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  • Welcome to Buying a Property in Eastern Europe For Dummies! You can certainly find gold in them there hills of Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to gold, early investors in the market have located comfortable seaside villas, ski chalets, and city-centre apartments – at prices not seen in the UK, France, or Spain for more than a generation.

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  • Forecasting Operating Expenses : sometimes current expenses are grown forward using a common inflation index, such as the Consumer Price Index. Forecasting Vacancy Rates: a common method is to forecast these rates as an annual average percentage of the lease rental.

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  • More and more people are investing in rental property these days. Whether you have a small apartment in your house to rent, or decide to invest in an apartment or office building, rental property can provide extra income for you and your family. What does every landlord need to know

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  • A purchaser should assess the environmental risks associated with a property being purchased. In Canada, government o"cials do not “certify” that a property is free from such risks. A property’s environmental status can be ascertained by inspecting applicable company and public records. In virtually all cases, a purchaser will want to do an “environmental audit” of the property which may include conducting scienti!c testing and a technical analysis of the property. Lending institutions often require such an audit before advancing any funds.

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  • Shared rentals, in which groups of students rent a house or multi-bedroom apartment together, are becoming increasingly popular in France. They are called “co-location” in French. Such arrangements are often cheaper than individual rentals and may make it easy to meet French students and other international students. Each participant in a shared rental is eligible to apply for housing assistance [21], provided his or her name appears on the rental contract.

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  • The RTA Notice of Claim letter notifi es the person that a claim has been made with the RTA for the bond. The Notice of Claim letter gives the person 14 days notice to lodge a Dispute Resolution Request form with the RTA to dispute the claim. If the RTA does not receive a Dispute Resolution Request form within the 14 day time limit, it will refund the bond according to the fi rst Refund of Rental Bond claim it received. If the RTA receives a Dispute Resolution Request form within the time limit, it will provide conciliation through its Dispute Resolution Service.

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  • As professionals in the real estate markets, we have worked with thousands of real estate investors and businesspeople, and we know that there is something different about the mindsets of successful individuals. They approach life with a certain set of assumptions, enabling them to apply analytical strategies to their decision-making and, as a result, create positive professional and personal lives. Why is having the right mindset important? Investors the world over are reeling from the effects of the Great Recession.

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  • State criminal codes and law enforcement approaches State criminal codes address auto theft. About half of states distinguish motor vehicle theft as a felony property crime, while a few designate it as grand theft or larceny. In other states, auto theft can be charged under more general theft criminal statutes. Many states cover unauthorized use of a motor vehicle in criminal law, often with misdemeanor or lower felony penalties.

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  • Good renters enhance your venture in many ways. They take care of the property, protecting your investment. They tend to stay on, reducing vacancy time and eliminating marketing expense. In fact, experts claim it costs seven times more to find a new tenant than to keep an old one. They recommend showing your appreciation to good renters by reducing the rent by $50 or $100 during the holidays or when they renew their lease or by sending a small gift. Where do you find them to begin with? You can consider a rental agent who, for a fee, will find and prescreen tenants...

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  • Compared to Germany, the gross income of Italian banks is relatively large, but so are their operating costs (Figure 3). In both countries, the two time series show a negative trend, but in Italy the decrease in costs more than compensates the decrease in gross in- come. The negative trend in Italy’s gross income is driven by its shrinking interest income (Fig- ure 4), a trend also observed in many other European countries. However, this effect was countered by a marked increase in non-interest income.

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  • Vacancy continues to decrease and is reported at 4.3% at the end of the third quarter, down from 4.9% in the third quarter of 2011 and 5.3% two years ago. With the number of units in the pipeline the vacancy rate could start to increase in 2013. From the early 1990s until early 2001, the vacancy rate in metropolitan Denver trended in the 4% to 5% range, allowing rental rates to increase and encouraging developers, investors, and lenders to start new apartment properties.

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