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  • Lag Payment of a financial obligation later than is expected or required, as in lead and lag. Also, the number of periods that an independent variable in a regression model is "held back" in order to predict the dependent variable. Lag response of prepayments There is typically a lag of about three months between the time the weighted average coupon of an MBS pool has crossed the threshold for refinancing and an acceleration in prepayment speed is observed. Lambda The ratio of a change in the option price to a small change in the option volatility. It is the partial derivative of...

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  • From non-profit performance space to galleries, to businesses that offer classes, to specialty supply shops, to the individual artist entrepreneur and contractor, neighborhood arts activity is an identifiable business sector. In some communities, artist entrepreneurs play a similar early entrant role for commercial strips as they do for artist housing development. As economists who study business clusters recognize, geographical proximity and the interactions that emerge from related activities within a local area are important even in the age of electronic connectivity.

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  • I was sixteen. I didn't have the words to explain why I'd downloaded and kept downloading. Why making the film that was in my head was such an all-consuming obsession. I'd read stories of the great directors -- Hitchcock, Lucas, Smith -- and how they worked their arses off, ruined their health, ruined their family lives, just to get that film out of their head and onto the screen. In my mind, I was one of them, someone who had to get this sodding film out of my skull, like, I was filled with holy fire and it would burn me up if I didn't...

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  • It is scarcely to be expected that banks operating in dif- ferent regions, serving different classes of customers and fol- lowing different policies, would have uniform experience. Therefore, for each of the factors to be analyzed, we have supplemented the composite analysis for all banks by an in- dividual analysis for each bank that submitted a sufficiently large sample. These individual analyses, which are presented in Appendix B, indicate the degree of variation among banks and the extent to which the average experience of all banks typifies theexperience of any one bank.

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  • DMOs tend to be part of the local, regional or national government and have political and legislative power as well as the financial means to manage resources rationally and to ensure that all stakeholders can benefit in the long term. Destination management and marketing should act as tools and facilitators to achieve a complex range of strategic objectives, which will ultimately need to satisfy the needs and wants of stakeholders. Four key generic strategic objectives should be addressed by DMOs, as illustrated in Table 2.

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  • In commemoration of Mother’s Day, Save the Children is publishing its twelfth annual State of the World’s Mothers report. We have assembled our Champions for Children – leading voices from academia, politics, religion, business and the arts – to celebrate the great progress the world has made in recent decades to reduce deaths among children under age 5. These distinguished essayists explore the many reasons why the united States, as a nation, must continue to invest in lifesaving maternal and child health programs. u.S.

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  • Stability Bonds would make the euro-area financial system more resilient to future adverse shocks and so reinforce financial stability. Stability Bonds would provide all participating Member States with more secure access to refinancing, preventing a sudden loss of market access due to unwarranted risk aversion and/or herd behaviour among investors. Accordingly, Stability Bonds would help to smooth market volatility and reduce or eliminate the need for costly support and rescue measures for Member States temporarily excluded from market financing.

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  • This book provides detailed descriptions of the various money market instruments and the markets in which they are used. Where possible, the book tries to explain the historical forces that led to the development of an instrument, influenced its pattern of growth, and led to new forms of the instrument. A major focus in the book is the Federal Reserve, which, in addition to its monetary policy role, plays an important role as a regulator in a number of the markets. Much of the discussion in the book deals with the period...

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  • To be effective in a national setting, international standards require the force of law or other regulatory backing. If not, compliance becomes a matter of non-transparent discretion on the part of preparers and auditors of financial statements, outside the constraints of any regulatory framework. In such cases, the standards should more properly be considered “offshore” rather than “international.

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  • order to combat rising inflationary pressures, monetary tightening remains In underway in the US. The Federal Open Market Committee has raised the target for the Federal Funds rate by ¼ point at each of its meetings since June 2004, to reach 4.5 per cent in January 2006. This reflects a cumulative rise of 350 basis points. The ECB has also raised rates by 50 basis points since our last forecast, having held the interest rate on the main refinancing operations in the Euro Area stable at 2 per cent since June 2003. We have...

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  • Green projects – particularly sustainable energy sources and clean technology - include multiple technologies, at different stages of maturity. The appropriate type of financing will be chosen according to the stage of development of the technologies. For example venture capital financing is normally suited for un-proven and un-tested technologies, while project financing is used for mature technologies such as wind and solar.

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  • There have been some attempts to explain theoretically the behavior of the stock return volatility. Veronesi (1999) constructs a model with regime shifts in the endowments in which investors will- ingness to hedge against their own uncertainty on the true regime generates overreaction to good news in bad times and volatility clustering. In contrast to that paper, I assume that the exogenous state variables are not subject to regimes, neither do they exhibit mean-reversion.

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  • Some studies have shown that two-slide cervical smears detect more abnormalities than a one-slide smear. Two smears do increase screening costs over a single-slide smear, but those costs are not double that of a single-slide examination. A two-instrument collection on a single slide increases screening time only minimally over a single instrument. Vaginal smear: Introduce an unlubricated speculum, scrape the lateral vaginal wall at the level of cervix with a spatula. The broad and flat end of Ayre’s spatula is used for this purpose.

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  • Most HIV-infected women and men had not discussed their fertility desires and intentions with a health care provider because of anticipated negative reactions. Women tended to see doctors and nurses as handling matters related to care and treatment, with the psychosocial aspects being handled by counsellors. Some women who had discussed reproduction with a health care provider found providers to be supportive of their reproductive choice. Others encountered providers who expressed negative attitudes towards HIV-infected women becoming pregnant.

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  • These guidelines address methods for: (1) handling of samples as intact soil cores; (2) preserving samples; (3) storing samples in hermetically sealed containers; and (4) minimizing analyte losses due to direct volatilization (both in the field and the laboratory) and biodegradation. Region 9 believes that following these guidelines is an important part of ensuring that accurate concentrations of VOCs are measured.

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  • It has been widely acknowledged that Bulgaria’s macroeconomic performance has changed dramatically since 1997. Macroeconomic and financial stability have been restored and economic activity started to recover; inflation was brought down to single-digit numbers, real incomes have been rising and the chronic fiscal gap has been closed. A CBA is an extremely rigid macroeconomic regime which hardens macro-budget constraints as it eliminates direct central bank credits to finance the budget deficit.

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  • In order to increase competitiveness of the company in this economic situation, the production volumes are being increased by more rational use of company resources, by organization of long-term cooperation with providers of resources and by searching for new markets and analyzing client’s solvency. The increase of production volumes is being based on the existing, already concluded realization agreements and already signed letters of intent.

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  • This Summary Report was developed based on the Agreement of Cooperation between the Romanian Ministry of Health (MoH) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the United Nations Children' s Fund (UNICEF), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the JSI Research and Training Institute (JSI R&T), the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Institute for Mother and Child Care “Alfred Rusescu” (IMCC).

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  • Document external code dependencies and include these in the packaging if possible. Correct behaviour of software usually depends on the build environment and a large number of external components. Wherever possible the development and packaging should actively prevent an insecure deployment by dependency management. However, it should be noted that overly strict and detailed dependency specification may lead to restrictions in upgradeability.

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  • From March 2006 to December 2007, the ratio of past-due auto loans to total auto loan ranged from 4.69 to 5.17%, whereas the ratio of past-due CCRs to total CCRs for the sam period ranged from 13.83 to 19.98%. The ratio of past-due auto loans to total auto loan indicates that auto loans have a much lower risk of default than credit card loans. The les risky environment in the car loan market allows auto distributors to offer an interest rate o 0% for up to 18 months on auto loans, in contrast with the very high interest rate on cred card loans. This could be...

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