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  • Radiation, Health and Society The Nuclear Phenomenon Radioactive Decay Radiation all Around Us Radiation and Living Tissue Radiation Protection High Doses Nuclear Power Chernobyl - A Case Study Conclusion...

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  • Vitamin E Deficiency: Treatment Symptomatic vitamin E deficiency should be treated with 800–1200 mg of αtocopherol per day. Patients with abetalipoproteinemia may need as much as 5000–7000 mg/d. Children with symptomatic vitamin E deficiency should be treated with 400 mg/d orally of water-miscible esters; alternatively, 2 mg/kg per d may be administered intramuscularly. Vitamin E in high doses may protect against oxygen-induced retrolental fibroplasia and bronchopulmonary dysplasia, as well as intraventricular hemorrhage of prematurity.

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  • Radiology is an essential component of dental diagnosis. Available data clearly show that ionizing radiation, if delivered in sufficient doses, may produce biological damage. However, it is not clear that radiation in doses required for dental radiography presents any risk. Neither is it clear that these small doses are free of risk.

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  • Table 81-2 Commonly Used Cancer Chemotherapy Agents Drug Exam ples of Usual Doses Toxicity Issues Interactions, Direct DNA-Interacting Agents Alkylators Cyclophospha 2000 400– mg/m2 Marrow (relative Liver metabolism required mide IV platelet sparing) to activate to phosphoramide 100 mg/m2 PO qd Common alkylatora Mesna protects Cardiac dose) against Cystitis mustard + acrolein (high "high-dose" bladder damage Mechloretha mine 6 mg/m2 IV day Marrow Topical use in cutaneous lymphoma Vesicant 1 and day 8 Nausea Chlorambucil 1–3 mg/m2 qd PO Marrow Common alkylatora ...

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  • Adipophilin is a 50 kDa protein that belongs to the PAT family (perilipin, adipophilin, TIP47, S3-12 and OXPAT), which comprises proteins involved in the coating of lipid droplets. Little is known about the functional role of adipophilin in muscle. Using the C2C12 cell line as a model, we demon-strate that palmitic acid-treated cells highly express the adipophilin protein in a dose-dependent way.

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  • Regimen efficiency and simplification. Another key advantage of Options B and B+ is greater efficiency, very much in accord with Treatment 2.0 principles. First, the same simplified, fixed-dose combination ARV regimen can be used throughout the PMTCT intervention. Further, it is possible, and highly desirable, to provide the same regimen both for PMTCT and as the first-line national ART regimen for non-pregnant individuals.

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  • Distribution To be effective, concentrations of an antibacterial agent must exceed the pathogen's MIC. Serum antibiotic concentrations usually exceed the MIC for susceptible bacteria, but since most infections are extravascular, the antibiotic must also distribute to the site of the infection. Concentrations of most antibacterial agents in interstitial fluid are similar to free-drug concentrations in serum.

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