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  • Careful selected practice materia an effective way of developing listening skill used for testing listening comprehension .an awareness of ways in which the spoken language differs from the written language is crucially important in testing listening comprehension skills

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  • Lecture Chapter 6: Listening comprehension tests presented Careful selected practice materia an effective way of developing listening skill used for testing listening comprehension .an awareness of ways in which the spoken language differs from the written language is crucially important in testing listening comprehension skills.

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  • The Art of Public Speaking of news, like rapid transit, are of recent origin, and are only made possible by the genius of the inventor and the courage of the investor. It took a special messenger of the government, with every facility known at the time for rapid travel, nineteen days to go from the City of Washington to New Orleans with a message to General Jackson that the war with England had ceased and a treaty of peace had been signed. How different now! We reached General Miles, in Porto Rico, and he was able through the military telegraph...

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  • The nineteenth century, now nearing its close, has made an indelible impression upon the history of the world, and never were greater things accomplished with more marvellous rapidity. Every branch of science, without exception, has shared in this progress, and to it the daily accumulating information respecting different parts of the globe has greatly contributed. Regions, previously completely closed, have been, so to speak, simultaneously opened by the energy of explorers, who, like Livingstone, Stanley, and Nordenskiöld, have won immortal renown.

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  • Multimedia lives with images; medical images are born from digital imaging. A physician’s multimedia workstation cannot exist without tools for manipulating images, performing measurements and, generally speaking, extracting and collecting pieces of information from the available data. Image analysis and computer vision constitute a wide and rapidly evolving field. This paper is intended as an introductory document for medical imaging researchers and practitioners wishing an overview of recent developments and trends.

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  • This paper describes a fully incremental dialogue system that can engage in dialogues in a simple domain, number dictation. Because it uses incremental speech recognition and prosodic analysis, the system can give rapid feedback as the user is speaking, with a very short latency of around 200ms. Because it uses incremental speech synthesis and self-monitoring, the system can react to feedback from the user as the system is speaking. A comparative evaluation shows that naïve users preferred this system over a non-incremental version, and that it was perceived as more human-like. ...

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  • For your safety, follow all medication instructions. It’s likely that your doctor or pharmacist has customized your prescription drug’s dosage or schedule just for you. To avoid choking or gagging when taking a large pill, or one that disintegrates rapidly, be sure to take it with a full glass of water to wash it down thoroughly. Is there an instruction you don’t understand? Something that contradicts what you’ve heard before? If so, speak up. Take charge by getting answers from your doctor or medical professional and pharmacist....

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  • Data fusion is a research area that is growing rapidly due to the fact that it provides means for combining pieces of information coming from different sources/sensors, resulting in ameliorated overall system performance (improved decision making, increased detection capabilities, diminished number of false alarms, improved reliability in various situations at hand) with respect to separate sensors/sources.

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  • However, the die was cast. You didn't run up a caste level, not to speak of two at once, by playing it careful. Joe had planned this out; for once, old pro or not, he was taking risks. Recruiting line-ups were not for such as he. Not for many a year, many a fracas. He strode rapidly along this one, heading for the offices ahead, noting only in passing the quality of the men who were taking service with Vacuum Tube Transport.

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  • In a faded and patched blue coat, turned up with red, the bellman of Kinver appeared in the one long street of that small place--if we call it a town we flatter it, if we speak of it as a village we insult it--and began to ring outside the New Inn. A crowd rapidly assembled and before the crier had unfolded the paper from which he proposed reading, an ape of a boy threw himself before him, swinging a turnip by the stalk, assumed an air of pomposity and ingenious caricature of the bellman, and shouted: "O yes! O yes! O yes! Ladies and gents all,...

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  • Opposite the Thebes of the living, Khafîtnîbûs, the Thebes of the dead, had gone on increasing in a remarkably rapid manner. It continued to extend in the south-western direction from the heroic period of the XVIIIth dynasty onwards, and all the eminence and valleys were gradually appropriated one after the other for burying-places. At the time of which I am speaking, this region formed an actual town, or rather a chain of villages, each of which was grouped round some building constructed by one or other of the Pharaohs as a funerary chapel.

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