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  • These papers describe environmentally conscious design technique in the field on buildings and architecture: how to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by enhancing the energy efficiency, water efficiency, use sustainable (renewable or recyclables) materials of construction. Section 4 is a collection of articles related to sustainable agriculture and food security: systems of food production that provide secure supply to meet the world growing population.

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  • This project supports the development of crops with small profit in central Vietnam, developing high-value sawlogs glue for the wood processing industry of Vietnam's solid. Project to build scientific capacity of the Forest Science Institute of Vietnam (FSIV) to breed varieties suitable for acacia sawlog production, research and silvicultural applications to support sustainable forest and profitable.

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  • As part of the CARD project 032/05VIE, sustainable and profitable for Acacia Forest Sawlog production in Vietnam, a training course in Acacia tree improvement and silviculture is carried action on October 11-15 June 2007 in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas. The main objective is to train junior FSIV and scientists and technicians in the province to improve basic principles to plant Acacia trees and silvicultural techniques related to sawlog production.

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  • Project: Support to development of the National Strategy on Environmentally Sustainable Transport Implemented by: Institute of Strategy, Policy on Natural Resources and Environment (ISOPNRE), MONRE and Department of Environment (DOE), Ministry of Transport (MOT) Support: United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD) Started in 2006 Now: the final (4th) Draft of the Strategy The EST’s objectives and targets were intergrated

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  • The main objective of the project is to develop and expand clam technology (production of seeds and livestock) to sustain the livelihoods of poor farmers in coastal North Central Province and develop a management strategy contributes sustainable water use clam aquaculture farms to improve water use thai.Trong tomtrang six months, the focus of the project is focused in the following two aspects. (1) Prepare and create favorable conditions for the agreement between stakeholders and research organizations to carry out 'on farm trials.

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  • Considering data on the database online questions and check for errors from the original paper copies are stored in HUAF and NIAH. Two. Travel to each selected farm (24 TTH, 30 in QT) - To audit the previous question and used to make any adaptations necessary - Take a digital picture and upload photos to online databases - Create a floor plan diagram and uploading inventory database online

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  • Upstream and downstream linkages contribute to ME’s innovativeness. However, most of the technological progress is based on the industry’s own R&D capabilities and its broad knowledge of process technologies. One of the outstanding examples in this respect has been the so-called Compact Strip Production (CSP). Developed by a European firm at the end of the 1980s, this technology enables steel works to invest in a capital and energy saving process. It has been based upon the integration of steps that have been carried out separately in former times.

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  • Small farmers in central Vietnam mainly Mong Cai breed, Mini pigs, and SocHighland, be adapted to local conditions which have limited performance and economic efficiency. Genetic improvement of local varieties by the introduction of high performance Mong Cai breed pure lines and exotic breeding program will lead to significant benefits for small farmers if it could be linked to a birth plan-to-finish integrated management (focusing on health, breeding, housing and nutrition) to improve manufacturing parameters and limits health problems.

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  • Skylines, and other directly related problems such as multiobjective opti- mization [Steuer 1986], maximum vectors [Kung et al. 1975; Matousek 1991], and the contour problem [McLain 1974], have been extensively studied and nu- merous algorithms have been proposed formain-memory processing. To the best of our knowledge, however, the first work addressing skylines in the context of databaseswasBorzsonyi et al. [2001],which develops algorithms based on block nested loops, divide-and-conquer, and index scanning. An improved version of block nested loops is presented in Chomicki et al.

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  • Vietnam Day 1: A meeting was held at the CARD office with Dr. Duyen, Dr. Thuy, Mr. Hue and Mr. Keith. Main items of discussion included the following steps to register the vaccine NIVR E. coli, the farmer the farmer training initiatives, the establishment of farmers' clubs, the need for sound advice on drug use, farmers rated show on the strengths and weaknesses of the project and the creation of training manuals.

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  • The Habitat Agenda is a complex document embra cing a variety of issues under the two main themes; Adequate Shelter for All and Sustainable Human Settlements in an Urbanizing World. Thus, a detailed and comprehensive assessment of all relevant aspects would be difficult to present within the framework of national reports. In addition, when it comes to measu ring progress on the implementation of the Habitat Agenda, five years is a short period.

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  • The members of the cautious group, which have traditionally been protecting and supporting their agriculture markets, want to make sure that—despite progressing liberalization—there will be enough room for them to continue providing farmers with larger sums of support. As a result, this group wants to retain an instrument (such as the Green Box) through which larger amounts of subsidies can be paid to their farming sector to sustain a minimum degree of farming activity.

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  • Weishang Qu, head of modelling at the Millennium Institute, Washington DC, has examined the World Bank’s new sustainability indicators, including genuine savings, and found that they “are very much GDP dependent”. As genuine savings calculations start with GDP figures before adding and subtracting certain values, they will tend to justify increasing real GDP/economic growth as the central measure of development/progress. 22 Nations with strongly positive GDP are far less likely to obtain a weak or negative genuine savings result.

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  • She said that progress had been "unsatisfactory" in the fields of energy, transport, environment and health, and biodiversity. Particular sources of disappointment were sluggish promotion of renewable energy and a rise in CO2 transport emissions. But faced with a recent critical review of the EU's sustainable development performance by the EEB, Ms Wallström defended the Commission's achievements in many other areas.

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  • Environmental indicators are essential tools for tracking environmental progress, supporting policy evaluation and informing the public. Since the early 1990s, such indicators have gained in importance in many countries and in international fora. As part of their commitment to transparency and to better information of the public, OECD countries increasingly use a reduced number of indicators, so-called “key indicators”, selected from larger sets to report on major environmental issues.

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  • Screening for precancerous lesions can be done in several ways including, cervical cytology (Pap tests), visual inspection of the cervix with acetic acid [VIA] or testing for HPV DNA. Each of these methods has specific advantages, disadvantages and health systems requirements that countries should consider when planning screening programmes (See Annex 1).

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  • The Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development marks 20 years since the historic Earth Summit1 that was instrumental in laying the foundations and charting the course for contemporary sustainable development. This report looks at the issues that pertain to the management, development and use of fresh water resources. Its starting point is in the Earth Summit’s Agenda 21 recommendation for an integrated approach to the management of water resources.

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  • UN-Water was asked by the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (UN CSD, at its meeting in 2005) to produce status reports on the progress of water resources management for the UN CSD meetings in 2008 and 2012. UN-Water called upon UNEP to lead a UN-Water Task Force on Water Resources Management and established a Working Group1 to prepare the present status report for submission to the UN CSD 2012, the Rio+20 conference.

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  • Power comes in many guises. Among them is the power to set the terms of the debate, to structure the patterns of thought and language, the fundamental taken-for-granted assumptions, which shape our approaches to problems and solutions. If, indeed, the current situation is untenable, if the dominant categories no longer address the dominant problems, then these terms must be challenged and opened to new debate and directions.

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  • Significant progress has been made in recent years in increasing the production of health workers and in producing a multi-purpose nursing cadre that is able to perform both nursing and midwifery tasks. Availability of data on the public sector health workforce has also improved. A comprehensive HRH policy and strategy to address priority HRH constraints is in place, although its implementation needs to improve. Another encouraging development is the recognition of the need for human resource management and leadership training.

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