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  • Stephen Covey has written a remarkable book about the human condition, so elegantly written, so understanding of our embedded concerns, so useful for our organization and personal lives, that it's going to be my gift to everyone I know. I've never known any teacher or mentor on improving personal effectiveness to generate such an overwhelmingly positive reaction....

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  • Which of the following is a correct statement in regard to prototyping? a) It is more suitable for batch systems than GUI-based interactive systems. b) Effectiveness can be increased by repeatedly remaking the prototype.

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  • This paper presents a solution for optimizing controlled release product formulation using a combination of AI techniques (Soft-Computing): neural networks, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms. This achievement will help to significantly reduce time and labour in R&D process thank to its good accuracy and high processing speed. The results obtained from this research indicate that the alternative approach can be considered as an effective and efficient method for modelling and optimising controlled release formulations.

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  • SMART THINKING is a practical, step - by - step guide to improving skills in analysis and critical thinking, and the effective commonication of arguments and explanations . With an accessible and straightforward style, this book is of great use for students at university and also final - year school who are looking to improve theri analytical skills

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  • Sound networking abilities are essential in a knowledge-based society. In consequence, people with broad and effective networks are usually both successful and in demand. Futurologists tell us that in time to come, the route to success will be ever more dependent on wide and relevant networks – you will have problems if you just sit back and hope that everything will work out. If you have a top business position, you will probably already be familiar with the need to have a well-established network available to both you and your company....

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  • Pfeiffer serves the professional development and hands-on resource needs of training and human resource practitioners and gives them products to do their jobs better. We deliver proven ideas and solutions from experts in HR development and HR management, and we offer effective and customizable tools to improve workplace performance. From novice to seasoned professional, Pfeiffer is the source you can trust to make yourself and your organization more successful.

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  • Fault detection and diagnosis strategies always exploit some form of redundancy. This is the capability of having two or more ways to determine some characteristic properties (variables, parameters, symptoms) of the process, in order to exploit more information sources for an effective detection and diagnosis action.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'modelling complex projects', tài chính - ngân hàng, ngân hàng - tín dụng phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Brian Tracy Einstein once said, “Every child is born a genius.” But the reason why most people do not function at genius levels is because they are not aware of how creative and smart they really are. I call it the “Schwarzenegger effect.” No one would look at a person such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and think how lucky he is to have been born with such tremendous muscles. Everyone knows that he, and people like him, have worked many thousands of hours to build up their bodies so they can compete and win in bodybuilding competitions. Your creative capabilities...

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  • Soft skills are personal attributes that enhance an individual's interactions, job performance and career prospects. Unlike hard skills, which are about a person's skill set and ability to perform a certain type of task or activity, soft skills relate to a person's ability to interact effectively with coworkers and customers and are broadly applicable both in and outside the workplace.

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  • It has been suggested that in a number of professions soft skills may be more important over the long term than occupational skills. The legal profession is one example where the ability to deal with people effectively and politely, more than their mere occupational skills, can determine the professional success of a lawyer.[3] Soft Skills are behavioral competencies.

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  • JHPIEGO Strategy Papers are designed to summarize JHPIEGO’s experience in reproductive health capacity building, with a focus on education and training. The papers are intended for use by program staff of JHPIEGO, USAID and its cooperating agencies and other organizations providing or receiving technical assistance in the area of reproductive health training Financial support for this publication was provided in part by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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  • M ike Reeves-McM illan, Health Coach and Hypnotherapist, presents... Change Techniques How You Can Use Simple, Effective Techniques to Train Your Own Brain to Change in Ways That You Control ...and How to Succeed in the Personal Goals You Set For Yourself. .Contents Change is always around us - but not always within us Change is hard. With the right knowledge, it gets easier.

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  • Soft dents or ripples can be repaired easily, but if the damage has resulted in gouges or sharp creases anywhere on the panel this will have caused the metalwork to stretch, subsequently involving a lot more work to restore the panel to its original contours. The damaged area almost always extends well beyond the obvious dents, with a slightly shallow `extension' to the damage. Depending on the access and clearance behind the damaged area, use a metal or wooden panel block under the panel supporting the deepest parts of the damage. Using a light hammer tap around the edges...

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  • It is possible to measure effects of different covariables e.g. age, length of stay in Germany, etc. on the SMR and SIR by categorization, but this method is limited because of small sample sizes in subcategories. Another approach classically used in cohort studies is a Poisson regression model, which assesses the effects of different covariables simultaneously. It is based on the Poisson distribution, which is an approximation of the binomial distribution applied in large samples where the probability of the outcome is small.

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  • Why are some people better than others at talking their way into a job or out of trouble? What makes some advertising jingles cut through the clutter of our crowded memories? What’s behind winning campaign slogans and career-ending political blunders? Why do some speeches resonate and endure while others are forgotten moments after they are given? The answers lie in the way words are used to influence and motivate, the way they connect thought and emotion. In this summary, language architect and public opinion guru Dr.

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  • Every possible effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this book is accurate at the time of going to press, and the publishers and authors cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions, however caused. No responsibility for loss or damage occasioned to any person acting, or refraining from action, as a result of the material in this publication can be accepted by the editor, the publisher or any of the authors.

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  • 400 new tests to boost your brainpower. IQ, or IQ (intelligence quotient abbreviation in English), is a concept that the British scientist Francis Galton introduced in hereditary Genius book published in the late 19th century. After that, it was his pupil is J.Cattell and French psychologist Alfred Binet who developed the workshop with the quiz to test your mental capacity for school children.

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  • Cognitive maps have emerged as an important tool in modeling and decision making. In a nutshell they are signed di-graphs that capture the cause/effect relationships that subject matter experts believe exist in a problem space under consideration. Each node in the map represents some variable concept.

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  • The Art of Public Speaking The foregoing order of pitch−change might be reversed with equally good effect, though with a slight change in seriousness−−either method produces emphasis when used intelligently, that is, with a common−sense appreciation of the sort of emphasis to be attained. In attempting these contrasts of pitch it is important to avoid unpleasant extremes. Most speakers pitch their voices too high. One of the secrets of Mr. Bryan's eloquence is his low, bell−like voice.

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