Stenosis on coronary

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  • Although most car-sharing has been established, been carried on, and has grown in terms of numbers of participants, without any form of public support being provided, the presence of national support could enable car-sharing to develop more effectively. Certain legal restrictions hinder the development of car-sharing at present, although they are probably less of a hindrance than lack of awareness in different organizations which have the possibility to boost the use of car-sharing. Some antiquated legal hindrances to the development of car- sharing should be altered.

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  • Women’s health is a priority population for AHRQ, meaning women have unique health care needs or issues that require special focus. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) supports research on all aspects of health care provided to women, including: enhancing the response of the health system to women’s needs; understanding differences between the health care needs of women and men; understanding and eliminating disparities in health care; and providing evidence to inform women in their health care decisions.

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  • Chambers (1995) described the eight diminution of deprivation among the elderly as poverty, social inferiority, social isolation, physical weakness, vulnerability, seasonality, powerlessness and humiliation of the aged. The poverty is sought to be a major risk of ageing in developing countries (Sen K1994) and study by world bank reveals that in the most of developing countries the older people and dependent are poor and vulnerable (world Bank 1994). The linkage between ageing and poverty and deprivation can have three channels of relations.

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  • Price changes and the surpluses or shortages of specific products are often first noted in wholesale channels. The wholesaler to a certain extent determines the market price. If more pork is offered through trade channels than consumers will take at a given price the wholesaler promptly reduces his price bid to packing houses; prices paid for live hogs on the one hand, and for wholesale cuts of pork on the other, will decline. Reduced prices to consumers are thus made possible, and a larger supply of pork will be absorbed. An opposite action will occur,...

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  • In general, you’ll have to pay tax on the money you make on a fund. Interest, dividends and capital gains are all treated differently for tax purposes and that will affect your return from an investment. Keep in mind that distributions are taxable in the year you receive them, whether you get them in cash or they are reinvested for you. However, if you hold your mutual funds in a registered plan, you won’t pay income tax on the money you make as long as that money stays in the plan. When you withdraw money from the plan, it will...

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  • Gender analysis is improving the quality of the World Bank’s adjust- ment and programmatic lending operations in a number of areas essential to growth and poverty reduction, including protection for displaced workers, access to land, and discrimination in the rural labor market. For example: The Vietnam Poverty Reduction Support Credit has been particular- ly strong in analyzing the likely gender impacts of state-owned enter- prise reform, and integrating this analysis into the design of safety net provisions for displaced workers.

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  • Despite the widespread use of the Internet and its impact on practically every segment of society, its workings remain poorly understood by most users. Nevertheless, more and more users take it for granted to be able to boot up their laptops pretty much anywhere (e.g., cafes, airports, hotels, conference rooms) and connect to the Internet to use services as mundane as e-mail or Web browsing or as esoteric as musicor movie-distribution and virtual reality games.

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  • For small events this could be as simple as erecting a small gazebo with a couple of trestle tables for registration purposes. Larger, more elaborate events will require a fully marked out site with spaces allocated for whatever welfare facilities and entertainment you are organising. You should make your plans for these with the assumption that there may be spectators and supporters as well as participants at the start and finish, and that they may well want to enjoy any on-site facilities and entertainment you provide until the walkers return. ...

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  • In most of the countries surveyed, women are more likely to have a positive attitude towards the long term than their male peers. However, this is not true in Albania and Poland where men are more likely, or in Armenia and South Africa, where there is little or no difference between the genders. In none of the countries studied do women score more than men on the combined measure. Indeed in Albania, Armenia, Germany, Norway, Poland, South Africa, the UK and BVI women score significantly less. There is a noticeable variation in financial literacy by age and income. In most...

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  • Hence, the challenge is to include the development of stratification biomarkers into the concept of disease prevention and drug development. In addition, we should distinguish between biomarkers and assays. Biomarkers need to be qualified and properly detected before they can be used in the clinics. Therefore, the applicability of a qualified biomarker relies also on the development of a robust assay.

