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  • This article reviews the research literature on politeness, so as to makesuggestions for future research in the field of politeness and communication. Among the extensive literature on politeness for the last three decades, Brown &Levinson (1978, 1987)’s model of politeness has been considered the mostinfluential view of politeness but has also faced severe criticim from a newlyemerging body of politeness research.

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  • Our literature is rich enough in works on the principles of Political Economy. So far as the translator is informed, however, it possesses none in which the science is treated in accordance with the historical method. We may therefore venture to express the hope that this translation will fill a place hitherto unoccupied in the literatures of England and America, and fill it all the more efficiently and acceptably, as Professor ROSCHER is the founder and still the leader of the historical school of Political Economy....

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  • This book introduces ‘an interdisciplinary research approach’ and comments upon how disciplinary-based approaches to tax research have developed in law, economics, accounting, political science, and social policy. Topical studies provide bibliographic surveys of specific areas of tax research. In this introductory chapter I explain the objectives of this book, the background in which it was developed, its approach, and its outline content.

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  • This book came about initially as a result of informal discussions between the authors, all of whom are involved directly, to a greater or lesser extent, with agricultural science and research.

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  • At the same time, however, economists were proposing effluent taxes as a policy that could both generate incentives to meet ambient quality targets and minimize the costs of doing so. Moreover, proponents of effluent fees received a receptive hearing in the political arena. The Environmental Pollution Panel of the President’s Science Advisory Committee recommended in 1965 “that careful study be given to tax-like systems in which all polluters would be subject to ‘effluent charges’ in proportion to their contribution to pollution ….

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  • The first edition of this text was written in the early 1990s. Since then, the field of clinical research methods has continued to develop rapidly, and this second edition has been extensively updated to reflect these developments. We have also tried to make the whole book more user friendly, both in layout and in content. All chapters now have summaries and boxes highlighting the key points, and we have provided many more illustrative examples. The biggest area of change is in our treatment of qualitative methods.

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  • The paper is focusing on the following topics: - Assessment of natural conditions in Diem Dien Town, such as: location, relief, land, water and marine resources. - Research, assess human and economic resources such as population, labor skills, infrastructure, political mechanism and consumption market. - Analysis, assess efficiency of current producing situation and organizing agriculture, fisheries for economic structural transition oriented industrialization and goods commodity. - Set up spatial models of agro - fisheries and processing industry with its natural, social...

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  • European cooperation and integration has continued to progress forward over the past five decades, with an ever deepening impact on the member states. The first wave of research into these processes concerned European integration, the process of institution building and policy developments at the European Union (EU) level. The second wave, on Europeanization used integration as an explanatory factor in understanding domestic political change and continuity related to the EU.

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  • Political Ideals In dark days, men need a clear faith and a well-grounded hope; and as the outcome of these, the calm courage which takes no account of hardships by the way. The times through which we are passing have afforded to many of us a confirmation of our faith. We see that the things we had thought evil are really evil, and we know more definitely than we ever did before the directions in which men must move if a better world is to arise on the ruins of the one which is now hurling itself into destruction....

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  • The current extraordinary advances in basic biomedical and social sciences have unprecedented potential to improve the human condition. These insights, together with the human genome project and its successor proteomics, will require an enormous commitment to translational research to harvest their applications for medicine and public health. The progress in political and social theory, linguistics, statistics, psychology, and behavioral sciences generally deserves a similarly broad application of human research to reach full expression.

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  • .The research described in this report was sponsored by the Smith Richardson Foundation and was conducted under the auspices of the International Security and Defense Policy Center within the RAND National Security Research Division (NSRD). NSRD conducts research and analysis for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, the Unified Commands, the defense agencies, the Department of the Navy, the Marine Corps, the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Intelligence Community, allied foreign governments, and foundations....

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  • Research objectives: Interpret to clarify the rationale, practical basis in building political officer staffs in the army from 2001 to 2010. Systematically present guidelines and the direction of the Army’s Party executive committee to build political officer staff from 2001 to 2010; review and draw some experience from the leadership process of the Army’s Party executive committee to build political officer staff from 2001 to 2010.

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  • Research objectives: Clarify some theoretical issues of Border Guard participation in building the socio-political basis in the northwest border region of Vietnam today; assess the situation, reason of Border Guard participation in building the socio-political basis in the northwest border region of Vietnam and point out the causes and experiences; propose basic requirements and solutions for Border Guard participation in building the socio-political basis in the northwest border region of Vietnam more efficient.

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  • Research objectives: Interpret to clarify basic issues in working capability and fostering working capability of political instructors in the district military commanding committee of the Military Region 1; assess the actual situation properly, clarify the cause and from practice draw initial experience in fostering working capability of political instructors in the district military commanding committee of the Military Region 1; identify the needs and propose main solutions in fostering working capability of political instructors in the district military commanding committee of the Militar...

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  • Research objectives: Interpretation clarifies NCO, S in the infantry regiment and the basic problems of PE and improving the quality of PE for NCO, S in the Lao People's Army infantry regiments; proper assessment of actual status, indication of cause and drawng some experience to improve PE for NCO, S in the Lao People's Army infantry regiments at present; analysis and clarification of the impact factor, determination of requirements and proposal of solutions to improve quality PE for NCO,S in the Lao People's Army infantry regiment now.

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  • Research objectives: Construct the basis of arguments about the public service ethics education for for trainees of provincial political schools; construct the system of the public service ethics qualities which need to be educated for trainees of provincial political schools; survey and value the actual situation of public service ethics education for for trainees at provincial political schools in the northern mountainous region. Proposed measures for public service ethics education for trainees of provincial political schools and experiment.

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  • Research purposes: Based clarify fundamental issues of theory and practice; propose solutions built basic political team at the head of an infantry regiment of the Lao People's Army strong in the current period. Analysis of impact factors, objectives, requirements and solutions to enhance team building political heads in the infantry regiment of Lao People's Army the current period.

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  • This paper reviews critical discourse analysis (CDA) research in the fields of media, politics, racism and sexism discourse with voices raised against socio-political inequality, which is also one of the fundamental goals CDA has been attempting to attain.

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  • Based on gender-related data in the political sphere for the past few years, the paper focuses on analyses and arguments, aiming at clarifying the actual status of Vietnamese women’s political participation as well as barriers against their participation and representation. Research works have demonstrated that the proportion of women holding the top management positions still remains low, although their proportion in the political system has increased generally. In fact, the number of women taking part in politics is too few to have a significant voice.

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  • The research paper is aimed at investigating sport metaphors in news headlines whose contents are related to politics, more specifically, in headlines of some electronic articles on the US presidential election campaign 2012.

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