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Signal and image processing

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  • In this paper, we apply a parallel iterative method for solving the split common fixed point problem in Hilbert spaces, without prior knowledge of the transfer operator norm, to the multiple-set split feasibility problem, which plays an important role in medical image reconstruction and signal processing.

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  • Ebook "Observational astrophysics (Third edition)" focuses on fundamental and sometimes practical limitations on the ultimate performance that an astronomical system may reach, rather than presenting particular systems in detail. Avoiding particulars, it covers the whole of the electromagnetic spectrum, and provides an introduction to the new forms of astronomy becoming possible with gravitational waves and neutrinos. It also treats numerical aspects of observational astrophysics: signal processing, astronomical databases and virtual observatories.

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  • This book offers a fresh approach to computer vision. The whole vision process from image formation to measuring, recognition, or reacting is regarded as an integral process. Computer vision is understood as the host of techniques to acquire, process, analyze, and understand complex higher-dimensional data from our environment for scientific and technical exploration.

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  • We propose a new optical processor that implement an optical vector matrix multiplication (OVMM) or dot product circuit using multimode interference (MMI) based microring resonator structures. Our structure can be integrated into only one single chip without the need of wavelength division multiplexers (WDM). The control of weight and input signals is based on the graphene material for high speed computing.

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  • This introductory article treats aspects of the evolution of early semiconductor detectors towards modern radiation imaging instruments, now with millions of signal processing cells, exploiting the potential of silicon nanotechnology. The Medipix and Timepix assemblies are among the prime movers in this evolution.

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  • In this study, we present a method for all-optical image compression using all-optical Karhunen-Loeve transform (KLT). The KLT was designed in all-optical domain using only one multimode interference (MMI) coupler. The Karhunen-Loeve transform (KLT) is very attractive for image processing applicaons due to its computing efficiency, residual correlation, and rate distortion criteria benefits.

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  • In this paper, we present a method for realizing all-optical Discrete Sine and Cosine Transform (DST/DCT) for image compression. We show that all-optical DST and DCT can be achieved by using only one 4x4 MMI (multimode interference) coupler at a suitable width and length.

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: Frequency spectrum of an image, explain the sampling of the 2 dimension image, the second stage of the digitization process, in the first sampling and in the second quantization of each of the samples, optimum mean square error or lloyd-max quantizer, designing of an optimum quantizer with the given signal probability density function.

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  • Cell culture methods allow the detailed observations of individual plant cells and their internal processes. Whereas cultured cells are more amenable to microscopy, they have had limited use when studying the complex interactions between cell populations and responses to external signals associated with tissue and whole plant development.

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  • In this paper, we have proposed shape adaptable watermarking approaches for medical multimedia processing systems. The medical images generated by X-rays, MRI and CT modalities are used in our experiments to test proposed approaches. In addition, these approaches were tested under different kinds of signal processing and geometric attacks.

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  • This research presents signal-image post-processing techniques called Intensity-Curvature Measurement Approaches with application to the diagnosis of human brain tumors detected through Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Post-processing of the MRI of the human brain encompasses the following model functions: (i) bivariate cubic polynomial, (ii) bivariate cubic Lagrange polynomial, (iii) monovariate sinc, and (iv) bivariate linear.

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  • Fault diagnosis is a complex and fuzzy cognitive process, and soft computing methods as neural networks and fuzzy logic, have shown great potential in the development of decision support systems. Dealing with expert (human) knowledge consideration, Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) dilemma is one of the most interesting, but also one of the most difficult problems.

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  • The document Processing Fundamentals and applications Digital signal present the content: introduction to digital signal processing, signal sampling and quantization, digital signals and systems, discrete fourier transform and signal spectrum, the Z-transform, digital signal processing systems, basic filtering types, and digital filter realizations, finite impulse response filter design, infinite impulse response filter design, hardware and software for digital signal processors, adaptive filters and applications, waveform quantization and compression, subband- and wavelet-based coding, ima...

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  • The obtained results show significant improvement in terms of quality and fidelity of extracted signal. Also, the improvements in terms of robustness by the proposed method work effectively against various common image-processing-based attacks especially against compression attacks.

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  • In the paper, will propose the prediction deconvolution technique for signal processing in GPR systems. The technique is developed based on the method of Least Square filter and Wiener filter. Our processed results have shown that by applying the proposed technique, received signals will be eliminated interference and give better images with high resolution.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 The biomedical engineering handbook - Medical devices and systems has contents: Digital biomedical signal acquisition and processing, higher order spectral analysis, neural networks in biomedical signal processing, computed tomography,...and other contents.

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  • Những nội dung chính được trình bày trong chương này gồm: Signal and Image processing, machine learning, multisim software, Kirchoff's Current Law(KCL) and Kirchoff's Voltage Law (KVL), circuit analysis. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • Topics in the module include the following: Multimedia applications and requirements; multimedia data acquisition and formats; audio/Video fundamentals including analog and digital representations, human perception, and audio/video equipment, applications; digital audio signal processing, image/video Processing; digital audio synthesis; MIDI; audio and video compression; multimedia applications.

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  • CS 450: Introduction to Digital Signal and Image Processing - Image Arithmetic includes Image Arithmetic; Image Subtraction; Background Subtraction; Motion; Digital Subtraction Angiography; Multiplication; Alpha Blending; Image Averaging.

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  • CS 450: Introduction to Digital Signal and Image Processing - Introduction and Applications includes what are Signals? Why Signals? Alications; Kinds of Operations; Relationship to Other Fields (IP, Graphics, and Vision); BYU Research.

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