Teaching and learning the sustainability

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  • In this track we would like to promote the discussion about how can we help students to develop an adequate sustainable vision of the world in which they are to live, since they will play themselves a vital role in the evoluton of that world. We thought about some topics, such as Pedagogical Innovatons involving Sustainability, Methodologies for Learning and Teaching Sustainability, Evaluaton and Assessment of Sustainability Learning, New Learning/Teaching Models involving Sustainability, Sustainability Learning Tools and Curriculum Design.

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  • Public management has become an important domain of scholarship and teaching within two academic communities: public administration and public policy. The purpose of this book is to give definition to this domain. More specifically, it is about the relationship between knowledge and practice in public management and about the role of universities in creating and sustaining this relationship.

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  • The first Section of this book starts with a collection of articles about sustainable education or education for sustainable development. The papers present research and practices of teaching and education as essential tools for achieving sustainable development. Alternative perspective to funding public schools and Universities are also presented in this section. The goal is to foster the increased quality of teaching and learning and help countries make progress toward development.

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  • Pearson and Heywood (2004) studied reflection through a survey of attitudes toward and reported use of reflective portfolios in learning among UK GP registrars (postgraduate students). Sixty-five percent of 92 responders used the portfolio regularly for recording, and 42% used it in reflective learning. Three categories emerged in relation to the portfolio: reflectors, those who recorded data in the portfolio, reflected on that information and/or discussed it; recorders, those who used the portfolio to record data; and, non-users, those who did not record data in the portfolio.

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  • Today’s new digital technologies and the spread of the internet have created numerous new opportunities and challenges for the education of the future. The rapid development of mobile and ubiquitous computing technology offered more chances to design and develop innovative learning approach with mobile devices in preparing schools and students for a future.

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  • This work reports some results from this experience, which included a Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach, and points out new directions: PBL revealed to be a promoting integration way; the inclusion of multiple cultures allowed the analysis of different perspectives which otherwise would not have been succeed; institutional academic/social services need to be adapted in order to receive non-Portuguese speaking students; there is a need for further adequate accommodation able to receive a larger number of international students.

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  • In this article, looks at the teaching methods of a grade 12 project-based learning (PBL) physics course in solar energy as a part of a sustainable development (SD) curriculum. It was shown that discussions about solar cooking and natural resources projects put many important ideas into students’ heads indicating an effective improvement of PBL and education for SD in schools.

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  • t offers the freedom to learn and to teach without engaging in dependencies on any single technology provider. ese freedoms are considered a fundamental precondition for sustainable development and an inclusive information society. Although there is a growing interest in free technologies (Free Software and Open Standards), still a limited number of people have sufficient knowledge and expertise in these fields.

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