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  • Introduction Database Management Performing Routine DBA Procedures Preparing a Database for Production Performing Backup and Recovery Installation and Configuration Installing Oracle on Unix Installing Oracle on Windows NT Installing Oracle on VMS Creating a Parallel Oracle Database Network Management Confirming Network Availability Confirming Net8 Connectivity Verifying Net8 Name Resolution Configuring Net8 Clients Configuring Net8 Clients to Use LDAP Configuring Net8 Clients to Use Oracle Names Configuring Net8 on the Server Configuring Multi-Threaded Server Tracing Client Connections Tra...

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  • The school computing environment must be reviewed with an emphasis on security. The initial procedures for the review have already been completed.

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  • The book includes guidance on the requirements of Chapter VIII (Watchkeeping) of the IMO STCW Convention, the latest changes to Radio Regulatuions and the use of AIS and modern navigation and charting systems. It also includes bridge and emergency checklists for use by ships' masters and navigating officers. A copy should be carried on board every ship. The new edition is also accompanied by a CD version of the text with a search' function.

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  • Part I presents fundamental concepts of data security requirements and threats that pertain to connecting to a database, accessing and altering tables, and using applications. In addition, security checklists are provided for DBAs and application developers, which cover installation preparation, database administration best practices, and recommendations for developing secure applications.

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  • Decentralization of governmental fiscal responsibility has been a component of much economic reform, providing contradictory evidence of the economic consequences. The case for fiscal decentralization rests on the assumption of heterogeneity of regional preferences or the benefits of competition. When communities have heterogeneous tastes, the government closest to the citizens can deliver a bundle of services that reflects community preferences.

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  • Infection control in health care continues to be the subject of intensive research and debate. Implementing safe and realistic infection control procedures requires the full compliance of the whole dental team. These procedures should be regularly monitored during clinical sessions and discussed at practice meetings. The individual practitioner must ensure that all members of the dental team understand and practice these procedures routinely. Every practice must have a written infection control policy, which is tailored to the routines of the individual practice and regularly updated.

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  • This book is part of the Cavendish Essential Series. The books in the series constitute a unique publishing venture for Australia in that they are intended as a helpful revision aid for the hard-pressed student. They are not intended to be a substitute for the more detailed textbooks which are already listed in the current Cavendish catalogue. Each book follows a prescribed format consisting of a checklist covering each of the areas in the chapter, and an expanded treatment of ‘Essential’ issues looking at examination topics in depth....

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  • 478 Making Key Strategic Decisions APPENDIX A DUE DILIGENCE EXAMINATION OUTLINE The goal of due diligence is to understand fully the business of the issuer, to identify the risks and problems it will face, and to assure that the registration statement is complete and accurate. Thoughtful analysis concerning the particular issuer as well as the experience, knowledge and care of the underwriters and their counsel in this process represent the critical ingredients of due diligence.

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  • Form DQA (Design Quality Audit Checklist) is used to perform, record, and certify the audit. A non-conformance with the quality process results in the documents being returned to the Originator to bring the package into compliance. If the audit finds all documents in conformance, the DQAM completes and signs Form DQA to document and certify that the QMP requirements have been followed. At the appropriate time, the DQAM also uses Form DQA to certify that the design package is approved for RFC (Refer to section 4.7 RFC Procedure).

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  • Furniture and equipment may be selected on the basis of user trials, but these procedures require the services of a representative group of users, the larger the size of the group the better. Trials can be very time-consuming when a wide range of products needs to be evaluated. A comprehensive checklist can be a useful screening tool enabling a short list of chairs to be identified for user trials. It also has the advantage of selection criteria being available "up front" to manufacturers so that they are more aware of ergonomic design features. Checklists contain both...

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  • Lecture Software quality assurance chapter 3 introduces to the software quality infrastructure components. Learning objectives in this chapter: Explain the procedures, work instructions, templates, checklists of software quality assurance; explain the main objectives of training and certification and list the main components of a certification program; explain the difference between defect correction and corrective and preventive actions;...

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