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Properties of magnetite

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  • The differential thermal analysis of the quenched samples revealed decrease in the thermal effects by adding P2O5 and/or MnO2 to the base sample. The X-ray diffraction patterns show the development of nanometric magnetite crystals in a glassy matrix. Heat treatment at 800 C for 2 h, under reducing atmosphere, caused an increase in the amount of the crystallized magnetite with the appearance of minor hematite and Ca2SiO4. The transmission electron microscope revealed a crystallite size in the range 10–30 nm.

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  • This work pointed out the preparation of a magnetic glass–ceramic in the system Fe2O3–ZnO–CaO–SiO2. The base composition was designed to crystallize about 60% magnetite. The influence of adding TiO2, Na2O and P2O5 separately or as mixtures was studied. The DTA of the glasses revealed a decrease in the thermal effects by adding P2O5, TiO2 and Na2O in an increasing order. The X-ray diffraction patterns showed the presence of nanometric magnetite crystals in a glassy matrix after cooling from the melting temperature.

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  • Materials are important to mankind because of the benefits that can be derived from the manipulation of their properties, for example electrical conductivity, dielectric constant, magnetization, optical transmittance, strength and toughness. Materials science is a broad field and can be considered to be an interdisciplinary area. Included within it are the studies of the structure and properties of any material, the creation of new types of materials, and the manipulation of a material's properties to suit the needs of a specific application....

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  • Recent progress in information technology, wireless communication, biotechnology and microelectronics requires advanced technologies and new magnetic materials to meet demands of modern devices. This collection of eight chapters provides an up‐todate review of recent trends and developments in technology, characterization methods, theory and applications of modern magnetic materials with original, never published contributions from the renowned scientists in the field of magnetism.

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  • Swiatkowska-Warkocka et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:226 NANO EXPRESS Open Access Controlling exchange bias in Fe3O4/FeO composite particles prepared by pulsed laser irradiation Zaneta Swiatkowska-Warkocka*, Kenji Kawaguchi, Hongqiang Wang, Yukiko Katou, Naoto Koshizaki Abstract Spherical iron oxide nanocomposite particles composed of magnetite and wustite have been successfully synthesized using a novel method of pulsed laser irradiation in ethyl acetate.

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