Reservoir operation

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  • Subjects and scope of the dissertation are a system of 6 reservoirs (Ka Nak, An Khe, Ayun Ha, H'nang, Ba Ha and Hinh) and the flood flow regime on the Ba River basin. The thesis focuses on developing inter-reservoir operation principles to mitigate flood damages, protect downstream area, and ensure efficiency of water use.

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  • The research used Fuzzy Logic algorithm based on the rule, the principle of "IF - THEN" and built the membership functions for the input variables: water level, inflow to the reservoir, the water demands, and discharge from the reservoir.

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  • In Iran, an arid and semiarid country, the distribution of precipitation is irregular and uneven, making the replenishment of reservoirs difficult during periods of scant rainfall. In this paper, a method has been devised to make available the maximum amount of water for irrigation, drinking, and the flow regime of Sofi Creek.

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  • This study estimated the time series of surface water area by processing Landsat images from the Google Earth Engine platform. Then, the area – volume – elevation relationship constructed from DEM was used to derived the water level and volume from the surface water area datasets. The results showed that remote sensing enables to monitor temporal variations of water level and volume of reservoirs.

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  • that can occur during the various phases of oil and gas recovery from subsurface reservoirs including production, drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and workover operations. Formation damage assessment, control, and remediation are among the most important issues to be resolved for efficient exploitation of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Such damage is caused by various adverse processes, including chemical, physical, biological, and thermal interactions of formation and fluids, and deformation of formation under stress and fluid shear.

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  • The purpose of this study was to investigate the operation of the Hoabinh reservoir in the Red River Basin of Vietnam, and assess the room for its improvement by application of system analysis and optimal control techniques. The study aimed at establishing a foundation for further research on inter-reservoir regulation of the Basin. Finally, this study provided a testing ground for developing and comparing dierent reservoir optimization methods.

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  • Permeability is the indispensable parameter in oil and gas reservoir studies. In fact of researching and operating on oil and gas fields worldwide, there are many types of permeability. Each permeability type has a specific characteristic according to the study purpose. In this article, the specific characteristics of some typical permeability as gas permeability; water permeability, effective permeability; relative permeability … will be analyzed, especially concern to the role of each permeability type in oil reservoir study to assisting researchers has an overview to orient their study.

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  • In the paper the optimal operation of Hoabinh reservoir for flood control on Hong – Thaibinh river system is presented. The finddings show that in the flood season in 1996 if the operation of gates and outlets of Hoabinh reservoir was made base on the calculated release , the water level at Hanoi would be 12,3 m and the water level of Hoabinh reservoir would be 98 m.

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  • In the past decades, a large amount of oil production in the Cuu Long basin was mainly exploited from the basement reservoir, oil production from the Miocene sandstone reservoir and a small amount of oil production from the Oligocene sandstone reservoir. Many discovery wells and production wells in lower Tra Tan and Tra Cu of Oligocene sandstone had high potential for oil and gas production and reserve where the average reservoir porosity was in range of 10% to 18%, and reservoir permeability was in range of 0.1 md to 5 md.

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  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) storage and sequestration in unconventional shale resources has been attracting interest since last couple of years due to the very unique characteristics of such formations have made them a feasible option for this object. Shale formations are found all around the world and the conventional assets are easily accessible , and also the huge move of operators toward developing unconventional reservoirs during past years leave s many of such formations ready for sequestering CO2.

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  • In Vietnam, modern and small hydropower reservoirs play an important role in socio-economic development. However, the effective operation of such reservoirs based on the argument of the release function and expected future inflow is one of the most important variables that the operators will reply on to control such release. In other words, to attenuate floods, the operators have to release water in advance, so to create an empty volume (flood volume) in the reservoir, into which the excess in flow can be accommodated during the flood events.

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  • A comparative study was conducted on different types of gillnets operated in a medium type Saroda reservoir along the Uttari river in Kabeerdham district. Gillnets mesh size operated in the reservoir varied from 20 mm to 210 mm.

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  • The research student chose the subject “Research on water accumulation operating mode in flood season for Hoa Binh and Son La terraced hydroelectric reservoirs”, hoping to study scientific foundation on water accumulation operating mode in Hoa Binh and Son La reservoirs to increase water accumulation efficiency for electricity generation and water provision, ensure construction safety as well as downstream flood prevention.

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  • Cherry Creek Reservoir, Colorado. Representatives from the county, local communities, and water and sanitation districts surrounding the reservoir formed a trading authority to help address phosphorus pollution from nonpoint sources, After authority members achieve a SO-percent reduction of annusl phosphorus loadings from nonpoint sources, they may make excess reductions available to sewage treatment plants in the form of a pollution credit. Trading will likely be delayed because anticipated land...

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  • In addition, developers may earn credits by installing nonpoint pollution controls themselves. The developers may then offer these credits to a sewage treatment authority. By doing so, the authority can avoid costly new facility improvements that would otherwise be needed to accommodate new development and whose cost would ultimately be passed on to the developer and its customers.’ The treatment authorities are responsible for ensuring that the nonpoint source...

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  • Journal with the situation of Vietnam Oil and Gas industry, domestic and international cooperation of the petroleum industry in June year 2018. With the following articles: Development and modification of flow nickel content catalysts for dry reforming of methane; risk management in an uncertain world from operations to strategy benefits and challenges; reservoir characterization of the middle Miocene Ca Voi Xanh isolated carbonate platform

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  • Increasing flood risks in a changing climate tend to put greater pressure on water-related infrastructure, existing operations, and management practices. This paper introduces preliminary research results on river information management and flood-risk reduction based on an early flood-release approach that has the goals of better reservoir operation, adapting to climate change, and ensuring dam safety in Vietnam. Early flood release is performed using inflow prediction information derived from a medium-range global numerical weather-prediction model.

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  • The main objective of this research was to develop a solar energy based thermal reservoir cum heat exchanger using thermic fluid viz. paraffin oil as thermal heat storage and heat transfer medium for generation of hot water which can be used for milk processing operation like pasteurization of milk.

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  • The rapid growth of the portable electronics market includes ‘power-hungry’ accessories in a smaller system, which has led to the search for an alternative and advanced power source due to the limited energy density of conventional lithium-ion batteries. Table 1 lists the power demand of the different portable applications. Fuel cells promise to provide a more reliable and longer operational time than batteries. As the energy is stored as a reservoir rather than as an integral part of the power source, fuel cells have advantages over batteries.

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  • The pressure reservoir and its base plates are manufactured from the same high grade steel als FIBRO gas springs. The advantage of including a pressure reservoir in the system is that in operation the gas pressure rises to a lesser extent. Apart from the purely tecnical pressure factors, a reduced pressure rise is beneficial to the service life of the system.

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