Sustainable farming systems

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  • Pig farming generates highly polluting wastewaters which entail serious environmental issues when not adequately managed. Microalgae systems can be promising for cost, energy and environment-efficient treatment of piggery wastewater (PWW). Aside from clean water, the produced biomass can be used as biostimulants and biopesticides contributing to a more sustainable agriculture.

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  • To ensure goat enterprises in Laos and Vietnam can be both profitable and sustainable, research is needed to understand the role of goats in smallholder farming systems, the goat production systems in the various regions, and the opportunity and risks associated with the high demand in Vietnam. There is a need to develop sustainable production systems that can meet this demand and position the sector for a long productive future.

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  • The sustainability of poultry farming relies on the development of more efficient and autonomous production systems in terms of feed supply. This implies a better integration of adaptive traits in breeding programs, including digestive efficiency, in order to favor the use of a wider variety of feedstuffs.

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  • The integrated agriculture-aquaculture (IAA) farming system has been considered a form of diversified agriculture applied in Asia. In this paper, several IAA farming systems practiced in Vietnam are described, and their impacts are also reviewed. It is speculated that in developing countries like Vietnam, the IAA farming system should be targeted for support as a sustainable food safety model and a form of ecosystem-based technology to reduce environmental impacts, adapt to climate change, help avoid risks from market fluctuation, and increase incomes in comparison with monoculture farming.

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  • Micronutrients are essential for the plant system, animals and humans growth, are receiving increased attention as their deficiency in soil is threatening the agricultural sustainability, nutritional quality as well as animal and human health. In order to assess the effect of Fe application in Grain Amaranthus (Amaranthus hypochondriacus L.) crop under middle Gujarat condition, a field experiment was conducted during Rabi season, 2019-2020 at College Agronomy Farm, B. A. College of Agriculture, Anand Agricultural University, Anand (Gujarat).

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  • Dairy farming is one of the important activities among the rural farmers. It provides sustainable income and reduces unemployment to a large number of the rural poor. The study was conducted in Bidar disstrict of Karnataka state and is purposively selected for the study since it has got predominant buffalo based dairy production system. The main focus of the study was to assess the feeding and nutritional management of buffaloes. Bidar and Humnabad taluks were randomly selected for the study. A total of 180 buffalo farmers were selected for the study.

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  • In the diversified farming system, integrated nutrient management under different crop geometry along with growth regulators is the most appropriate approach to solve various issues related to productivity, quality as well as sustainability in efficient and economic way. Cabbage is well known for its nutritive and health benefits.

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  • The human population on the planet is estimated to reach 9 billion by 2050; this requires significant increase of food production to meet the demands. Intensified farming systems have been identified as a viable means to increase grain production. Crop production inputs include carbon investment in the form of energy, for the manufacture and use of farm machinery, synthetic fertilizers, crop protection chemicals such as herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, groundwater irrigation and the direct use of fuel in farm operations.

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  • This article presents a highly important and detailed techno-economic analysis of a grid-connected wind farm, considered as one of the most potential location in the south of Albania, part of Tepelena region, Mamaj village. The procedure of selection of the wind turbine type is performed by evaluating the maximum Capacity Factor (CF) among 15 different types of wind turbines applied using WAsP energy tool enabling the optimization of energy system while economic analysis uses a Monte Carlo simulation well designed on RETScreen Expert tool.

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  • Sugarcane Farming is one of the important segments of Indian agriculture because it is raw material to sugar industry for which India ranks second in the world economy. Under the depleting groundwater scenario, productivity of high water requiring crops like sugarcane can only be sustained using water-economizing techniques like drip irrigation. The study was carried out to assess the extent of use of drip irrigation system in sugarcane crop. For this purpose, 240 sugarcane growers in three districts Telangana state were taken as study respondents.

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  • Increasing farm labor scarcity and depletion of natural resources such as water are posing threats to the sustainability of traditional Puddled Transplanted Rice (PTR) system in Eastern India. Dry-seeded rice (DSR) or Non-Puddled Transplanted Rice (NPTR) could be used as an alternative to PTR.

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  • Generating and applying new knowledge is important for all enterprises, including farming. New knowledge enhances the productivity, competitiveness, and sustainability in farming, but it is not widely adopted. In this situation one has to search new ways and means. Limitations of NARS and AKIS have provided the reasons for Agricultural Innovation System (AIS) in India.

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  • In the present paper, some of the government policies, institutional mechanisms, research inputs which are needed for promoting ecologically and socioeconomically sustainable homestead farming systems are identified.

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  • AESA based IPM emphasizes on plant compensation ability, abiotic factors and Pest: Defender (P:D) ratio. Through FFS (Farmer Field School) participants observe and monitor all elements of the agro-ecosystem on farm and learn how to make management decisions in order to minimize the effects of adverse climate change.

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  • Sustainable agricultural intensification through integrated disease management (IDM) approaches is considered to be the most powerful tool for any developing country. The principles and components of integrated disease management approaches are crudely followed sustainable agriculture for our future generation and better soil health. These approaches must be incorporate into our farming system for better food security, armouring biodiversity and improving climate resilience.

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  • Aquaponics (AP) is defined as the combination of hydroponics and recirculating aquaculture system & is also played a major role in minimizing the negative environmental impacts resulted from intensive fish farming and crop production. It is totally an environmental-friendly production system due to its full recycling potentiality of waste and nutrients.

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  • Most common reason for the waterlogging problem in the agricultural field is absence of an adequate drainage system. The sustainability of farm operations are highly vulnerable due to fluctuations in rainfall. Thus, the estimation of drainage design layout and identification of the vulnerable area for waterlogging are the most vital operations for achieving maximum yield of paddy inland. In this study, the Cypress creek formula‘s used for estimating discharge of each plot.

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  • The integrated farming system study was conducted at farmers field of villages of vridhachalam block of Cuddalore District to improve farmer’s income and ensure their sustainable livelihood. Study was conducted in three demonstrations in wet land situation with components viz., Crop, Fish, poultry and FYM & vermicompost and two demonstrations in dry land situation with components viz., Crop-Fodder crop-LivestockVermicompost.

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  • The agricultural production in sufficient quantities in a sustainable way is the today’s greatest challenge. The sustainable way here means without deteriorating the soil health. In current scenario, the cultivation of high yielding varieties with synthetic fertilizer and agrochemicals helping to produce required food demand of growing population but indiscriminate and imbalanced use of agrochemicals imparting negative effect on soil productivity, environmental health and food quality.

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  • Contract farming in turmeric cultivation has gained momentum in Kandhamal district after establishment of the species industry in cooperative sector. It has been realized that the contracted farmers are being faced much constraints and feel doubt for the sustainability of the contract farming system in turmeric cultivation.

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