Rough structures

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  • This is the second in a series of three papers in which we initiate the study of very rough solutions to the initial value problem for the Einstein vacuum equations expressed relative to wave coordinates. By very rough we mean solutions which cannot be constructed by the classical techniques of energy estimates and Sobolev inequalities. In this paper we develop the geometric analysis of the Eikonal equation for microlocalized rough Einstein metrics. This is a crucial step in the derivation of the decay estimates needed in the first paper. ...

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  • The research of optimal condition for etching silicon in TMAH solution with controlled etch rate and low surface roughness is the purpose of this study. The investigation on the influence of temperature, agitation, size of etch-window, etch time on etch rate and the surface roughness were carried out. With the TMAH concentration of 20% in weight, the optimal etching conditions were as follows: temperature of about 80 – 90 oC, agitation of 150 - 200 rpm. The etch rate is controlled in range of 0.49 – 0.72 µm/min. ...

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  • The core structure of the lipopolysaccharide (LPS) isolated from a rough strain of the phytopathogenic bacterium Pseudomonas syringaepv.phaseolicola, GSPB 711, was investigated by sugar and methylation analyses, Fourier transform ion-cyclotron resonance ESI MS, and one- and two-dimensional 1 H-, 13 C- and 31 P-NMR spectroscopy. Strong alkaline deacylation of the LPS resulted in two core-lipid A backbone undecasaccharide pentakisphos-phates in the ratio2.

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  • This abstract outlines a parser implemented in a connectionist model of short term memory and reasoning 1. This connectionist architecture, proposed by Shastri in [Shastri and Ajjanagadde, 1990], preserves the symbolic interpretation of the information it stores and manipulates, but does its computations with nodes which have roughly the same computational properties as neurons. The parser recovers the phrase structure of a sentence incrementally from beginning to end and is intended to be a plausible model of human sentence processing. ...

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  • The lexicon now plays a central role in our implementation of a Head-driven Phrase Structure G r a m m a r (HPSG), given the massive relocation into the lexicon of linguisticinformation that was carried by the phrase structure rules in the old G P S G system. HPSG's grammax contains fewer tha4z twenty (very general) rules; its predecessor required over 350 to achieve roughly the same coverage. This simplification of the grammax is made possible by an enrichment of the structure and content of lexical entries, using both inhcrit~nce mechanisms and lexical rules to represent thc linguistic...

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  • Approximation of a picture fuzzy set on a crisp approximation space gives a rough picture fuzzy set. In this paper, the concept of a rough picture set is introduced, besides we also investigate some topological structures of a rough picture fuzzy set are investigated, such are lower and upper rough picture fuzzy approximation operators.

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  • Problem Description Your job will be to analyze various components of a mountain bicycle. We will start with the pedal. Let’s assume a 200 lb person riding this bike is standing, balanced evenly on each pedal. Material (Steel) properties as specified below. Use a rough analysis to determine where the high stress areas exist that will require additional mesh refinement.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'liquid-gas relative permeabilities in fractures: effectsof flow structures, phase transformation and surface roughness', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, hoá học - dầu khí phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The distance measure consists of three dummy variables:7 The first indicates diary weeks starting on payday, and weeks starting 1 to 7 days after payday. The second indicates weeks starting 8 to 14 days after payday. Diary weeks beginning at distances 15 to 22 are omitted from the equation and serve as the reference category. The third dummy indicates weeks beginning 4 to 1 days before the next payday. These weeks overlap the (imputed) next payday by at least three days.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Life science: Reproduction helps you know what is asexual reproduction, and what are three forms of asexual reproduction? How can a guinea pig with smooth fur and a pair of smooth coat genes give birth to a baby with a rough coat? What happens during selective breeding?.

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  • Secretory and transmembrane proteins are synthesized in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in eukaryotic cells. Nascent polypeptide chains, which are translated on the rough ER, are translocated to the ER lumen and folded into their native conformation. When protein folding is inhibited because of mutations or unbalanced ratios of subunits of hetero-oligomeric pro-teins, unfolded or misfolded proteins accumulate in the ER in an event called ER stress.

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  • Transport of presecretory proteins into the mammalian rough endoplasmic reticulum involves a protein translocase that comprises the integral membrane proteins Sec61ap, Sec61bp, and Sec61cp as core components. Electron microscopic analysis of protein translocase in rough micro-somal membranes suggested that between three and four heterotrimeric Sec61p complexes form the central unit of protein translocase.

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  • At the other extreme (in terms of “weight”) are the Intermediate Remote regions, of which there are only 23. They account for only 2% of land area, the same proportion of agricultural land, and of population and GDP. The Predominantly Rural Accessible group is the second largest (264 regions). It accounts for roughly a third of both total area and of agricultural land. However these regions contain only a quarter of the “non-urban region” population of the EU, and produce only 22% of its GDP. Finally, 147 regions are classified as Predominantly Rural Remote.

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  • From the lipopolysaccharide of the deep rough mutant I-69 Rd–/b+ of Haemophilus influenzae two oligosaccharides were obtained after de-O-acylation and separation by high-performance anion exchange chromatography. Their chemical structures were determined by one- and two-dimensional 1H-, 13C- and 31P-NMR spectroscopy as aKdo-4P-(2 fi 6)-bGlcN-4P-(1 fi 6)-aGlcN-1P and aKdo-5P-(2 fi 6)-bGlcN-4P-(1 fi 6)-aGlcN-1P.

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  • Modelling and computations in electromagnetics is a quite fast-growing research area. The recent interest in this field is caused by the increased demand for designing complex microwave components, modeling electromagnetic materials, and rapid increase in computational power for calculation of complex electromagnetic problems. The first part of this book is devoted to the advances in the analysis techniques such as method of moments, finite-difference time- domain method, boundary perturbation theory, Fourier analysis, mode-matching method, and analysis based on circuit theory....

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  • The structures of the oligosaccharides obtained after acetic acid hydrolysis and alkaline deacylation of the rough-type lipopolysaccharide (LPS) from Pectinatus frisingensisstrain VTTE-82164 were analysed usingNMR spectroscopy, MS and chemical methods. The LPS contains two major struc-tural variants, differing by a decasaccharide fragment, and some minor variants lacking the terminal glucose residue.

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  • We report a comprehensive physicochemical characteriza-tion of a glycoglycerolipid from Mycoplasma fermentans, MfGl-II, in relation to its bioactivityand compared thiswith the respective behaviors of phosphatidylcholine (PC) and a bacterial glycolipid, lipopolysaccharide (LPS) from deep rough mutantSalmonella minnesotastrain R595. Theb«a gel-to-liquid crystalline phase transition behavior of the hydrocarbon chains withTc¼30Cfor MfGl-II as well as for LPS exhibits high similarity between the two glycolipids.

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  • The binding of lipopolysaccharide (LPS, also known as bacterial endotoxin) to human hemoglobin is known to result in oxidation of hemoglobin to methemoglobin and hemichrome. We have investigated the effects of the LPSs from smooth and rough Escherichia coliandSalmonella minnesotaon the rate of oxidation of native oxyhemoglobin A0and hemoglobin cross-linked between thea-99 lysines.

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  • Ch a p ter 10 Banking Industry: Structure and Competition. The operations of individual banks (how they acquire, use, and manage funds to make a profit) are roughly similar throughout the world. In all countries, banks are financial intermediaries in the business of earning profits.

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  • Roughly, shows how relevant system concepts are structured and interrelated. Represented by UML class diagram ...

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