Socket characteristics

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  • Socket are characterized by their domain, type and transport protocol. Common domains are: I AF UNIX: address format is UNIX pathname I AF INET: address format is host and port number Common types are: virtual circuit: received in order transmitted and reliably datagram: arbitrary order, unreliable

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  • Mastering the craft of the PC Technician requires you to learn a lot of details about a zillion things. Even the most basic PC contains hundreds of discrete hardware components, each with its own set of characteristics, shapes, sizes, colors, connections, etc. By the end of this book, you will be able to discuss all of these components in detail. In order to understand the details, you often need to understand the big picture first. "The Visible PC" should enable you to recognize the main components of the CPU and to understand their function.

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  • Rabbit characteristics: Two pairs of upper incisors; second pair small and peg-like, located just behind the front pair. Perforated lace-like texture of bone on side of skull in front of eye socket. (Both features not found in rodents). Long and pointed large ears. Arched upper profile of skull. Strong extension of spine where neck vertebrae meet thoracic vertebrae. Strong extension of middle tail vertebrae, raising tufted tail. Relatively thin, delicate bones. Rear-projecting "metacromion" from lower end of shoulder blade (for insertion of trapezius and omotransversarius muscles).

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