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  • The research design adopted to address this problem utilised mixed data collection methodologies. In order to determine what was happening in the industry as a whole, a specially designed survey was conducted utilising both web-based and traditional paper-based instruments. This provided valuable quantitative data about the rate of uptake, types of companies and so on. To complement this, a focus group of selected representatives within the industry was conducted to delve more deeply into motivations behind the decision to adopt the technology and the perceived benefits derived from it.

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  • Geographical disparities in cancer incidence are observed at different scales and may highlight areas of high risk that need special attention to improve health policies. In Guadeloupe, a French archipelago in the Carib‑ bean, environmental and socioeconomic factors are potential factors associated with cancer incidence.

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  • To investigate the clinicopathological characteristics, diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes of a special type of gestational trophoblastic neoplasia (GTN) which only has extrauterine metastases without uterine primary lesions.

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  • Using the second main theorem of value distribution theory and Borel’s lemma, Nevanlinna proved that for two nonconstant meromorphic functions \(f\) and \(g\) on the complex plane C, if they have the same inverse images for five distinct values, then \(f \equiv g\), and that \(g\) is a special type of linear fractional transformation of \(f\) if they have the same inverse images, counted with multiplicities, for four distinct values.

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  • (BQ) The main contents of the dissertation consist of two main parts. Ebook Artificial Intelligence for Dummies: Part 1 presents the following content: Introducing AI, defining the role of data; considering the use of algorithms, pioneering specialized hardware, seeing AI uses in computer applications, automating common processes, using AI to address medical needs, relying on AI to improve human interaction, performing data analysis for AI, employing machine learning in AI, improving AI with deep learning.

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  • Interpretation is considered a significant instrument for the sustainable management of cultural heritage sites. This paper aims to evaluate the interpretation tools at Droong village as a part of broader research about sustainability of CBT enterprise among Cotu communities in Quang Nam, Vietnam.

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  • Tài liệu dạy học môn tiếng Anh trong chương trình đào tạo trình độ Cao đẳng bao gồm 12 đơn vị bài học (unit). Mỗi đơn vị bài học gồm các phần: warm up, vocabulary, grammar focus, listening, speaking, reading, writing. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo phần 1 của tài liệu!

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of book "Game coding complete (Fourth Edition)" provide with knowledge about: game audio; 3D graphics basics; 3D vertex and pixel shaders; 3D scenes; collision and simple physics; an introduction to game AI; network programming for multiplayer games; introduction to multiprogramming; a game of teapot wars; a simple game editor in C#;...

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  • Part 1 of book "Concepts, techniques, and models of computer programming" provide with knowledge about: explicit state; object-oriented programming; shared-state concurrency; relational programming; specialized computation models; graphical user interface programming; distributed programming; constraint programming; mozart system development environment;...

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  • This book "CompTIA® Security+: Guide to Network Security Fundamentals" is designed to meet the needs of students and professionals who want to master basic information security. Part 1 of book provide students with knowledge about: introduction to security; threat management and cyber security resources; threats and attacks on endpoints; endpoint and application development security; mobile, embedded, and specialized device security; basic cryptography; public key infrastructure and cryptographic protocols;...

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  • Acta Crystallographica Section C: Structural Chemistry specializes in the rapid dissemination of high-quality detailed studies of novel and challenging crystal and molecular structures of interest in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, mineralogy, pharmacology, physics and materials science. The unique checking, editing and publishing facilities of the journal ensure the highest standards of structural reliability and presentation, while providing for reports on studies involving special techniques or difficult crystalline materials.

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  • The main objective of the research "Assessing the accuracy of applying photogrammetry to take geometric measurements on building products" is to characterize the errors of the photogrammetry-derived geometric measurements on building products in a systematic, practical, and statistically significant way. In this research, we intend to use the off-the-shelf, portable digital cameras, instead of high-end, expensive cameras specially manufactured for photogrammetry applications.

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  • Lecture Managerial Accounting - Chapter 7: Incremental Analysis.

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  • Handbook of Comparative World Steel Standards includes 8 contents: Introduction to Comparing World Steel Standards, Carbon and Alloy Steels for General Use, Carbon Steels for Structural Steel Plates, Pressure vessel steel plates, Steel tubes and pipes, Steel forgings, Steel castings, Wrought stainless steels, Steels for special use.

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  • The study of digital transformation that leads to the implementation of the digital economy is a matter of special concern for businesses around the world. This study systematizes the theoretical basis of digital transformation in manufacturing enterprises and on that basis analyzes the current status and readiness for the digital transformation of electrical equipment manufacturers in Hanoi.

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  • Writing motivation is an umbrella term in which writers’ self-efficacy belief is one of the widely-investigated constructs, determining a role in predicting writing performance. The early literature suggested that self-efficacy beliefs received special attention in educational research, primarily in academic motivation and self-regulation.

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  • Software design - Lecture 18. The main topics covered in this chapter include: relationships between classes; specialized form of association i-e weak association; assembling a class from other classes; aggregation and multiplicity; composition – container and contained classes;...

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  • Advanced Computer Networks: Lecture 17. This lecture will cover the following: virtual paths with ATM; physical layers for ATM; shared ethernet emulation with LANE; ATM/LANE protocol layers; clients and servers in LANE; multi-input multi-output device; switching fabric;...

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  • Advanced Operating Systems - Lecture 17: Linux scheduling. This lecture will cover the following: some problems with multilevel queue concept; some unix scheduling problems; linux scheduling; lottery scheduling - random simplicity; grace under load change; classifications of multiprocessor systems;...

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  • Software Quality Assurance: Lecture 25. This lecture will cover the following: broad categories of testing; general forms of testing; specialized forms of testing; forms of testing involving users; test case design; testing techniques; black-box testing; white-box testing;...

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