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  • The main focus of congestion control and quality of service is data traffic. In congestion control we try to avoid traffic congestion. In quality of service, we try to create an appropriate environment for the traffic. So, before talking about congestion control and quality of service, we discuss the data traffic itself.

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  • Find the impact of e government systems on Quality of service at private Hospitals in Amman (Filed Study)

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  • The study data was gathered from employees working in SRF (P) Ltd to examine the perception of organisational climate and its impact on quality of service offered by the company.

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  • In order to keep quality level stable, risk factors must be realized and monitored as soon as possible. Based on information retrieved through the monitoring process, an algorithm is built for estimating the quality of services. In this paper, we introduce how this algorithm is built and how it is applied to estimate the quality of internet services.

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  • The study has been conducted on a sample of (1000) customer was randomly selected from the customers of all surveyed banks. The quality of service was measured by applying the gap model (the difference between the customers’ perceived, and their expected quality).data required for this study has been collected by a question0naire which was designed for this purpose.

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  • This study investigates the impacts of service quality of Jordanian telecommunication and customer satisfaction on customer loyalty. The study also studies though the role of switching cost as a moderate variable. Lack of studies in the field of quality in Jordanian telecommunication is the main reason for this investigation.

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  • This research study attempts to find out the impact of the quality of service on the satisfaction level of customers in the public sector General Insurance companies in Cochin.

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  • Visual Objective for Case Study 2-1: QoS Mechanisms: 1. Review customer QoS requirements. Completely read the customer requirements provided. 2. Identify QoS service class requirements. With the aid of your partner, identify the service classes required to implement the administrative QoS policy based on customer requirements.

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  • This book has been prepared to present state of the art on WiMAX Technology. It has been constructed with the support of many researchers around the world, working on resource allocation, quality of service and WiMAX applications. Such many different works on WiMAX, show the great worldwide importance of WiMAX as a wireless broadband access technology.

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  • The IEEE 802.16 std. includes medium access control (MAC) and physical (PHY) layer specifications and is consider to be a promising technology. Bandwidth reservation is employed to provide quality of service (QoS) to guarantee different services specified in the standard. A bandwidth request/grant scheme is defined in the IEEE 802.16 standard.

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  • There are several factors contribute to the decline of network performance, which their indications can be observed from quality changes in Quality of Service (QoS) parameters measurement result. This research proposes recommendations in improving network performance towards the changes of QoS parameters quality.

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  • In this paper, we propose a framework to adaptively meet the expected Quality of Service (QoS) attributes of web services under high number of requests using service replication. The proposed framework uses Holt’s Linear and Exponential Smoothing (HLES) time series technique to smooth and provide short term predictions of the response times and the requests arrival rates for the accessed web services.

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  • In providing new telecommunication (telecom) services, the requisition for quality of network is more and more popular and sophisticated with high bandwidth, small value of delay time or packet loss etc. To assure the quality of network, the scheme of Quality of Service (QoS) routing algorithm based on local state information have recently been researched as a promising alternative to the currently deployed global QoS routing schemes.

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  • Currently, mobile networks and their applications have been developed quickly. Mobile users not only request various types of information, but also demand on Quality of Service (QoS). One of the measures to improve QoS is to apply mobile users’ location prediction method.

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  • This study aims to determine the relationship between the quality of tourism service provided to the customer and the dimensions of the quality of this service in the hotel industry in Al-Kharj governorate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The study is accomplished through the use of descriptive analytical method and found a strong correlation between the quality of service provided, and the dimensions of this quality.

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  • The issue is of importance to address the often raised concerns of differences in working and quality of services provided by public and private sector banks.

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  • The study concludes that factors such as quality of service, employee engagement and relationship, use of updated technology, customisation and attracting clients through advertisement and publicity are important factors that determine brand identity of the event management companies.

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  • Wireless and Mobile Internet have changed the way people and businesses operate. Communication from any Internet access point, including wireless networks such as UMTS, GPRS or WLAN has enabled organizations to have a mobile workforce. However, networked applications such as web, email, streaming multimedia etc. rely upon the ability of timely data delivery. The achievable throughput is a quality measure for the very task of a communication system, which is to transport data in time. Throughput is thus one of the most essential enablers for networked applications.

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  • The purpose of this module is to quickly survey the new Quality of Service (QoS) features in Cisco IOS 12.1 and to describe the problems they solve..

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  • Improving Grade of Service (GOS) While Reducing RF Channels Wireless service providers are adopting new deployment strategies to reduce network costs and improve quality of service. In one urban market, a major national wireless service provider has improved network traffic loading and significantly boosted network RF performance by centralizing radio equipment and deploying digital RF transport technology. The digital RF transport systems operate in simulcast mode and reproduce the signal at radiating points throughout the network.

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