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  • .The West Unbound: Social and Cultural Studies SerieS editorS: Alvin Finkel And SArAh CArter Writing on the western halves of Canada and the United States once focused on the alienation of the peoples of these regions from residents of the eastern regions.

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  • Lux discusses the spiritual nature of healing in Plains culture and how one Blackfoot woman, Last Calf, contracted tuberculosis and dreamt of a cure. She was instructed to boil pitch of the lodgepole pine and drink the brew. She was recorded as vomiting profusely until her chest was cleared. Last Calf’s remedy was widely used for tubercular cough. Lux also elaborates on the high social standing of Plains midwives and how they not only performed prenatal care, but also postnatal care for the woman and her child months after the baby was born.

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  • Beatrice Barne, Beata Bart, Anthony Brown, Dr Susan Beckerleg, Lis Bisranne, Margo Biythman, Samantha Carter, Dr Charles Chandler, Sandra Chandra, Barry Deedes, Beryl Dunne, Doug Foot, John Goldfinch, Peter Hopes, Dr Stepan Kuznetzov, Ruth Midgley, Sarah Moore, James Nunn, Polly Rye, Professor Mike Riley, Wendy Riley, Mtcky Silver, Dr Maureen Sorrel, Myrna Spatt, Dr Dave Tench, Axeema Weake and Doug Young.

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