Strategies for recruiting success

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  • I have written this book to support the HR professional who is in dedicated pursuit of recruitment excellence. By definition, mediocrity is the norm. The word mediocre is derived from the Latin word mediocris meaning ‘‘middle.’’ Those who pursue excellence are not satisfied with the middle. They are dedicated to rising above the commonplace to soar with eagles.

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  • This monograph examines the relationship between recruiting practices and conditions and the first-term success of Army soldiers. Success in the first term is important to the Army because recruiting soldiers is expensive. If soldiers fail to complete their first terms, the Army must recruit others to replace them, effectively doubling the cost. Given the expense of recruiting, the Army should reassess whether some management strategies could improve the success rates for first-term soldiers. Events in a soldier...

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  • Key Observatory objectives during 2012/2013 are to (1) obtain external grants and funding to sup- port new research projects; (2) strengthen the Observatory's research capacity in astronomy and related sciences by recruiting 2{3 PhD students and providing a high-quality research environment to facilitate their advanced training and that of other Observatory sta ; and (3) build on the Observatory's involve- ment in the DCAL Learning Strategy by developing new initiatives in education and public outreach associated with the Observatory's programme of Science in the Community.

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