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  • In Excel, you can automate tasks by using macros. A macro is a set of instructions that tells Excel what to do. These commands are written in a computer programming language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This document first explains how to create macros using the Macro Recorder provided by Excel. Just as a tape recorder can be used to record sounds which can be played back later, so the Macro Recorder can record your actions into a macro. In this way you can create macros without learning about Visual Basic.

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  • tài liệu Excel 2007 pivot and macro dành cho sinh viên học sinh muốn tham thêm về công nghệ thông tin

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  • Collapsing, Expanding: by simply clicking the +/– button that appears to the left of the action name. Collapsing: hide some of this information. Expanding: Expand the action back into view. Grouping Macro Actions: subdivide a single macro in sections that help you concentrate on the portion of the macro that interests you.

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  • 1. Mở View\SlideMaster 2. Vào TitleMaster 3. Chọn mũi tên 4. Chọn Slide Show\Action Settings… 5. Chọn Run Macro 6. Chọn Macro Hide 7. Vào SlideMaster 8. Chọn mũi tên 9. Chọn Slide Show\Action Settings… 10. Chọn Run Macro 11. Chọn Macro Hide

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  • Thanks to a long, successful marketing campaign by De Beers, diamonds became strongly associated with romantic love, first in the United States and then globally (see.Figure.5). In the 1940s the company launched a long-running and renowned campaign around the theme “A diamond is forever.” Over many decades, hundreds of millions of dollars were spent to market the notion that diamonds signify romance and love. That campaign benefited the entire diamond industry.

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  • Chapter 2 : Building and Running Modules It's high time now to begin programming. This chapter introduces all the essential concepts about modules and kernel programming. In these few pages, we build and run a complete module. Developing such expertise is an essential foundation for any kind of modularized driver. To avoid throwing in too many concepts at once, this chapter talks only about modules, without referring to any specific device class.

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  • This has created an image of the geodatabase and its contents as they were at the time of the backup. The backup images that are created are full copies of the database. When you run subsequent backups, you can create a new backup file or overwrite the old one. Geodatabase backups should be created after changes are made in the geodatabase. That way, if the geodatabase gets corrupted or accidentally deleted, you won’t lose all your edits. Or if erroneous edits are made, you can go back to the state of the data as it existed at the last backup....

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  • 482. Run-Time error '1004': Programmatic access to the Visual Basic Project is not trusted Khi bạn sử dụng Microsoft Word Excel 2003 bạn sẽ nhận được thông báo lổi như trên . Vào menu Tools chọn Macro và chọn Security . Trong hộp thọai Security chọn thanh Trusted Sources . Chọn mục kiểm Trust access to Visual Basic Project . Chọn Ok . 483. Xóa tập tin Thumbs.db Khi xem một thư mục ở chế độ Thumbnail, Windows XP sẽ tạo ra tập tin thumbs.db. Đó là một bản lưu trữ các hình ảnh hiện thời của thư mục.

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