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  • There are mainly four types of segmentation techniques, namely global thresholding, boundary-based segmentation, region-based segmentation, and mixed segmentation. Seeded Region Growing is an integrated method brought up by Adams and Bischof [4-13], in which few initial seeds are generated, and more similar neighboring regions are then combined to achieve region growing [14-21]. In addition, the method of unsupervised vector seeded region growing suitable for medical multi-spectral images was established.

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  • However, cellular uptake of aglycones has been suggested to occur in their native form by passive diffusion. Absorbed polyphenols can directly undergo phase II metabolism as phenolic structures are generally unfavorable substrates to the cytochrome P450s (phase I metabolism). At nutritional doses, almost all polyphenols are conjugated to form O- glucuronides, sulfate esters and O-methyl ethers, by glucuronidation, sulfation and methylation, in the gut mucosa and later in the liver or kidney.

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  • A second area is the importance of building supply side capacity. Given the capital intensive nature of the insurance sector this is a not a simple task, but nonetheless one which is achievable, primarily by building on existing insurance strengths. This could involve raising public awareness, training of insurance professionals, identifying sectors of strength or niche areas where strength can be developed.

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  • Inquiries were received from every state except Rhode Island, as well as from Puerto Rico, the District of Colombia, and Ontario, Canada. Ten states, primarily California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois, accounted for half of all the inquiries from the study time period. As with the previous year’s analysis, there remained consistent trends in the geographic dispersion of the inquiries, with the highest concentration again in the South.

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  • Air pollution is a leading environmental threat to the health of urban populations overall and specifically to New York City residents. Clean air laws and regulations have improved the air quality in New York and most other large cities, but several pollutants in the city’s air are at levels that are harmful. This report provides estimates of the toll of air pollution on the health of New Yorkers. It focuses on 2 common air pollutants—fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and ozone (O3).

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  • In the initial demonstration using music by DJ Spooky to accompany Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, 72.2 percent of students felt that the music enhanced their engage- ment with the film. Additionally, 19.4 percent found that the music detracted from their viewing experience and 8.3 percent felt that it neither enhanced nor detracted. Alternatively, these statistics point out that 80.5 percent of students had no objections to the use of a modern score. In contrast, 47.8 percent of stu- dents felt that a symphonic or string instrument score would have enhanced their engagement, but only 9.

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  • Management strategies are framed within a multidisciplinary team structure and as such a range of specialists ranging from psychologists, specialist nurses, gynaecologists and urologists author the chapters. There are some novel methods outlined by the authors with their clinical application and utility described in detail, along with exhaustive research on epidemiology, which is particularly relevant in planning for the future. We would like to acknowledge all the authors for all the hard work and dedication to excellence in completing this book. ...

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  • Varying beliefs about disease etiology may also serve to minimize the prevalence of trachoma. Beliefs about the causes of disease range from blindness caused by old age to illness induced by the glance of an envious person. Cultural beliefs in an Egyptian Delta hamlet discourage the discussion of trachoma since villagers believe trichiasis can be spread by word of mouth, and discussion of the disease is equal to questioning the will of God. In one study, villagers’ assessments of their quality of vision greatly exceeded evaluations by ophthalmologists.

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  • It is not only the sheer number of elderly that will have an impact on public policy, but also the characteristics of these elderly. The Baby Boomer generation is expected to remain active and independent longer than previous generations of elderly population; as a group, they have sufficient wealth to manage retirement as no previous generation has; and they are going to challenge how the elderly are treated and what should be considered acceptable. This research study attempts to understand some of the challenges that changing demographics will have on the housing market and...

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  • This ambivalence in the pagan religions toward peace and war is found in the texts of the main religious traditions. Many ‘sacred’ texts are flooded with images of a vengeful and violent God: a God of war who destroys our enemies and punishes us if we stray. Elise Boulding observes: ‘The warrior god has dominated the stories of our faith communities, so that the other story of human caring and compassion and reconciliation, is often difficult to hear’. 8 But,...

