Principles for integrating the environment

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  • "Integrating the environment" has content: Introduction, relevant environmental issues for cities, strategies for integrating the environment in urban planning and management, conclusion: principles for integrating the environment in urban planning and management.

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  • The main objective of the project is to arrange the citrus industry in Vietnam with world standards manufacturing practices and opportunities for the export market. Through sustainable integrated pest management (IPM) associated with the principles of good agricultural practice (GAP) for both economic interests and the environment, and will enable citrus growers in Vietnam leader in production in Asia-Pacific region.

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  • Public comment is sought to help inform the Working Group in shaping its recommendations for enhanced industry self-regulatory efforts as part of a report requested by Congress. Comments are not being requested as the basis for regulation. The recommendations include principles addressing the nutritional quality of foods that are most heavily marketed to children. They also include proposed definitions of advertising, promotion, and other marketing activities targeting children ages 2-11 years and adolescents ages 12-17 years to which the nutrition principles would apply.

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  • The Global Strategic Framework on Integrated Vector Management (IVM) sets out new and broad principles and approaches to vector control that are applicable to all vector- borne diseases. Integrated vector management seeks to improve the efficacy, cost-effectiveness, ecological soundness and sustainability of disease vector control.

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  • The built environment embraces a wide range of concepts, from the design and integrity of housing, to land-use and urban planning. A high quality environment is essential for children to achieve optimal health and development. Building and land-use policies, including the quality and design of a child’s physical environment, can cause or prevent illness, disability and injury, and degrade or preserve natural resources.

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  • The UC Davis Administrative Responsibilities Handbook was created to define the principles by which we maintain consistency and integrity in our business practices in the midst of an ever‐changing academic and legal environment. Performing our administrative responsibilities well is critical as we strive to safeguard university resources, maximize the effective use of limited resources and develop an organization capable of responding rapidly to diverse opportunities.

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