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  • This volume covers advanced polymer processing operations and is designed to provide a description of some of the latest industry developments for unique products and fabrication methods. Contributors for this volume are from both industry and academia from the international community. This book contains nine chapters covering advanced processing applications and technologies.

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  • Citrus waste includes peels, pulp and membrane residue and seeds, constituting approximately 40–60% of the whole fruit. This amount exceeds ~110–120 million tons annually worldwide. Recent investigations have been focused on developing newer techniques to explore various applications of the chemicals obtained from the citrus wastes. The organic acids obtained from citrus waste can be utilized in developing biodegradable polymers and functional materials for food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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  • Handbook of plastic processes contents about: Injection molding, assisted injection molding, sheet extrusion, thermoforming, blow molding, rotational molding, compression and transfer molding, composite processes, liquid resin processes, assembly, decorating and finishing, polymer nanocomposites in processing.

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  • New approaches to tailor-made cellulose/starch/lignin-synthetic polymer graft copolymers with precise control over molecular weight, degree of substitution, backbone-graft linkage, and the overall grafting process are being studied. Cross-linked graft copolymers with exactly defined polymer chain segments between crosslink points have been prepared. The graft copolymers exhibit a two-phase morphology and can function effectively as compatibilizers/interfacial agents to alloy cellulosic and lignocellulosic materials with synthetic polymers.

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  • Some years ago a consortium of enterprises and a university from different European countries and industrial sectors was established to work together in the development of lighter lead–acid batteries for electrical and conventional vehicles with new innovative materials and process techniques, with the final goal of increasing the energy density by means of a battery weight reduction. Its main idea was to substitute the heavy lead alloy grids mechanical support of the active masses and collectors of the current produced during the charge and discharge reactions.

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  • Smart polymers are macromolecules capable of undergoing rapid, reversible phase transitions from a hydrophilic to a hydrophobic microstructure. These transitions are triggered by small shifts in the local environment, such as slight variations in temperature, pH, ionic strength, or the concentration of specific substances like sugars. Smart polymers have an extensive range of applications, but this book focuses solely on their roles within the fields of bioseparation and biomedicine. Until recently, polymers were considered to be passive participants within these fields.

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  • The effect of polyaspartate (PASP) on the performance of the lead-acid negative plate has been investigated. It was established that this polymer additive controls the crystallization process of lead sulphate and modifies the shape and size of PbSO4 crystals. The addition of PASP to the negative paste and to the electrolyte improves the utilization of the negative active material and reduces the internal resistance of the negative plates.

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  • Reactive liquid-liquid extraction of inorganic acids with amines and effect of solvating diluents; Liquid extraction of tall oil from wastewaters of paper industry • Supercritical fluid extraction of natural products; Enzymatic reactions in supercritical CO2; Solubilities of liquids and solids in dense CO2 with entrainer • Relation between the morphology and application properties of polymer catalysts and adsorbents • Study of the permeation and pervaporation of volatile organic substance (propan-1-ol, toluene) • Observation of the competitive adsorption on Vycor glass membrane App...

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  • PRODUCE-ECONOMICALLY- PART OF OIL LEFT BY CONVENTIONAL RECOVERY METHODS – Improvement of displacement efficiency decreasing Sorw miscible or near miscible gas injection chemical flood-surfactants increasing gravity forces oil vaporization – Improvement of volumetric sweep efficiency lowering mobility ratio by increasing w chemical flood - polymers reducing o thermal flood

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  • This paper presents the results of the effect content of short bamboo fiber prepared by mechanical method and alkaline treatment on mechanical properties of polymer composites (PC) based on polypropylene (PP). With content of 50% in composition, the tensile, the flexible and impact strengths have been increased as 24%, 23% and 40%, respectively in comparison with original PP. Using the prepared bamboo fiber by steam explosion method in stead of mechanical one, the tensile strength of composite increases 16%, mean while the flexible and impact strength have the equivalent value.

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  • In this document Plastic and Polymer Composite - Fabrication Processes, there are many contents: injection molding (or compression or transfer), extrusion, thermo-forming, blow molding (injection blow molding with preforms or extrusion blow molding with parison), rotational molding (combination of 3 and 4).

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  • (bq) covering a broad spectrum of chemical technology, from the gigantic bessemer process for making steel to the microscopic manasevit process for applying circuits to silicon chips, the encyclopedic dictionary of named processes in chemical technology.

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  • the book incorporates named processes in current commercial use anywhere in the world, those piloted on a substantial scale, as well as important obsolete processes. this encyclopedic dictionary reflects recent trends in the global chemical industry away from petrochemicals and toward pollution prevention and waste disposal.

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  • Report "Properties of plant fibre yarn polymer composites" content presentation: Plant fibre structure, plant fibre water sorption, plant fibre mechanical properties, plant fibre processing, plant fibre com posites, materials and methods,... Invite you to consult.

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  • This article presents an experimental study examining the effects of technological parameters to the ISF process on PVC material such as : tool diameter d, tool step depth ∆z, feed rate f and forming temperature T, thereby the determining the limiting value of angular distortion αmax.

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  • The polymeric microparticles using electrospray technique have been used effectively as the drug carrier, whereby controlled release of drug. The electrosprayed particles morphology and size dictated the degradation of polymer matrix, therefore they influenced the release profile from drug loaded microparticles.

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  • The modification of cement mortars with small amounts of water-soluble polymers (polyvinyl alcoholacetate, methylcellulose and hydroxyethylcellulose) is studied. During hardening, two processes can take place, i.e. cement hydration and polymer film or bridge formation. Due to the very low polymer contents, the formation of polymer films is generally not considered. In this paper, evidence is given of the presence of polymer films or bridges in mortars modified with 1% of polyvinyl alcohol-acetate or methylcellulose. A contribution to the flexural strength of these mortars is found.

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  • The porosity and pore size distributions are pore structure parameters which have a direct effect on the permeability of cement paste as well as its durability. This paper is based on laboratory programs comparing the porosity, pore size distributions and water absorption with varying ageing processes of three commercial polymer-modified mortars (SBR, PAE and VAE) as well as unmodified conventional mortar mixes exposed to different curing conditions.

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  • The present investigation highlights the feasibility of a polymer grafting process to enhance the durability and flame retardancy of rice straw towards application as a low cost roofing material. The success of this grafting methodology was perceived to depend upon a bi-step pre-treatment process encompassing delignification and inorganic salts dispersion. Subsequently free radical polymer grafting of acrylonitrile onto rice straw was implemented by immersion mechanism initiated by oxalic acid-potassium permanganate initiator.

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  • A combination of gel-casting and polymeric foam infiltration methods is used in this study to prepare porous bodies of hydroxyapatite (HA), to provide a better control over the microstructures of samples. These scaffolds were prepared by impregnating a body of porous polyurethane foam with slurry containing HA powder, and using a percentage of solids between 40% and 50% w/v, and three different types of monomers to provide a better performance.

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