Rails 3.0

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  • This is a must-read for Rails developers looking to juice up their skills for a world of web apps that increasingly includes mobile browsers and a lot more JavaScript. ➤ Yehuda Katz Driving force behind Rails 3.0 and Co-founder, Tilde In the past several years, I’ve been privileged to work with some of the world’s leading Rails developers. If asked to name the best view-layer Rails developer I’ve met, I’d have a hard time picking between two names: Bruce Williams and John Athayde. This book is a rare opportunity to look into the minds of two of the leading experts...

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  • Essential ActionScript 3.0 Other resources from O’Reilly Related titles ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference Ajax on Java Ajax on Rails Learning JavaScript Programming Atlas Head Rush Ajax Rails Cookbook oreilly.com oreilly.com is more than a complete catalog of O’Reilly books. You'll also find links to news, events, articles, weblogs, sample chapters, and code examples. oreillynet.com is the essential portal for developers interested in open and emerging technologies, including new platforms, programming languages, and operating systems.

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  • Mặc dù việc thiết kế Ruby tuân theo nguyên tắc ít gây ngạc nhiên nhất, nhưng một số tính năng khác với các ngôn ngữ khác như C hay Perl: Các tên bắt đầu bằng kí tự hoa được xem là hằng, vì thế biến cục bộ nên bắt đầu bằng kí tự thường. Việc đánh giá Boolean đối với các dữ liệu không phải bool rất chặt chẽ: 0, "" và [] được xem là true: Trong C, biểu thức 0 ? 1 : 0 được xem là 0. Trong Ruby, tuy nhiên,...

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  • Inflation changes the number of jobs supported per $ 1 billion of spending on public transportation. Consequently, over time, more dollars are needed to accomplish the same public transportation investment. Other economic impacts are associated with the job impacts. Corresponding to the 36,000 jobs is approximately $3.6 billion of added business output (sales volume), which provides $1.8 billion of GDP (gross domestic product, or “value added”) -- including $1.6 billion of worker income and $0.2 billion of corporate income.

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