picture fuzzy t-norms and representable picture fuzzy t-conorms on PFS and a basic algebra structure of Picture Fuzzy Logic De Morgan triples of picture operators.

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  • In 2013, Cuong and Kreinovich defined picture fuzzy set (PFS) which is a direct extension of fuzzy set (FS) and intuitionistic fuzzy set (IFS). Wang et al. (2014) proposed intuitionistic linguistic number (ILN) as a combination of IFS and linguistic approach. Motivated by PFS and linguistic approach, this paper introduces the concept of picture linguistic number (PLN), which constitutes a generalization of ILN for picture circumstances.

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  • This paper summarizes the major findings of the research project under the code name QG.14.60. The research aims to enhancement of some fuzzy clustering methods by the mean of more generalized fuzzy sets. The main results are: Improve a distributed fuzzy clustering method for big data using picture fuzzy sets; design a novel method called DPFCM to reduce communication cost using the facilitator model (instead of the peer-to-peer model) and the picture fuzzy sets.

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  • In this paper, we introduce a new dissimilarity measure of picture fuzzy sets. This new measure overcomes the restriction of other existing dissimilarity measures of picture fuzzy sets. Then, we apply it to the multi-criteria decision making. Finally, we refer to a new method for selecting the best water reuse application of the available options by using the picture fuzzy MCDM.

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  • The outcomes demonstrate that the combination enhances vein distinguishing proof in all body parts with change rates fluctuating somewhere around 2% and 5% relying upon the quantity of RPPVSM recognized. To the best of our insight, this is the primary work on robotized ID in shading skin pictures taking into account non facial skin imprints and combination with induced vein designs in scientific settings.

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  • Image registration is an emerging topic in image processing with many applications in medical imaging, picture and movie processing. The classical problem of image registration is concerned with finding an appropriate transformation between two data sets. This fuzzy definition of registration requires a mathematical modeling and in particular a mathematical specification of the terms appropriate transformations and correlation between data sets. Depending on the type of application, typically Euler, rigid, plastic, elastic deformations are considered.

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