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  • With an emphasis on the potential for disruption and change, there is in such writing a characterisation of the consumer of counterfeits that employs a binary opposition between the ‘normal’ or legitimate world and the ‘abnormal’ or oppositional practices. For example, sociological research on file sharing through peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, internet exchange of pirated music, films and software along with digital rights management (DRM) hacks, represents users as part of a distinctive subculture (e.g. Condry, 2004; Giesler and Pohlmann, 2003)....

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  • As we describe in greater detail below, we nd that gasoline prices a ect both market shares and prices in both new and used markets, and that the e ects vary according to the fuel eciency of di erent cars. The results di er across the two markets, with the market share e ect being larger in the new car market than in the used car market, and the price e ect being much larger in the used car market than in the new. This paper proceeds as follows. In the next section, we describe the intuition for how a change in gasoline prices might a ect the new and used markets for...

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  • The widespread appeal of Hollywood movies is due not only to the studios’ economic power and marketing prowess but also to the formal-aesthetic qualities of the films themselves. This third aspect of the term Hollywood has changed somewhat less than the industrial and institutional aspects, in that the cinematic style and narrative struc- ture of Hollywood movies have persisted over the decades, despite the obvious need for novelty and innovation. In other words, what we call a “Hollywood movie” is much the same artifact today as it was in the late teens and early 1920s.

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  • For optimal results in a 10km you will need to run at an intensity slightly above your anaerobic threshold. This is quite intense in terms of physiological demand, particularly for those wishing to achieve the distance in between 40 and 60 minute. The primary difference between the 5km and 10km in terms of demand is that the 10km uses a greater amount of aerobic energy, and therefore strength and endurance are also very important.

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  • Although there is no economic freedom index for metropolitan areas, there are data available on taxes and spending. One of the most important components of the various economic freedom indices is the tax burden. Taxes remove resources from private decision- makers and put them in the hands of elected officials and bureau- crats. The latter face much weaker incentives to use those resources efficiently and lack the information to be able to do so. As a result, jurisdictions with higher tax burdens will tend to have less prosper- ous economies.

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  • The guidelines on surveying and monitoring (FAO, 2011a) present the “big picture” – describing how to plan a national strategy for obtaining AnGR-related data and keeping them up to date; they introduce the various types of survey that may form part of such a strategy, and outline the main steps involved in planning and implementing a survey.

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  • If governments wish to encourage investors to finance climate change and green growth projects in future, clear and consistent policies over a long period of time are needed – most notably a clear signal in terms of carbon pricing (e.g. via emissions targets). For example, as Hamilton (2009) points out, renewable energy policy and regulatory framework is the critical element influencing where capital is deployed. Such policy needs to be „loud‟ (i.e.

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  • The fair value method recognizes that the most relevant attribute for reporting investments is fair value. Therefore, at reporting dates, investments are adjusted to fair value. Gains and losses are excluded from net income until the investment is sold. This is an attempt to avoid recognition of gains and losses that have not been realized through sale. EXAMPLE As an example of the fair value method, assume that on 1 December 20X5, YZone Manufacturing Limited purchased two investments, both designated as available- for-sale investments.

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  • We studied four types of decisions with a potential for age effects. One feature of wisdom, which presumably is acquired over a lifetime, is meta-knowledge, accurately knowing one’s own knowledge and abilities.We assessed this through self-reported confidence on answers to trivia questions. A common stereotype of older people is that they are “conservative, dislike taking risk, and are set in their ways”.

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  • There is no set formula to ensuring press coverage. Do not be discouraged if the press does not cover your event. Current events and other competing interests affect media availability on any given day. If you do not get covered in one event, try, try again. The more times a press release with your organization’s name on it comes across an editor’s desk, the more they will learn about you and possibly cover you in the future. Focus on the smaller, community newspapers, rather than jumping straight to The New York Times.

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