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  • The Bank Board also attempted to attract new capital to the industry, and it did so by liberalizing ownership restrictions for stock-held institutions in April 1982. That change proved to have a dramatic effect on the S&L industry. 22 Traditionally, federally chartered stock associations were required to have a minimum of 400 stockholders. No individual could own more than 10 percent of an institution’s outstanding stock, and no controlling group more than 25 percent. Moreover, 75 percent of stockholders had to reside or do busi- ness in the S&L’s market area.

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  • There have been considerable improvements in the availability of data on children in the past two decades in India, mainly through major household surveys. India already had a long tradition of Population Census, which also provides decadal data on a few population based indicators on children. However, data obtained from the administrative registers and programme monitoring registers related to children have been weak and unable to provide data, especially at the outcome levels.

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  • It is spread mainly by bites of infected animals. The virus present in their saliva is inoculated in the bite trauma. Foxes are the main reservoir of the disease. Camels can be infected by dog or fox bites, but the chances of spread from camel to man appear to be small. Nevertheless, camel bites in endemic (prevalent in a population or geographical areas at all times) areas should be regarded potentially dangerous, especially if the animal is showing signs of unusual behaviour at the time of bite or does so within next 7 to 10 days (signs such as...

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  • Modification of the surface of these vectors is a key element for their successful research and clinical use. Chapter three discusses the methods to modify surfaces of retroviral vectors, and the applications for surface modification of retroviral vectors, such as targeting and immune modulation. Chapter four reviews the role of the nuclear glucocorticoid receptor in controlling retroviral infection and function, and highlights its potential importance in retroviral-based gene therapy applications....

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  • Our goal is to provide food for thought rather than an off-the-shelf solution. Many of the outside practices we explore are somewhat distant from conventional thinking. We are aware that some of our ideas will be controversial. We therefore do not necessarily speak of them as “recommendations.

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  • If this was a version of independence that was nakedly commercial in intent, the independent scene of the later 1950s and 1960s also saw a flowering of more ‘artistic’ and in some cases ‘avant- garde’ independent filmmaking. The birth of something akin to an ‘American New Wave’, to match those of contemporary European cinema, was announced in the early 1960s.

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  • But another crucial aspect of the New Hollywood, and one that may help maintain the formal-aesthetic integrity of its movies, is the parallel development of independent films and filmmaking. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the studios’ blockbuster mentality has been offset by an unprecedented “indie boom.” Consequently, the film industry has been increasingly split between big-budget, franchise-spawning, global-marketed blockbusters and low-budget “specialty films” designed for carefully targeted niche markets.

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  • However, variation in need in smaller areas within HRRs, such as the Primary Care Service Areas (PCSAs), has been documented – which means that small local area shortages of physicians may still exist [18]. One study finds that policies aimed at increasing physician supply in rural areas have been successful [24]. Another finds that international medical graduates (IMGs) have disproportionately located in U.S. counties of greatest need, compared to U.S. medical graduates [25]. Other literature examines the importance of non-physician clinicians in health care [26,27].

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  • For example, a recent NSW EPA (2002) study of air toxics in the GMR found that ‘most air toxic levels in NSW are low and well below current international standards and benchmarks.’ This study also noted that concentrations of benzene and 1,3-butadiene at some sites, such as the Sydney central business district (CBD), are ‘present at concentrations which approached, but did not exceed, the goals for these substances’, and concentrations of PAHs in the Sydney CBD are ‘in the vicinity of’ proposed international goals for these pollutants (NSW EPA, 2002).

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  • Babies exposed to carbon monoxide during the maturation of their organs may suffer permanent changes to those organs. Studies using newborn rats showed that carbon monoxide exposure could cause changes in the heart muscle tissue. This is turn could increase the severity of effects of artery constrictions when they became adults. Other animal studies have shown that long-term carbon monoxide exposure can contribute to a disease called ventricular hypertrophy, in which the cells of the heart's ventricle chambers are enlarged and possibly weakened.

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