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  • The BAT (Best Available Techniques) Reference Document (BREF) entitled “Best Available Techniques for the Manufacture of Organic Fine Chemicals” (OFC) reflects an information exchange carried out under Article 16(2) of Council Directive 96/61/EC (IPPC Directive). This executive summary describes the main findings, a summary of the principal BAT conclusions and the associated consumption and emission levels. It should be read in conjunction with the preface, which explains this document’s objectives; how it is intended to be used and legal terms.

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  • The emphasis that firms in all three sectors are placing on risk management and risk measurement issues is encouraging. This should result in stronger and better managed firms. The ability to improve risk quantification can provide important tools for assessing risk/return trade-offs and encourage sound risk management practices. However, firms need to understand the limitations of such methodologies and should supplement these where necessary, for example through stress testing.

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  • the main lesson to draw from this broad range of strategies is the importance of community engagement and the key leadership role that women living with Hiv have to play in tailoring the Hiv response to their needs.

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  • When the walk-through is complete, the employer should organize and analyze the data so that it may be efficiently used in determining the proper types of PPE required at the worksite. The employer should become aware of the different types of PPE available and the levels of protection offered. It is definitely a good idea to select PPE that will provide a level of protection greater than the minimum required to protect employees from hazards.

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  • When failures occur, the fail over process moves processing performed by the failed component to the backup component. This process remasters systemwide resources, recovers partial or failed transactions, and restores the system to normal, preferably within a matter of microseconds. The more transparent that fail over is to users, the higher the availability of the system. Oracle has a number of products and features that provide high availability in cases of unplanned downtime or planned downtime.

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  • Taking the basic guidelines established by the «Bologna Declaration» and that constitute the principles that govern the «European Area of Higher Education» as a starting point, in this discussion, we have presented in a summarised way the steps taken by Spanish Uni- versities to converge with the European Higher Education Area within the given deadline of 2010.

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  • The most direct power of stock exchanges to enforce compliance obviously pertains to those standards which are also incorporated in the listing requirements. For instance, in the Australian model only those recommendations of the Code which are also part of the listing rules are subject to regular surveillance and enforcement by the ASX16 , whereas others recommendations are to be observed on the CoE basis.

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  • Although the income gradient in health status increases by the same amount across the two countries when similar years of data and larger sample sizes are used, there is nonetheless a substantial difference in the size of the income gradient across the two countries. The coefficient on the logarithm of income for all children combined is –0.194 using the 1997-2005 English data, relative to –0.262 using the more recent American data.

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  • The hydraulic system consists of an oil sump, one or two oil pumps, an air over oil accumulator tank, and piping to the servomotors. Typically, there are two pumps with lead and lag controls so that there is always a backup pump. Some systems will share two pumps between two units so that in an emergency one pump could be used for both units. The accumulator tank is usually sized so that in the event the pumps fail, the gates can still be closed. The size of the valve required to control the large amount of oil...

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  • At the end of a day and a half of presentations and discussion, participants concluded that, while more research is needed, there are immediate opportunities to mediate the growing health risks associated with poor eating and physical inactivity. These areas suggest both voluntary and regulatory strategies that focus on strengthening industry accountability, while changing the food and physical activity environment and promoting healthier behaviors.

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  • As we reported in May 2007 , the TCF “implementation” deadline tested whether firms were implementing necessary changes in a substantial part of their business. Firms were expected to have allocated appropriate resources and responsibilities, developed plans and processes, and created capability to meet the TCF principle. We would expect a firm’s implementation plan to identify and tackle any gaps in their ability to ensure customers are treated fairly, including the designing and selling of PPI.

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  • Because larger firms are much more likely to be covered by collective bargaining contracts and works councils, a closely related issue concerns the independent role of firm size in providing wage insurance. As firm size is typically viewed as a good proxy for capital market access (e.g., Gertler and Gilchrist 1994), insurance contracts should be particularly apparent for individuals working at larger employers.

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  • Make network security testing a routine and integral part of the system and network operations and administration. Organizations should conduct routine tests of systems and verify that systems have been configured correctly with the appropriate security mechanisms and policy. Routine testing prevents many types of incidents from occurring in the first place. The additional costs for performing this testing will be offset by the reduced costs in incident response. Test the most important systems first.

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  • Despite the increased demand for graduate business education stemming from the current economic slowdown and other contrib- uting factors, the savvy business school applicant is in a unique po- sition to secure a coveted seat in a leading MBA program through some additional due diligence. Understanding what wows and irri- tates admissions officers at leading business schools, and tailoring the MBA application accordingly, can propel one’s candidacy from unlikely to competitive.

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  • A summary of the different styles of hedge funds and the proportion of the market they occupy is shown in Table 4, based on Hedge Fund Industry Research data. An indication of the broad activity involved in the style is shown on the right hand side. Most of these strategies are long-short in nature: all of the equity hedge (e.g. long a stock and long a put to hedge its fall); most of event driven (e.g. buy the target M&A company and sell the buyer); all of relative value arbitrage (e.g. buy the London listing and sell the...

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  • State of Israel Bonds. State of Israel bonds are securities issued by the Israeli government through the Development Corporation of Israel that are marketed to the Israeli diaspora in particular to help build the nation’s infrastructure. Sixty years after David Ben-Gurion established the program in 1951, State of Israel bonds have raised over $33 billion. 405 Today, Israel considers the issuance of these bonds as a stable source of overseas borrowing and an important mechanism for maintaining ties with its diaspora.

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  • The big challenge though is to show that education does make a difference to how people behave. Asking people at the end of a seminar whether they will do things differently is weak evidence.What people say they will do is known to diverge from what they actually do. “Good resolutions are useless attempts to interfere with scientific laws. Their origin is pure vanity. The result is absolutely nil.” (Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray) As we shall note, Choi et al (2006) find Wilde’s dictum is certainly true of pension planning.

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  • Definition of long-term objectives includes the identification of key functions that will have to be performed in order to achieve reasonably effective water pollution control at all administrative levels. This evaluation and description of necessary management functions and levels should be made without giving too much consideration to the existing administrative capacity at various administrative levels. It may be assumed, for example, that there is a reasonable capacity to carry out the necessary tasks designated at each level in the long-term strategy.

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  • A listing of state charity offices is available through the National Association of State Charity Officials at A listing of state attorneys general is available through the National Association of Attorneys General at Contact your state charity official if you have a concern or complaint that a charity or fundraiser is not complying with state laws.

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  • Environmental indicators are essential tools for tracking environmental progress, supporting policy evaluation and informing the public. Since the early 1990s, such indicators have gained in importance in many countries and in international fora. As part of their commitment to transparency and to better information of the public, OECD countries increasingly use a reduced number of indicators, so-called “key indicators”, selected from larger sets to report on major environmental issues.

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