Structural variation

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  • The complex world of polysaccharides is a compilation of the characteristics of a variety of polysaccharides from plants, animals and microorganisms. The diversity of these polysaccharides arises from the structural variations and the monosaccharide content which is under genetic control. The chemical and physical properties have made them useful in many pharmaceutical, food and industrial applications.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Wertheim cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: Towards a comprehensive structural variation map of an individual human genome...

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  • These results in Normative factor structure of the AAMR adaptive behavior scale school, second edition suggest that interpretation of the ABS-S:2 should focus on its two maJor conceptual components (personal independence and social behav-  ior) rather than them five factors and 16 domains endorsed by its authors. Correspondingly, comparison of domain scores to identify adaptive strengths and weaknesses should be de-emphasized because variation in these scores is best explained by the two common factors rather than specific adaptive domains. 

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  • Eight phospholipases A2 (PLAs) and four three-finger-toxins (3FTx) from the pooled venom of Bungarus fasciatus(Bf) were previously studied and sequenced, but their expression pattern in individual Bf venom and possible geographic variations remained to be investigated. We herein analyze the individual venom of two Bf specimens from Kolkata (designated as KBf) to address this question.

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  • Topological Dependency Grammar (TDG) is a lexicalized dependency grammar formalism, able to model languages with a relatively free word order. In such languages, word order variation often has an important function: the realization of information structure. The paper discusses how to integrate information structure into TDG, and presents a constraint-based approach to modelling information structure and the various means to realize it, focusing on (possibly simultaneous use of) word order and tune. ...

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  • Native and Ca 2+ -depleted light-harvesting–reaction center core complexes (LH1–RC) from the photosynthetic bacterium Thermochromatium(Tch.) tepidum exhibit maximal LH1–Qy absorption at 915 and 889 nm, respec-tively. To understand the structural origins of the spectral variation, we performed spectroscopic and structure modeling investigations.

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  • The variation in speech due to dialect is a factor which significantly impacts speech system performance. In this study, we investigate effective methods of combining acoustic and language information to take advantage of (i) speaker based acoustic traits as well as (ii) content based word selection across the text sequence. For acoustics, a GMM based system is employed and for text based dialect classification, we proposed n-gram language models combined with Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) based dialect classifiers. ...

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  • The aim of this paper is to present a new method for identifying linguistic structure in the aggregate analysis of the language variation. The method consists of extracting the most frequent sound correspondences from the aligned transcriptions of words. Based on the extracted correspondences every site is compared to all other sites, and a correspondence index is calculated for each site.

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  • We propose a mapping between prosodic phenomena and semantico-pragmatic effects based upon the hypothesis t h a t intonation conveys information about the intentional as well as the attentional s t r u c t u r e of discourse.

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  • Phytoplankton community and their correlation with environmental factors were investigated in the Dong Nai River. Higher diversity was observed in dry season with the dominance of diatom. Environmental variables were different between upper and lower sections. Phytoplankton metrics and the nutrient concentration characterized a pollution gradient along the river. Nutrient levels and turbidity governed the distribution of phytoplankton structure in the river.

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  • This present study applied analysis on data sets of abiotic environmental conditions and phytoplankton community structure to understand and/or identify the processes and factors that affect phytoplankton during a oneyear period.

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  • The variation of lamellar structures of poly(styrenesulfonic acid)-grafted poly (ethylene-co-tetrafluoroethylene) proton exchange membranes dependence on preparation procedures and grafting degree (GD) was investigated by small angle X-ray scattering.

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  • The properties and structure of carbon aerogel samples were investigated by nitrogen adsorption, four-point probe method and XRD diffraction. The results showed that carbon aerogel had structure between amorphous and graphite state.

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  • The scope of the series covers the entire spectrum of solid mechanics. Thus it includes the foundation of mechanics; variational formulations; computational mechanics; statics, kinematics and dynamics of rigid and elastic bodies; vibrations of solids and structures; dynamical systems and chaos; the theories of elasticity, plasticity and viscoelasticity; composite materials; rods, beams, shells and membranes; structural control and stability; soils, rocks and geomechanics; fracture; tribology; experimental mechanics; biomechanics and machine design.

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  • The determination of enzyme AChE continues to be widely used to measure the exposure to OF and C, however, interpretations of results are highly variable, since there are genetic and physiological causes as well as associated pathologies, which can decrease the levels of this enzyme (Varona et al, 2007).

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  • Stochastic Calculus of Variations (or Malliavin Calculus) consists, in brief, in constructing and exploiting natural differentiable structures on abstract probability spaces; in other words, Stochastic Calculus of Variations proceeds from a merging of differential calculus and probability theory. As optimization under a random environment is at the heart of mathematical finance, and as differential calculus is of paramount importance for the search of extrema, it is not surprising that Stochastic Calculus of Variations appears in mathematical finance.

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  • We present measures of board structure for the restating and control samples in panel B of Table 5. The two groups of firms have similar board structures. The median board size for restating (control) firms is 7 (8) members. The median proportion of independent directors (PID) is about 71 percent in each sample. About 5 percent of the independent directors hold 5 percent or larger blocks of equity (PID5) in both groups. One striking difference between the two groups is in the incidence of an independent director with financial expertise (IDFE).

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  • The state-of-the-art of controlled radical polymerization (CRP) in 2011 is presented. Atom transfer radical polymerization, stable radical mediated polymerization, and degenerate transfer processes, including reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer are the most often used CRP procedures. CRP opens new avenues to novel materials from a large range of monomers. Detailed structure-reactivity relationships and mechanistic understanding not only helps attain a better controlled polymerization but enables preparation of polymers with complex architectures.

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  • Communication Systems Lecturer: M.E. P.T.A. Quang .Contents           Chapter 1: Introductory Concepts Chapter 2: QoS Chapter 3: Transmission and switching Chapter 4: Digital networks Chapter 5: Signaling Chapter 6: PSTN Chapter 7: VoIP Chapter 8: Mobile communication Chapter 9: Satellite communication Chapter 10: Fiber-optic communication .

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Microsatellite diversity and broad scale geographic structure in a model legume: building a set of nested core collection for studying naturally occurring variation in Medicago truncatula

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