Supervision of treatment

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  • To capture several features of housing booms, we look at three variables: real credit to the private sector, residential investment and real house prices. Apart from interest rates, all variables are in logs. The data is taken from the OECD Economic Outlook, the IMF International Financial Statistics (IFS), and the BIS Macro database. The variables and data sources are listed in the appendix. We estimate the model on quarterly data over the period of the Great Moderation from 1984 Q1 to 2007 Q2 with two lags.

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  • · Disaggregated regional or local data about the environment, sometimes linked to a geographic information system. Questions often arise about the scale of environmental data; do they pertain to a village, a province, a watershed, or the whole country? Because the SNA is national, and most countries maintain their economic data at the national (rather than the regional or local) level, environmental accounts are primarily national accounts. For example, they might tell us how much energy was consumed nationwide, not how much was consumed in each village or province.

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  • The larger, so-called "coarse" particles are mostly produced by mechanical processes, such as automobile tire wear on the road, industrial cutting, grinding and pulverizing processes and re-suspension of particles from the ground or other surfaces by wind and human activities. The chemical composition of coarse particles may be somewhat similar to the chemical composition of soil in that area, along with industrial compounds from activities such as mining or smelting operations.

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  • Because of the primary character of biomass ecosystem production and the comprehensive coverage of carbon/biomass accounts, they play a central role in ecosystem capital accounts. Carbon/ biomass is the primary service expected from the ecosystem, under the constraint of sustainable supply of water (for human use and the ecosystem itself) as well as sustainability of all the regulating (water regulation, assimilation of residuals, habitat regulation, pollination) and socio-cultural services which are produced.

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  • The proposed new local audit regime would continue to provide Parliament with the assurances it needs on public spending. The National Audit Office would prepare the Codes of audit practice, which prescribe the way in which auditors are to carry out their functions, and which would continue to be approved by Parliament, and associated guidance. The National Audit Office would also continue to audit Government departments providing funding to local public bodies and will continue to receive Whole of Government Accounts returns.

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  • In contrast to the IS audit, in which the test criteria focus mainly on information security (including the appropriateness of the security safeguards), the IT audit examines information security as well as the efficiency (IT process, IT organisation, security safeguards) and correctness (following basic accounting principles such as completeness, correctness, timeliness, reproducibility, orderliness) of the IT. In the IT audit, the three test criteria of efficiency, security, and correctness are equally important.

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  • The metal gates positioned on each side of the Level Crossing are approximately 4.3 m wide and open away from the railway. The surface of the intersection of the road with the track is covered in rubber „Strail‟ units, which gives a level surface over the track. Cattle grids are installed on each side of the roadway, where it crosses the track to prevent cattle straying onto the railway line. There is concrete post and wire fencing running between the gates and the boundary hedges, see Photograph 2. There is a residential house...

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  • The trend over time to a higher services sector share in GDP shows that higher real growth in services has not been offset by price declines. There is no Dutch disease, whereby the price of a service falls with an increase in its supply (Bau- mol 1967). India has a higher share of services and more rapid growth in its services sector than does China, although the latter is richer and has grown faster . That fact suggests that services are responding not simply to domestic demand (which would be higher in China), but also to export op- portunities (Ghani and Kharas 2010).

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  • The costs specified under this heading are related to travel and subsistence costs for the staff attached to the proposed action. Amounts stated must correspond to specific and clearly identifiable activities. The number and destination of journeys and the number of days spent travelling must be reasonable with regard to the objectives of the applicant for the proposed action. The destination of the travels as well as the number of days forecast and the name or role in the training initiative of the persons travelling should be justified in the estimated budget....

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  • Perifollicular swelling and redness are desired clinical endpoints. They indicate that the patient has been treated with an appropriate fluence. The sunburned feeling and swelling usually last one to three hours. Applying ice will give relief and reduce the swelling duration. A topical cortisone cream can also be used. Redness can last for a few days but can by easily covered by applying makeup. If there are signs of epidermal damage, the patient should use an antibiotic ointment or call if there are problems. Patients should avoid sun exposure....

