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  • (bq) “abc of health informatics” has contents: what is health information, is a consultation needed, why is this patient here today, how decision support tools help define clinical problems, how computers can help to share understanding with patients, how informatics tools help deal with patients’ problems,… and other contents.

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  • All else being equal, a bond fund with a longer average maturity or average duration will usually generate higher interest income than one with a shorter average maturity or duration.This basic relationship holds true because longer-term bonds must pay higher interest rates than shorter-term bonds to compensate for the risk that future events (such as rising interest rates or inflation) will erode the bond investment’s value.

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  • At FAO we would particularly like to thank Loy Van Crowder and Mario Acunzo who provided great support throughout the process and critical thinking when we needed it. We would also like to thank Denise Gray-Felder, Brian Byrd and their colleagues at the Rockefeller Foundation for their insight on social change in action, Adelaida Trujillo, Raphael Obregon, and Alfonso Gumucio Dagron for reading and commenting on the entire document. It is better for their input though they share no blame for its short commings.

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  • Neoplastic disease In most cases, the cause of cancer is multifactorial. About 75% of cancers are due to environmental factors, some of which are within the control of the individual, e.g. tobacco smoking, exposure to sunlight. Growing understanding of cancer genetics and inherited disease suggests that fewer than 10% of cancers are familial.The different systemic modalities used to treat cancer patients are discussed. Immunosuppressive drugs are described here as they share many characteristics with cytotoxics. ...

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  • The overall goals for treatment of tuberculosis are 1) to cure the individual patient, and 2) to minimize the transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to other persons. Thus, successful treatment of tuberculosis has benefits both for the individual patient and the community in which the patient resides. For this reason the prescribing physician, be he/she in the public or private sector, is carrying out a public health function with responsibility not only for prescribing an appropriate regimen but also for successful completion of therapy.

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