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  • The results of lobectomy and pneumonectomy in treating various benign and malignant lesions of lung have been reported. The complications and results of such procedures in the presence of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) have been described in older texts. However these reports have lessened due to the decrease in the number of patients seen over the last decades. Thus, it's not clear that to what extent the advancements seen in surgical and anesthetic procedures were effective in lessening the complications of such procedures.

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  • Extrapulmonary organ involvement in human immunodefiaency virus (HIV)-infected patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) is reported to be 26%, however, the clinical predictors of extrapulmonary involvement in pulmonary TB patients has not been reported yet. We tried to determine the clinical predictors of presence of extrapulmonary involvement in patients with pulmonary TB. Cross-sectional study was performed including all adult patients with culture-proven pulmonary TB diagnosed between January 1, 2004 and July 30, 2006, at a tertiary referral hospital in South Korea.

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  • Bronchogenic carcinoma can mimic or be masked by pulmonary tuberculosis (TB), and the aim of this study was to describe the radiologic findings and clinical significance of bronchogenic carcinoma and pulmonary TB which coexist in the same lobe. Materials and Methods: The findings of 51 patients (48 males and three females, aged 48-79 years) in whom pulmonary TB and bronchogenic carcinoma coexisted in the same lobe were analyzed.

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  • Study design & area: This is a descriptive epidemiological study in which HCWs such as doctors, nurses, radiographers, laboratory scientists, laboratory assistants, ward maids and students who were involved in the management of TB patients were screened for pulmonary TB (PTB). The study was carried out at the two designated DOTS centers, the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, a tertiary health care facility and Jericho Chest Hospital (JCH) which serves as a referral secondary health care center. The two health institutions are located within Ibadan metropolis.

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  • Despite the availability of standard instruments for evaluating health-related quality life (HRQoL), the feasibility, reliability, and validity of such instruments among tuberculosis (TB) patients in different populations of sub-Saharan Africa where TB burden is of concern, is still lacking. Objective: We established the feasibility, reliability, and validity of the Medical Outcomes Survey (MOS) in assessing HRQoL among patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in Kampala, Uganda.

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  • Introduction: Early identification of Tuberculosis (TB) treatment failure using cost effective means is urgently needed in developing nations. The study set out to describe affordable predictors of TB treatment failure in an African setting. Objective: To determine the predictors of treatment failure among patients with sputum smear positive pulmonary TB at Mulago hospital. The study was carried out in the TB clinic of Mulago hospital Kampala, Uganda.

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  • Inclusion and exclusion criteria: Patients were eligible for enrollment in the study if they were aged 18 yr or more, had newly diagnosed pulmonary TB, had no history of previous treatment for TB, had knowledge of their HIV status, resided within 20 km of study site, assessed to be cooperative and willing for DOTS therapy as judged by counselor, had no major complications of HIV disease like encephalopathy, renal or hepatic disease, malignancy or any end stage disease and did not have any medical condition that might interfere with the management of the pulmonary tuberculosis like diabetes,...

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  • We newly identified an association between the haplotype [A-G-(insertion)-T] and susceptibility to pulmonary TB (p = 0.006, false discovery rate q = 0.072). TB patients with systemic symptoms had a lower -196 to -174 deletion/deletion genotype frequency than those without systemic symptoms (5.7% vs. 17.7%; p = 0.01). TB patients with the deletion/deletion genotype had higher blood NK cell counts than those carrying the insertion allele (526 vs. 243.5 cells/μl, p = 0.009). TB patients with pleuritis had a higher 1350 CC genotype frequency than those without pleuritis (12.5% vs. 2.

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  • Zambia continues to grapple with a high tuberculosis (TB) burden despite a long running Directly Observed Treatment Short course programme. Understanding issues that affect patient adherence to treatment programme is an important component in implementation of a successful TB control programme. We set out to investigate pulmonary TB patient’s attitudes to seek health care, assess the care received from government health care centres based on TB patients’ reports, and to seek associations with patient adherence to TB treatment programme.

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  • Tuberculosis (TB) remains a public health issue worldwide. The lack of specific clinical symptoms to diagnose TB makes the correct decision to admit patients to respiratory isolation a difficult task for the clinician. Isolation of patients without the disease is common and increases health costs. Decision models for the diagnosis of TB in patients attending hospitals can increase the quality of care and decrease costs, without the risk of hospital transmission.

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  • Nucleic acid amplification tests (NAATs) have offered hope for rapid diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB). However, their efficiency with smear-negative samples has not been widely studied in low income settings. Here, we evaluated in-house PCR assay for diagnosis of smear-negative TB using Lowenstein-Jensen (LJ) culture as the baseline test. Two hundred and five pulmonary TB (PTB) suspects with smear-negative sputum samples, admitted on a short stay emergency ward at Mulago Hospital in Kampala, Uganda, were enrolled.

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  • Extra-pulmonary tuberculosis (EPTB) is a milder form of disease in terms of infectivity as compared to pulmonary TB (PTB). Whereas sputum can be easily obtained for the detection of disease in lungs, diagnosis of EPTB is often difficult requiring invasive and expensive serological/radiological investigations. A category-wise drug treatment is similar for the two forms of disease1. However, an assessment of end point of cure is a problem with EPTB.

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  • Sputum examination is a key diagnostic procedure for patients suspected of having pulmonary TB, including those for whom bronchoscopy is planned.1,2 In addition, early identification of persons with TB remains the most effective way of preventing TB transmission. However, some patients are unable to produce sputum for examination. In such cases, sputum induction by aerosol inhalation and/or gastric aspiration has been preferred.

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  • The indications for these surgical procedures were: recurrent hemoptysis (24 cases), massive hemoptysis (4 cases), multi drug resistant TB (4 cases), bronchiectasis and recurrent infection (2 cases), and right bronchial stenosis (1 case). In two of the patients the indication for surgery was intra-bronchial carcinoid tumour. Lymph node biopsies obtained during the surgery showed pathological changes of TB.

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  • All the necessary information and data were collected from both medical records of the patients and special questionnaires that were designed by our staff in 1996 for this purpose. Statistical analysis was carried out descriptively by using frequency and percentage. Presence of TB in the patients was confirmed by identifying the microorganism in the tissues detecting pathological changes in favour of TB and/or having past history of pulmonary TB associated with its anatomical complications such as cavitation, bronchiectasis, and bronchial stenosis.

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  • Governing bodies must deine events that require the highest levels of law enforcement attention to security. For example, the Secretary of DHS, after consultation...

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  • The success of the concert was clearly monumental – MTV donated millions of dollars’ worth of free airtime, and PSI was able to air PSAs across the globe that encouraged healthy behavior and empowerment. To many, Roberts and her team had opened the door for large-scale partnerships with alternative audiences for PSI; it was uncharted territory for the organization but proved to be successful in illuminating the YouthAIDS brand and PSI’s work. As YouthAIDS took off, it attracted donations from a wide variety of sources, large and small.

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  • An FMI should effectively measure, monitor, and manage its credit exposures to participants and those arising from its payment, clearing, and settlement processes. An FMI should maintain sufficient financial resources to cover its credit exposure to each participant fully with a high degree of confidence.

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  • · Select an institution to carry out the initial accounting work. While in the long run environmental accounts are likely to come under the purview of those responsible for national accounting, often those groups are unwilling to initiate the work because it is perceived as too experimental. Instead, initial work may be carried out by environment departments, government-affiliated research groups, or other players who have a strong stake in the outcome but take less risk by putting their name on experimental work.

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  • David Thomson was indeed correct when he said that McLaglen’s screen persona of imperial tough guy had actual “authentic grounding in personal experience.

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