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  • Chapter 1 introduction to Switched Networks. This chapter describe the convergence of data, voice, and video in the context of switched networks; describe a switched network in a small-to-medium-sized business; explain the process of frame forwarding in a switched network; Compare a collision domain to a broadcast domain.

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  • This chapter explain the purpose of VLANs in a switched network, analyze how a switch forwards frames based on VLAN configuration in a multi-switched environment, configure a switch port to be assigned to a VLAN based on requirements,... Inviting you to refer.

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  • Chapter 7 introduce DHCP. Learning objectives in this chapter: Describe the operation of DHCPv4 in a small-to-medium-sized business network, configure a router as a DHCPv4 server, configure a router as a DHCPv4 client, troubleshoot a DHCP configuration for IPv4 in a switched network,...

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  • Optical Switching Networks describes all the major switching paradigms developed for modern optical networks, discussing their operation, advantages, disadvantages, and implementation. Following a review of the evolution of optical wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) networks, an overview of the future of optical networks is set out.

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  • Deploy the required Cisco products and servieces that enable connectivity and traffic transport, given a network design that include multilayer switching over various Ethernet technologies. Implement the necessary services at each layer of the network to allow user to obtain service in a working multilayer switched network

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  • Preparing for the CCNP® exam? Working as a network professional? Here are all the CCNP-level commands for the Implementing Cisco® Switched Networks (SWITCH) exam you need in one handy resource. The CCNP SWITCH Portable Command Guide is filled with valuable, easy-to-access information and is portable enough for use whether you’re in the server room or the equipment closet.

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  • This Study Guide is based on the current pool of exam questions for the 640-604 – Switching 3.0 exam. As such it provides all the information required to pass the Cisco 640-604 exam and is organized around the specific skills that are tested in that exam. Thus, the information contained in this Study Guide is specific to the 640-604 exam and does not represent a complete reference work on the subject of Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks.

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  • Upon completing this module, you will be able to: Use Cisco IOS commands to configure VLANs, VTP, IEEE 802.1Q trunking, and ISL trunking, given a functioning access layer switch Execute an add, move, or change on an access layer switch, given a new network requirement Use show commands to identify anomalies in VLAN, VTP, ISL trunking, and spanning-tree operations, given an operational access layer switch Use debug commands to identify events and anomalies in VLAN, VTP, ISL trunking, and spanning-tree operations, given an operational access layer switch...

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  • In this chapter: Explain the basic concepts of a switched environment, configure initial settings on a Cisco switch, configure switch ports to meet network requirements, configure the management switch virtual interface, describe basic security attacks in a switched environment, describe security best practices in a switched environment, configure the port security feature to restrict network access.

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to: Describe the issues with implementing a redundant network, describe IEEE 802.1D STP operation, describe the different spanning tree varieties, describe PVST+ operation in a switched LAN environment, describe Rapid PVST+ operation in a switched LAN environment,...

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  • Chapter 5 explain the operation of link aggregation in a switched LAN environment, describe EtherChannel technology, configure link aggregation to improve performance on high-traffic switch links, configure link aggregation with EtherChannel, verify and troubleshoot link aggregation with EtherChannel.

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  • This chapter describe the three primary options for enabling inter-VLAN routing, configure legacy inter-VLAN routing, configure router-on-a-stick inter-VLAN routing, troubleshoot common inter-VLAN configuration issues, troubleshoot common IP addressing issues in an inter-VLAN-routed environment, configure inter-VLAN routing using Layer 3 switching, troubleshoot inter-VLAN routing in a Layer 3-switched environment.

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  • Chapter 4 explain the role of VTP in a converged switched network; describe the operation of VTP: VTP domains, VTP Modes, VTP Advertisements, and VTP Pruning; configure VTP on the switches in a converged network.

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  • A poorly designed network has increased support costs, reduced service availability, and limited support for new applications and solutions. VLANs provide segmentation and organizational flexibility. The following chapter will introduce VLANs and Trunks. Inviting you to refer.

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  • The following will be discussed in this chapter: A redundant switched topology includes multihomed switches and EtherChannel; a redundant switched topology causes looping issues such as broadcast storms; the 802.1D STP establishes a loop-free network; the original STP has been enhanced by PVST+ and RSTP.

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  • Chapter 9 - Metropolitan and wide area networks. In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: Introduction, circuit switched networks, dedicated circuit networks, packet switched networks, virtual private networks, best practice MAN/WAN design improving MAN and WAN performance.

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  • Studying and proposing some improvements in the burst assembly with delay reduction to reduce the communication delay over OBS networks; Studying and proposing a solution of the burst assembly with delay fairness for delay-based QoS difference, delay reduction and delay fairness of different priority flows. Studying and proposing a solution with throughput fairness, which can be applied to different types of incoming flows with Poisson and nonPoisson distribution.

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  • Lectured "Computer networks 1 - Chapter 1: Introduction" has contents: Network edge, network core, delay, loss and throughput in packet- switched networks, protocol layers, service models,... and other contents.

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