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  • Network Security: Chapter 2 - Symmetric Ciphers includes about Symmetric Encryption, Some Basic Terminology, Symmetric Cipher Mode, Classical Substitution Ciphers, Transposition Ciphers, Product Ciphers, Rotor Machines, Modern Block Ciphers.

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  • To discuss product ciphers and distinguish between two classes of product ciphers: Feistel and non-Feistel ciphers.

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  • The world’s love of the iPhone only continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Darren Murph, managing editor of Engadget and a Guinness World Record holder as the most prolific blogger, explores every amazing capability of the iPhone and shows you how to take full advantage of this remarkable mini-computer. He reveals secret shortcuts, best ways to boost your productivity, how to take advantage of iMessage and push notifications, international iPhone travel tips, how to maximize AirPlay, and so much more. ...

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  • This intuitive yet rigourous introduction derives the core results of digital communication from first principles. Theory, rather than industry standards, motivates the engineering approaches, and key results are stated with all the required assumptions. The book emphasizes the geometric view, opening with the inner product, the matched filter for its computation, Parseval's theorem, the sampling theorem as an orthonormal expansion, the isometry between passband signals and their baseband representation, and the spectral-efficiency optimality of quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM).

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  • Threat Discovery Services provides corporatewide traffic threat detection and analysis capabilities via a threat discovery appliance or any VMware-based system. It is deployed out of band at the network layer on the core switch, where it can monitor the stealth techniques being used by modern malware to provide 24 x 7 network monitoring and detection of hidden malware infections. The threat discovery technology detects day-zero infections by leveraging Trend Micro Smart Protection Network and multiple threat analysis engines.

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  • We will use whether or not the household owns animals, bikes and/or motorbikes. Households living in the rural part of the municipality might be more prone to own these assets. Moreover, they might have worse access to health and sanitary infrastructure. If this was the case, we expect that the importance of household consumption will be underestimated when we use the ownership of animals, bikes and/or motorbikes as instruments.

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  • Overall, the microfinance sector is continuing to expand despite tremendous operating obstacles in serving the market in a sustainable way. The lack of access to financial services for households and micro and small enterprises is quite striking in Africa and microfinance institutions are crucial in responding to the unbanked segments. However, the microfinance sector is still relatively small and weak compared to other global regions and despite the huge potential market. In this context, the role of savings banks in microfinance should be recognised and boosted.

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  • Although the covered topics may not be an exhaustive representation of all the security issues in wireless/mobile networks, they do represent a rich and useful sample of the strategies and contents. This book has been made possible by the great efforts and contributions of many people. First of all, we would like to thank all the contributors for putting together excellent chapters that are very comprehensive and informative. Second, we would like to thank all the reviewers for their valuable suggestions and comments which have greatly enhanced the quality of this book.

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