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  • This paper presents performance measurement at the higher education concerning in customers and stakeholders’ perspective using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. AHP is a quantitative method which can deal with complicated decision-making problem for evaluation. Total of four main criteria and 26 sub-criteria were identified as significant to the customers and stakeholders’ perspective.

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  • The paper presents a model for determining the significance of relations with the insurance company’s shareholders. The first hypothesis concerns the possibility to describe the relative importance of the resource supplied by each stakeholder, and its place in the ranked series. At the same time, the authors propose such a series both for a developing regional company and for a developed federal insurer. Such a series should correspond to the ranked series of growth rates of payment for each resource acquired from the corresponding stakeholder.

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  • This paper intended to examine the link between sociotechnical aspects of lean and sustainability in the healthcare sector. It also discussed theoretical approaches that explain these variables, namely Sociotechnical and Stakeholder theories. Finally, this paper has given important significance for academic researchers who intend to study the sociotechnical aspects of lean and sustainability as well as practitioners who deal with complex problems. Conclusions and future works are also included in this paper.

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  • The aim of the present research is to gain insights into how SCM practices create value to the firm, which in turn enhance accountability of the GLCs towards its ultimate stakeholders. A single case study approach was used whereby key research issues were mainly addressed through semi-structured interviews, observations and document reviews. Findings revealed that, consistent with the financial and social obligations of the GLC to its stakeholders, the firm was able to create value through supplier involvement, strategic supplier relationship and supplier development practices.

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  • This study designs and proposes a web-based e-retailing system and subsequently determines its acceptability as perceived by stakeholders and experts. This research study utilized quantitative research methods and applied design with the use of a descriptive method to determine how a web-based application can be developed for promoting a product.

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  • This paper explores the nature and consequences of institutional arrangements governing wetland access, utilization and conservation in six communal wetlands in Zimbabwe. Data were collected through a household survey targeting one hundred and twenty-three household heads, sixty teenagers and key informant interviews.

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  • The article might inform the relevant stakeholders of the importance of engaging the locals in addressing energy issues. Failure to appreciate the importance of space for participation limits the understanding of rural people’s energy needs, and the significance of their views remains underestimated. It is therefore recommended that space for participation be created to allow social inclusion of the rural people in the energy sector.

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  • This study attempts to understand stakeholders’ expectations and perceptions toward boarding school and shows the usefulness of the Importance-performance analysis grid in evaluating the service quality of school.

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  • In the complexity and dynamic supply chain network, understanding the integrity definition is paramount as to uphold Halal integrity from “farm to fork” to avoid miss-communication and fraudulent. This is because, the perceptions of Halal integrity varied among the Halal food supply chain stakeholders due to difference in scenario and perspectives.

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  • l. This study provides the novelty to the theories by developing the integrated collaboration model for sustainable supply chains. This conceptual model gives insight to the sugar stakeholders who join in collaboration regarding what are the specific drivers and elements that possible and essential to propose a sustainable collaboration, what their roles are, and how they are linked. The finding can be used as the basis for a collaboration quality assessment model.

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  • The quality and continuity of cocoa beans supply is determined really stakeholders in related to the cocoa supply chain. This study aims to identify the role of stakeholders involved in the cocoa bean supply chain, so resulting in a sustainable cocoa supply chain recommendation.

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  • The purpose of this research was to explore how effective the bottom-up approach to producing and shaping educational legislation is in Ukraine and to identify what observed changes take place in students if the bottom-up approach is simulated in the classroom. Qualitative instruments and observational data were used to yield the data.

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  • The delivery of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning to improve an individual’s competence and future career interests has become a critical scientific undertaking for teachers and researchers alike. A plethora of research has proposed various hands-on robotics activities built on constructivist theories, thereby facilitating the development of knowledge based on reality for scientific and non-scientific stakeholders.

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  • This qualitative study is part of a feasibility study conducted by State University of Malang (SUM), Indonesia, to determine stakeholder needs for a study program specializing in managing bilingual education. The study participants included one SUM lecturer who held a managerial position in the division of SUM laboratory schools and twelve teachers/leaders of bilingual schools in some cities in East Java and South Sulawesi.

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  • This research paper endeavors to assess the safety risks inherent in tower crane operations at construction sites in Vietnam. This assessment is conducted from the perspective of various stakeholders involved in tower crane activities, namely managers, operators, and workers.

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  • The 2023 series of bank collapses has underscored the vital importance of effective liquidity risk management in the banking industry. Liquidity risk in bank, with its potential to trigger bank runs and destabilize the global financial system, requires a comprehensive approach that considers market volatility, regulatory changes, and evolving business models. Collaboration among banks, regulators, and stakeholders is crucial at the system level.

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  • The paper commences with the analysis of global best practices in green airport development. Based on this analysis, it proposes the approach for Vietnam’s green airport development, which includes enhancement of energy efficiency, reduction of environmental pollution and improvement of operational efficiency. Overall, this paper provides a comprehensive and strategic framework for the development of green airports in Vietnam, contributing to the global effort to combat climate change while supporting the sustainable development of the aviation sector.

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  • This document describes the main challenges that Vietnam’s cities and regions are facing in the transition from a linear to a circular economy. By using the qualitative research methods (interview stakeholders; collect relevant information from secondary documents) and quantitative research method (surveys in 51 cities and regions), the article focuses on five main categories of gaps: policy, awareness, capacity, regulatory and funding.

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  • Supply chain management can enable economies and companies to overcome disruptions and continually transform them to meet the changing needs and expectations of its customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. Therefore, the objective of this study was to investigate the influence of strategic human resource managing on supply chain resilience in manufacturing firms in Russia. The employed population is more considered to be economically active.

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  • This article seeks to provide research opportunities in supply chain networks. For manufacturing industries, materials supply is an essential input to the production process for a sustainability value creation for firms and stakeholders. However, due to several reasons have caused issues to material short supplies in the production process that caused additional cost leading to a negative impact to firm operating performance.

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