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  • Chapter 1 - The corporation and its stakeholders. In this chapter, you will learn: Understanding the relationship between business and society, and the ways in which they are part of an interactive system; considering the purpose of the modern corporation; knowing what is a stakeholder and who a corporation’s market and nonmarket and internal and external stakeholders are;...

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  • Contents: Origins of the Stakeholder Concept, Who Are Business’s Stakeholders?, Stakeholder Approaches, Three Values of the Stakeholder Model, Key Questions in Stakeholder Management, Effective Stakeholder Management, Developing a Stakeholder Culture, Stakeholder Management Capability, The Stakeholder Corporation.

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  • Contents: The Consumer Movement, Product Information Issues, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Recent Consumer Legislation, Self-Regulation in Advertising, Moral Models and Consumer Stakeholders.

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  • "Lecture Project management in practice - Chapter 12: Project stakeholder management" presents the following content: Identifying project stakeholders, stakeholder engagement, managing stakeholders, a note on managing customer relations,...

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  • The thesis examines the Investors’ reaction to the stock trading announcement of internal shareholders, stakeholders and major shareholders being foreign investors.

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  • Ensuring adequate and safe water supply is a top priority in human life, especially cities or residential areas. Accessibility and safety in water supply services requires good operation in the components of domestic water supply systems including water sources, water treatment plants, and distribution network systems. This means that the cooperation and coordination of stakeholders (SH) should be good to help maintain the stable system. Therefore, it is necessary to analyse stakeholder involvement, indicating their responsibilities and roles in maintaining the system.

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  • Recently Viet Nam National Foreign Language 2020 Project was launched as a government initiative to improve the foreign language learning and teaching system nationally. One task of the project is to introduce English at grade 3, which requires significant re-training for the country’s large number of primary English teachers in both English proficiency and methodology. Training-of-trainers (ToT), a cascade model of trainer training, has therefore been adopted as an option.

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  • Understanding process design as open learning facility allows promoting organizational structures and change proposals in an informed and bottom-up way. In this work the constitutive elements and processes of such a participatory infrastructure are studied from an open educational resource and open access perspective on the individual and collective level. Besides providing OER the focus is on generating work process-relevant knowledge from an individual perspective, disseminating it for collective reflection, and propagating it to organizational practice.

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  • This article reports on research carried out with university students and leaders at University A (A pseudonym was used for the researched institution) in Vietnam, exploring stakeholders’ (specifically students and institutional leaders) perceptions of employing NESTs to teach English speaking skills.

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  • The research study was conducted in northeastern region of Karnataka (NEK) to assess the perception of the stake holders of e-SAP dissemination tool. The ex-post-facto research design was used for the study with 384 stakeholders. e-SAP is an important ICT flat form, which facilitates the access of relevant, technical feasible, economically affordable with socially acceptable information to the decision making system of various stakeholders in agriculture field. e-SAP refers to electronic solutions against agriculture pest.

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  • Stakeholders have become more attentive to community and social information worldwide. However, their influence on the CSR disclosure is highly contextual and contingent upon several institutional factors. Therefore, this study pursues to identify the stakeholders’ group which has the most powerful effect on the CSR disclosure. The researchers examined the CSR disclosure provided by 38 banks operating in Egypt for the year 2015.

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  • To determine the participation, awareness about technology assessment, refinement 20 stakeholders of ATMA were selected randomly. Main objectives of the study were participation and awareness about the technology generation/refinement/validation activities. Findings of the study revealed that majority of participation was found to be highest in identification of research issue and cereal had highest mean score in regards to awareness about the technology generation/refinement/validation activities.

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  • Aim of the study is to determine the stakeholders’ perception about the characteristics of technology transfers to farmers and their participation at different stages of technology assessment, refinement and validation under ATMA, 18 stakeholders of ATMA were selected randomly. Findings of the study revealed that stakeholders have more awareness about the technology generation/refinement /validation activities in cereals crops. The maximum participation of ATMA stakeholders was found in identification of research issue and implementation of the farmer participatory research (FPR).

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  • The study was conducted to enlist the minimum day one competencies required in the freshly graduated veterinary students under the project "Exploring the gaps in veterinary education in India to match the graduate skills with stakeholders level" funded by Education Division, ICAR, New Delhi. Meetings were conducted with clinical, para-clinical and animal science experts from College of Veterinary Science, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana to compile the list of competencies required at day one of veterinary graduation.

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  • The thematic, spatial and temporal objects of the research were to analyze the stakeholders and projects portfolio determination based on key stakeholders of a public university in Iran in 2019.

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  • This paper presents a scheme of implementation of the protocol for diagnosing stakeholders of educational space, which aims to meet the needs and interests of both contractors and the university, and makes an efficiency assessment in achieving the goals of the university.

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  • The purpose of the study is to assess the factors promoting stakeholders’ management of building projects in Nigeria with a view to managing the various interests of stakeholders on building projects.

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  • This study aims to examine the role of relevant stakeholders in conserving the countries’ second RAMSAR site. This paper also attempted to understand the causes of loss of biodiversity of Tanguar Haor as well as its solution.

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  • Lesson "Vietnamese approach to strengthen cooperation of TVET stakeholders" present structure of the presentation; vocational learners; enterprises; orientations for cooperation of enterprises in TVET; representatives of business community; measures to strengthen the role of representatives of business community...

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  • The present study was conducted to assess the impact of agritourism as perceived by its stakeholders. The sample comprised of forty-five Agritourism Centres (ATCs) drawn from two states i.e. Maharashtra (n=30) and Goa (n=15). The total number of visitors selected for the study was 200, thus consisting of 100 visitors each from respective states. It followed an ex-post facto research design and was purposively conducted in Maharashtra and Goa. The impact was measured in terms of change in employment days and perceived overall socio-economic changes.

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