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  • Starting in the spring of 2009, a fast recovery in global equities and a rise in house values in many economies (the euro area and Japan are exceptions) were accompanied by a reduction in corporate bond spreads and other risk premia (Graphs II.1 and III.2, top panels), though some risk measures have meanwhile risen again in the context of the Greek sovereign debt crisis. Reported VaR figures show that risk as measured by potential losses from banks’ trading positions remains high (Graph III.2, bottom left-hand panel).

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  • This guide has been written in consultation with an event industry working group and with the co-operation of a great many people. All contributors, including the members of the working group, are listed at the back of the publication in the Acknowledgements section. I am grateful to them for the time, knowledge and expertise which was given freely and without which, this guide would not be possible.

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  • An Interagency Study Team will be formed to refine study goals and guide the modeling and DSS development. The participants on this team will be the lead people representing their respective agencies. The Corps and the EQB may add members to the Interagency Study Team at their discretion. Participation on this team by each member agency will be voluntary but creditable toward the non-Federal cost share as an in-kind service.

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  • The American Marketing Association (AMA) seems to be the self appointed arbiter of the definition of marketing. Certainly in Australia and New Zealand, American texts and definitions dominate study of the discipline in academia. Currently the AMA defines marketing as, "The process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas goods and services to create exchange and satisfy individual and organisational objectives" (Marketing News, 1985, p.1).

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  • We know that sales results are activity driven. In an inside sales or prospecting initiative the focus is often on the number of dials, number of connects, number of proposals, etc. Although this strategy allows us to keep salespeople busy, it does not always put qualified prospects into the pipeline. Genuine prospecting requires that salespeople do more than just talk to a decision-maker. They have to make some headway into the relationship. They need to do some telling and some listening. They need to advance the sales process or determine that no advancement is reasonable right now.

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  • A third way to define power is in terms of the ability to structure an environment of choice, to determine the “rules of the game” of some sphere of human activity. Also called structural power, this notion focuses on how individuals or groups of individuals influence “regimes” –sets of rules, norms, procedures, and institutions in a particular area. An example of structural power would be the ability of the Motion Picture Association to prevent government censorship of movies by adopting a variety of self- regulatory measures (such as voluntary ratings schemes)....

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  • We conclude that additional investments in cleaner production and products may be stimulated by widening the cost gap between the two types of technologies, for instance, by additionally charging for the use of waste and energy. The potential for continuously substi- tuting end-of-pipe technologies with cleaner technologies might be limited, however, since not all regulations favoring end-of-pipe technologies can be cut down. For example, addi- tional filters currently reduce particulate emissions of Diesel cars more effectively than the more eco-efficient Diesel engines.

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  • With several (not joint) guarantees enhanced by seniority and collateral, each guaranteeing Member State would again remain liable for its own share of Stability Bond issuance. However, to ensure that Stability Bonds would always be repaid, even in case of default, a number of credit enhancements could be considered by the Member States. First, senior status could be applied to Stability Bond issuance. Second, Stability Bonds could be partially collateralised (e.g. using cash, gold, shares of public companies etc.).

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  • In February 2010, the CPSS and the Technical Committee of IOSCO launched a comprehensive review of the three existing sets of standards for FMIs – the CPSIPS, RSSS, and RCCP – in support of the FSB’s broader efforts to strengthen core financial infrastructures and markets by ensuring that gaps in international standards are identified and addressed. 4 The CPSS and the Technical Committee of IOSCO also identified the review as an opportunity to harmonise and, where appropriate, strengthen the three sets of standards.

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  • As the next, key step in fulfilling its mission, during its third phase the Apheis programme wanted to go beyond just ensuring that its findings were scientifically valid and up-to-date. Through this next step, Apheis also wanted to make sure its findings were relevant to the needs of its chosen groups of users, or audiences; that these audiences could easily use its findings; and that, to the extent possible, these audiences would actually use the work of the many individuals who give so much of their time and energy to the Apheis programme.

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