Sequentially controlled systems

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  • A control system is a collection of components working together under the direction of some machine intelligence. In most cases, electronic circuits provide the intelligence, and electromechanical components such as sensors and motors provide the interface to the physical world. A good example is the modern automobile. Various sensors supply the on-board computer with information about the engine’s condition. The computer then calculates the precise amount of fuel to be injected into the engine and adjusts the ignition timing. T...

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  • This book will discuss the topic of Control Systems, which is an interdisciplinary engineering topic. Methods considered here will consist of both "Classical" control methods, and "Modern" control methods. Also, discretely sampled systems (digital/computer systems) will be considered in parallel with the more common analog methods. This book will not focus on any single engineering discipline (electrical, mechanical, chemical, etc), although readers should have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of at least one discipline....

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  • The current control problems present natural trend of increasing its complexity due to performance criteria that is becoming more sophisticated. The necessity of practicers and engineers in dealing with complex dynamic systems has motivated the design of controllers, whose structures are based on multiobjective constraints, knowledge from expert, uncertainties, nonlinearities, parameters that vary with time, time delay conditions, multivariable systems, and others.

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  • Encapsulation/Reuse Mechanisms –Function Blocks, Functions, Data Types, Programs •Application-adapted Languages –Ladder Diagram (LD) for logic control (“power flow”) –Function Block Diagram (FBD) for regulatory control (“data flow”) –Sequential Function Chart (SFC) for state-machine control –Structured Text (ST) for information processing –Instruction List (IL) for assembly-level programming •A Mature, Internationally Adopted Standard –First edition: 1993 –Second edition: 2001...

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  • In this paper we introduce two strategies for picking relaxation parameters to control the semiconvergence behavior of a sequential block-iterative method. A convergence analysis is presented. We also demonstrate the performance of our strategies by examples taken from tomographic imaging.

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  • Chapter 6 - Programming. This chapter presents the following content: Systematic decomposition; the three constructs: sequential, conditional, iterative; LC-3 control instructions to implement the three constructs; the character count example from chapter 5, revisited; debugging operations.

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  • The last twenty years of the last millennium are characterized by complex automatization of industrial plants. Complex automatization of industrial plants means a switch to factories, automatons, robots and self adaptive optimization systems. The mentioned processes can be intensified by introducing mathematical methods into all physical and chemical processes

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  • Chapter 10 covers finite state machine (FSM), which is a sequential circuit with “random” transition patterns. The representation, timing and implementation issues of FSMs are studied with an emphasis on its use as the control circuit for a large, complex system.

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  • Chapter 11 introduces the register transfer methodology, which describes system operation by a sequence of data transfers and manipulations among registers, and demonstrates the construction of the data path (a regular sequential circuit) and the control path (an FSM) used in this methodology.

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