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  • Here we present a discovery of a new fish from the family Gobiidae in Lake Prespa, which is known as a European hotspot for biodiversity and endemism. This is the first detection of a fish species from this family, not only regarding this lake but also in the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia in general. The close examination of the recorded specimens revealed the presence of perianal organ surrounding the anus. This unique organ and various other observed morphometric and phenotypic characteristics point out to the genus Economidichthys.

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  • In this research paper the analyses and findings are presented based on the results of the research that was conducted. For this purpose descriptive statistics was used and also exponential statistics, test hypotheses through chi-square test.

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  • On 6 September 2009 (GMT 21:49) a moderate Mw5.4 earthquake sequence burst at the eastern border of Albania with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The main shock was located ~6 km north of the epicentre of the 30 November 1967 Mw6.2 Dibra (or Debar) earthquake, which caused loss of life and considerable damage to buildings.

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  • The activities of the Sasa mine have led to industrial discharge being released into Lake Kalimanci since the beginning of mining activity in 1954. For this reason, an ecological risk assessment is urgently required. In the present study, surficial lake sediments were analyzed using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), with all geochemistry data processed using Statistica 8.

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  • This is the first paper on systematic research into Boletaceae s.l. (excluding Boletus L.) in the Republic of Macedonia. A total of 31 species belonging to 8 genera are registered in the Republic of Macedonia. Two genera (Gyrodon Opat. and Phylloporus Quél.) and 8 species (Chalciporus amarellus Quél.) Bataille, Gyrodon lividus (Bull.: Fr.) Opat.

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  • The subject of this paper is to measure the efficiency of the Macedonian banking sector by applying two approaches: Firstly, comparative analysis on the efficiency indicators of the banking sector in the Republic of Macedonia and the countries of Central and Southeastern Europe (CSEE) and secondly, Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA).

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  • We used mill-level production and pollution data to estimate (1) the effect of China’s system of pollution control levies on three environmental effluents, and then (2) examined further the effect of this system of levies on the technical efficiency of mill-level production. Our results show that the pollution levies worked for those larger establishments that were the main targets of reform policies in this period.

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  • The next step beyond mediation is arbitration, in which an impartial third party (an arbitrator) hears both sides of the dispute in an out-of- court setting. The arbitrator is an attorney who acts much like a judge, listening to both sides of the story but not actively participating in discussion. You and your opponent will have the opportunity to present evidence and witnesses. After hearing the facts, the arbitrator will make a decision. In your contract, you will specify whether the decision of the arbitrator is binding or non-binding.

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  • The initiative aims to complement the 5 year cyclic plan, the National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJPM) 20102014, as well as the 20 year National Long Term Development Plan (RPJPN) 20052023. The national government has also committed to reduce green house gases though the National Action Plan for Greenhouse Gas (RAN GRK) and Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+). Such plans are expected to be in line with the National Spatial Plan (RTRWN) which is yet to be completed. ...

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  • Given these ideological premises it is no surprise that the avant-garde film- makers mentioned above were deeply involved in establishing a modernist tradition of advertisement that relied on purely or at least heavily abstracted patterns. From the early 1910s the German film producer Julius Pinschewer sought to establish new forms of expression in advertisement and succeeded in collaborating with some of the most innovative film technicians and film- makers.

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  • You have no idea how grateful I am that finally someone had the will and power to visualize and act on what it has been a long, stressful and difficult career (for us salesmen). I have purchased your book around a month ago, after a long period of deep thought hoping it wasn't another scam that promises heaven and earth in one day. Every single word that you said was true! I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOUR BOOK TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN ANY KIND OF SALES. I still listen every single week in our "sales quota follow up meeting" that we...

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  • Our model might be a useful instrument for both academics and practitioners who want to better understand consumer behavior; it may also serve as a basis to successfully create, market and monitor luxury brands or products in a cross- cultural context. Even if the world of luxury products is not homogeneous, we believe that the underlying consumer motives and desires transcend national boundaries in a structure that derives from the individual‘s situation and the luxury value dimensions.

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  • Since issuance of the Rule, there has been a proliferation of confusing advertising regarding where consumers can obtain their free annual file disclosures. For example, shortly after the Rule went into effect, imposter websites appeared that misspelled or used sound-alike website names that did not link to the authorized website. In addition, the nationwide CRAs and others have advertised “free credit reports” that are tied to the purchase of products and services, such as credit scores and credit monitoring.

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  • An essential part of any business impact analysis is determining the potential effects of a pandemic on company business financials using multiple possible scenarios that affect different product lines and/or production sites. Depending on the sector and severity of the pandemic, the decline in demand could range from 3 per cent (mild scenario, manufacturing industry) to 67 percent (severe scenario, transportation and warehousing industry). Conversely, demand in the health sector will increase.

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  • The Observatory's principal function is to carry out international-quality research in astronomy and related sciences in order to expand our understanding of the Universe and of humanity's place in it.

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  • Experience a Perfect Teacher.=--Do you know what it is to suffer pain? Have you had your body racked and torn with intense suffering? Have you ever experienced that indescribable agony which comes from overworked nerves? Have you ever felt the sharp, stinging pain, the dull, heavy pain, the throbbing, jumping pain, the cramping, tearing pain, the sickening, nauseating pain? Then you know all about them. Nobody can tell you anything more. Experience is a perfect teacher. =Book-Learning Alone Not Sufficient.

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  • Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Monaco Montenegro Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Republic of Moldova Romania Russian Federation San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Tajikistan The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Turkey Turkmenistan Ukraine United Kingdom Uzbekistan

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  • Yet for all this there is no part of the subject where the established results of analysis and experience have been so little systematized and brought into relation with the main categories of theoretical economics. Special monographs exist by the hundred. The pam- phlet literature is so extensive as to surpass the power ofanyone man completely to assimilate it. Yet in English, at any rate, there has been so little attempt at synthesis of this kind that, when Mr.

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  • 2004Tuberculosis is a major health problem throughout the world causing large number of deaths,more than that from any other single infectious disease. The review attempts to summarize theinformation available on host immune response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Since the mainroute of entry of the causative agent is the respiratory route, alveolar macrophages are theimportant cell types, which combat the pathogen. Various aspects of macrophage-mycobacteriuminteractions and the role of macrophage in host response such as binding of M.

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  • The economy has suffered from an adverse demand shock – the sharp contraction of 2008-2009 – and from two types of adverse supply shock. First of all, the trend path for productivity is almost certainly lower than most people had expected before the economic crisis (although trend growth is probably little changed). Not only did productivity levels fall during the crisis, but there has been no real sign of the sort of recovery which might have been expected if the decline in productivity had simply been a temporary consequence of the disruption associated with the credit crunch.

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