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  • Switzerland's policy for improving air quality "must be pursued with determination," the agency added. "In particular, this means using more advanced technologies and introducing stricter norms for nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulates." The agency said one reason for the smaller than anticipated decrease in polluting emissions is the projected increase in truck traffic despite the Swiss government's efforts to encourage trucks crossing through Switzerland to be put on rail cars through the use of road tolls and quotas on truck traffic.

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  • Latinas stand at a unique historical juncture in the reproductive justice movement. A new wave of Latinas are coming of age, changing the political and social landscape of this country. Without question, Latina civic and political influence will grow exponentially over the next decade, making their involvement and leadership in the reproductive rights movement a prerequisite for success. The need for reproductive justice for Latinas has never been greater.

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  • The report summarized in this paper is intended as a review of the transportation sector’s contribution to local and global air pollution, and the strategic and tactical options available for combating the problem in an environment of sustainable development and economic growth. The report examines the origins of, and the damages caused by, air pollution from transport; it assesses the underlying causes, surveys the principal strategic approaches applied to solving the problem, and examines the various mechanisms of intervention available.

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  • A project on Community Participation for Conservation Success developed by WWF, Xuan Mai Forestry University and FPD used Khe Tran as one of the training sites in buffer zones. It was designed to increase the effectiveness of conservation programs in Vietnam by promoting community participation through community- based environmental education (CBEE). The project, started in 2003, aimed to increase the immediate and long-term capacity of government to incorporate CBEE training into mainstream training institutions.

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  • Over 98 per cent of sprayed insecticides and 95 per cent of herbicides reach a destination other than their target species, including non-target species, air, water and soil. Pesticide drift occurs when pesticides suspended in the air as particles are carried by wind to other areas, potentially contaminating them. Pesticides are one of the causes of water pollution and some pesticides are persistent organic pollutants and contribute to soil contamination. Detection of pesticide molecules in the food items from plant and animal origin become imperative for safe consumption of food.

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  • Effective communication is essential to the success of all the above categories of needs analysis. The mechanisms established need to ensure proper ‘bottom up’ communication from the local level, as it is difficult to make the voice of the SME sector heard at the national level – this is particularly so for informal and micro enterprises. Information and communication technology is now beginning to change this. For a selection of websites on SMEs and their development see also Annex 9.3. Information alone is neither knowledge nor learning.

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  • Experience transmitted by media is sometimes a functional equivalent for experience gained in the real world. American movies have influenced the image of legal procedure a great deal – and not just in the United States of America. An English legal expert told us about seeing a young barrister try to proceed before an English court in a manner that is possible only in the United States.

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  • The dromedary’s water intake is through drinking and the water in the feed. The need for drinking depends on environmental temperature and humidity and the water content of the feed. Under range conditions if water is readily available, camels may drink daily or may not for several days. The main water losses are from evaporative cooling of the skin, in urine and faeces, and even in these functions the conservation of water can be very efficient. During exercise physiology studies, obvious sweating was not observed.

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  • Domestic demand has made negative contributions to GDP growth for more than a year and is likely to do so also in the second half of 2012 and well into the first half of 2013. This leaves net exports, which are set to benefit from a gradual recovery of global demand, as the only positive contributor to GDP growth in the EU for some more quarters to come. Private consumption, by far the largest component of domestic demand, is expected to stagnate in the EU and to decrease in the euro area in 2013, as real...

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  • The last solution is the one of choice, if you have the machines. But many people don't and that is why one alternative is to find a shop that will help you out. If you can find such a shop it may turn out to be very easy for you to show up now and then with a few boards and quickly have them planed down, so it's worth the effort to investigate by calling around. But keep the following in mind. These shops will be busy and it is not worth their while to disturb their normal flow of...

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  • Applications that use HTML-based front ends benefit from the pervasive distribution of Web browsers for universal, cross-platform access. Another striking advantage of Web delivery lies in the concept of thin clients and centralized maintenance, facilitating instantaneous deployment of software updates at minimal cost. While the popularity of the Web and its advantages as a client-server platform have led to countless HTML-based applications, the development of Web applications is still mostly ad hoc.

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  • To help inform prevention and control strategies, research efforts have been directed at establishing the likely contributors to this rise in campylobacteriosis incidence. Consistent with international findings (6–8), New Zealand investigations implicated poultry meat as a significant source of foodborne sporadic campylobacteriosis (9–13). A relatively small case–control study in Christchurch in 1992–1993 reported several poultry-associated risk factors, including consumption of undercooked poultry (10).

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  • The first meeting with a TB patient usually takes place when a patient receives the results of diagnostic tests and is started on treatment for TB, or when the patient is registered in the TB Patient Register (TB 03). The initial meeting with the patient provides the opportunity to communicate essential information about TB and its treatment. The first meeting with a patient also provides a good opportunity for the health care worker to gather information from the patient.

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  • This section lays out a two-part plan to solve the retirement crisis by making some bold changes to the private retirement system and Social Security. The first proposal would rebuild the private pension system by providing universal access to Universal, Secure, and Adaptable (“USA”) Retirement Funds, a new type of private pension plan that would give people the opportunity to earn a secure benefit and would be easy for employers to offer.

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  • This revised guidance comes at a time of modernisation and change. New NHS structures such as Primary Care Organisations and Strategic Health Authorities (Regional Offices and Local Health Boards in Wales) mean many of those concerned in these bodies will need to learn afresh what needs to be done and why. They need to appreciate how their organisation can contribute effectively to improving outcomes, including acting together for more centralised services such as radiotherapy. An increasing range of cancer policies is now available, together with NICE appraisals.

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  • The recent literature on health economics has shown a keen interest in the mea- surement of health inequality and in its determinants. One of the more persistent and salient findings1 is the existence of a “health-income gradient”, in the sense that health tends to be associated positively with incomes. A seemingly natural corollary is that health policy might usefully take place through income redistri- bution and a general improvement in living standards.

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  • Countries and donors have agreed a set of principles around aid effectiveness to address these challenges. 21 Countries will work to develop national health plans and donors will align their aid accordingly. They will also harmonize their budgets, providing separate health budget lines, with all public spending and donor financing included. Already, countries and donors are using the International Health Partnership (IHP+) to improve and harmonize their activities, reduce fragmentation and ensure that more funding flows rapidly to those who need it.

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  • Examples ranged from gory low-budget horror to the sexploitation films of Russ Meyer. Elements of independent ‘exploitation’ strategy were also embraced by Hollywood in its more mainstream, blockbuster productions, especially the strategy of combining wide opening release patterns with saturation advertising, in order to recoup costs quickly. A number of Hollywood’s biggest-grossing films of the 1970s were, in part, bigger-budget and glossier versions of independent exploitation fare, especially The Exorcist (1973) and Jaws (1975)....

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  • The view of investor as customer also receives some weight from the fact that investors can redeem their mutual fund shares at net asset value at any time. This feature makes investing in a mutual fund unlike owning stock in a traditional company or a closed-end investment company, where the price at which an investor can liquidate reflects the market’s perception of the firm’s management. In that case, when management is revealed to have taken a “bad” action, current investors are damaged because they can resell their shares only at a much lower price.

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  • The governor’s office has expressed the view that, since Planned Parenthood affiliates constitute just 2% of WHP providers, patients would have little difficulty finding alternative providers. Our analysis indicates that in the markets they serve, Planned Parenthood affiliates serve half, and sometimes much more than half, of all WHP patients.

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