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  • This document presents the operational framework chosen by the Eurosystem* for the single monetary policy in the euro area. The document, which forms part of the Eurosystem’s legal framework for monetary policy instruments and procedures, is intended to serve as the “General Documentation” on the monetary policy instruments and procedures of the Eurosystem, and is aimed, in particular, at providing counterparties with the information they need in relation to the Eurosystem’s monetary policy framework....

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  • The Federal Reserve is a key participant in the money market. The Federal Reserve controls the supply of reserves available to banks and other depository institutions primarily through the purchase and sale of Treasury bills, either outright in the bill market or on a temporary basis in the market for repurchase agreements. By controlling the supply of reserves, the Federal Reserve is able to influence the federal funds rate. Movements in this rate, in turn, can have pervasive effects on other money market rates.

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  • Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania’s long-standing, successful Auto Theft Prevention Authority was created by the legislature in 1994. Its primary goal is to combat auto theft through “tough laws, improved enforcement and administration, effective prosecution, and public education.” The authority uses no tax dollars. Instead, assessments required of the nearly 400 insurance companies that write automobile insurance policies in the state completely fund the authority.

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  • Latvian artist Janis Strupulis created the expressive bronze bull standing at the entrance to the airport’s largest restaurant, A Hereford Beefstouw. He also made two salmon, again in bronze, that are now part of the Seafood Bar decor. Inside A Hereford Beefstouw, a green, partly transparent acrylic frieze created by the Danish artist Sven Dalsgaard runs along the glass facade facing the transit hall. It forms a discrete screen between the restaurant and the open public area, at the same time as creating a spatial unity....

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  • Achieving a high credit quality will also be important to ensure the acceptance of Stability Bonds by all euro-area Member States. One key issue is how risks and gains are distributed across Member States. In some forms, Stability Bonds would mean that Member States with a currently below-average credit standing could obtain lower financing costs, while Member States that already enjoy a high credit rating may even incur net losses, if the effect of the pooling of risk dominated the positive liquidity effects.

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  • astm international and the global construction industry have enjoyed a long and enduring partnership marked by progress and innovation in the building of homes, offices and other facilities worldwide. this relationship dates back to the founding of astm, as many of the society’s earliest technical committees and standards were driven by construction-related needs. today, more than 1,300 astm standards support the safe and economic construction of buildings, with the underlying quality and performance that will stand the test of time. ...

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  • Zhao and Nan Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:230 NANO EXPRESS Open Access Preparation of stable magnetic nanofluids containing Fe3O4@PPy nanoparticles by a novel one-pot route Baobao Zhao and Zhaodong Nan* Abstract Stable magnetic nanofluids containing Fe3O4@Polypyrrole (PPy) nanoparticles (NPs) were prepared by using a facile and novel method, in which one-pot route was used. FeCl3·6H2O was applied as the iron source, and the oxidizing agent to produce PPy. Trisodium citrate (Na3cit) was used as the reducing reagent to form Fe3O4 NPs.

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  • The Quad Fibre Loop Converter* (QFLC) system is a cost-effective optical multiplexer that transports four E1s over two singlemode fibres. The QFLC system can be configured to maximize facility utilization for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint topologies. The QFLC system can also be used for fibre ring networks for both dual-feed and single-feed applications to a customer. The QFLC system accepts standard electrical E1 signals and can be used in a stand-alone configuration with any approved multiplexer or network element that generates a standard E1 (6.703 Mbps) signal.

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  • Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) is the protocol designed to handle real-time traffic on the Internet. RTP does not have a delivery mechanism (multicasting, port numbers, and so on); it must be used with UDP. RTP stands between UDP and the application program. The main contributions of RTP are timestamping, sequencing, and mixing facilities. This chapter provides knowledge of RTP and RTCP.

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  • The Roman Villa Borg unites both the excavation of one of the largest villa rustica in the Saar Mosel area and the complete reconstruction of the manorial area (Pars Urbana) of such a facility. As far as possible, this reconstruction is based on local findings or on excavation findings of similar facilities of the region (e.g. Echternach in Luxemburg). If necessary, either antique literature (e.g. Vitruv) or modern literature (e.g. for the reconstruction of the wall paintings) was consulted.

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