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  • (bq) part 2 book "research methodology - methods and techniques" has contents: chi-square test, testing of hypotheses-i (parametric or standard tests of hypotheses), analysis of variance and covariance, analysis of variance and covariance,...and other contents.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "statistics" has contents: inferences based on a two samples - confidence intervals and tests of hypotheses; analysis of variance - comparing more than two means; simple linear regression; multiple regression and model building; categorical data analysis; nonparametric statistics.

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  • This is a survey of non-linear regression models, with an emphasis on the theory of estimation and hypothesis testing rather than computation and applications, although there will be some discussion of the last two topics. For a general discussion of computation the reader is referred to Chapter 12 of this Handbook by Quandt. My aim is to present the gist of major results; therefore, I will sometimes omit proofs and less significant assumptions. For those, the reader must consult the original sources....

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  • Research is an activity which people undertake in order to find things in a systematic way as a means of increasing their knowledge base. Dissertations must follow Graduate School guidelines, whereas criteria for style and organization of a research paper are at the discretion of the professor.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "introduction to probability and statistics" has contents: large-sample tests of hypotheses; inference from small samples; the analysis of variance; linear regression and correlation; multiple regression analysis; analysis of categorical data; nonparametric statistics.

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  • We describe a corpus-based investigation of proposals in dialogue. First, we describe our DR/compliant coding scheme and report our inter-coder reliability results. Next, we test several hypotheses about what constitutes a well-formed proposal. 1 Introduction we report our findings .on tracking agreement. 2 Tracking Agreement Our corpus consists of 24 computer-mediated dialogues 1 in which two participants collaborate on a simple task of buying furniture for the living and dining rooms of a house (a variant of the task in (Walker, 1993)). ...

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  • We test three hypotheses concerning the impact of loan market competition on euro area banks’ loan and deposit rates. First, we examine the effect of loan market competition on the level on bank loan and deposit rates; second, using a panel error-correction model (ECM) we estimate the effect of loan market competition on the long-run equilibrium pass-through of bank interest rates to changes in corresponding market interest rates; third, we also test the impact of competition in the loan market on the immediate adjustment of bank interest rates to changes in market interest rates....

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  • We investigate the connection between part of speech (POS) distribution and content in language. We define POS blocks to be groups of parts of speech. We hypothesise that there exists a directly proportional relation between the frequency of POS blocks and their content salience. We also hypothesise that the class membership of the parts of speech within such blocks reflects the content load of the blocks, on the basis that open class parts of speech are more content-bearing than closed class parts of speech.

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  • Chapter 7 – Hypothesis testing. This chapter include objectives: Define a hypothesis and describe the steps of hypothesis testing, define a hypothesis and describe the steps of hypothesis testing, distinguish between one-tailed and two-tailed tests of hypotheses,...

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  • In this chapter students will be able to: Explain the difference between descriptive and inferential statistics; use the four analytical steps to interpret written research findings; identify if the appropriate test of difference is used with research questions and hypotheses; apart from the researcher's written presentation, independently interpret research findings.

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  • This chapter aims at providing a research background on mobile commerce. Also, this chapter postulates the research gaps. Briefly, it is the if and how the perception of risk and security simultaneously affects continuance intention to use mobile commerce under the influence of considerations of future consequences that generates the need to conduct this study. Also, based on the research gap, this study delineates the research methodology and research scope. Regarding the research methodology, this research includes two studies: the pilot study and the main study.

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  • Social networking sites (SNSs) such as Facebook have a potential to become a valuable learning environment. Facebook games with appropriate instructional design may provide players with better learning experiences and outcomes. Using an effective educational Facebook game, we aimed to explore the educational effects of Facebook games as self-directed e-learning environments. We tested our hypotheses on a sample of 73 undergraduates (42 females). The participants completed the Facebook game and self-administered questionnaires over a 3-week period.

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  • The aim of this paper is to examine the normality of the destitution of the main Saudi TASI Index and the other sub-indices, as well as to test the random walk hypotheses of the Saudi TASI index and the random walk hypotheses of the main sectors index and the sub-indices in Saudi capital market. It investigates the weak form efficiency of the Saudi capital market.

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  • The objective of this causal research was to obtain information concerning: 1. the negative effect of leadership transformational toward withdrawal behavior, 2. the negative effect of organizational communication toward withdrawal behavior, 3 the negative effect of job involvement toward withdrawal behavior, 4. the positive effect of transformational leadership toward job involvement, and 5. the positive effect of organizational communication toward job involvement.

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  • This study seeks to explain the impact of strategic capabilities on organizational ambidexterity, in the presence of knowledge management. The study population consists of managers of commercial banks in Jordan. The sample included (200) respondents by distributing the study questionnaires to them, where the returned questionnaires and valid to statistical analysis were (168). Structural equation modelling (SEM) was used as an inferential statistical analysis technique to test the hypotheses of the study.

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  • The researchers used the AMOS software version 20 to test the hypothesized structural equation model. Health service quality explained %65.7 of the variation of patient satisfaction, which was also, illustrated the extent to which the quality of health service had the potential to make a change in the level of patients’ satisfaction in public hospitals.

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  • This research aims to study and analyze the effects of human resource flexibility, employee competencies, organizational culture adaptation, and job satisfaction on employee performance. The study also examines the indirect effect between human resource flexibility and employee performance with the mediation of organizational culture adaptation and the effect of competence on employee performance through job satisfaction as a m. ediator variable. Using certain criteria, 105 employees of PT Pos Indonesia were selected as the sample. SEM-PLS was used to test the hypotheses

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  • This study aims to review the correlation of environmental knowledge, eco-label, and perceived quality of green awareness customers with environmentally friendly products. Research method is based on a survey on 100 customers of a supermarket who are familiar with environmentally friendly products. The analysis technique conducted uses linear regression with smart tools of SPSS for testing the hypotheses of the paper.

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  • The aim of the experiment was to test the hypotheses that the certain aspects of maintenance behavior of stud bulls are influenced by breed, season and interaction between breed x season.

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  • C H A P T E R 16 Test driving – sampling theory, estimation and hypothesis testing Chapter objectives This chapter will help you to: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ understand the theory behind the use of sample results for prediction make use of the t distribution and appreciate its importance construct and interpret interval estimates of population means and population proportions work out necessary sample sizes for interval estimation carry out tests of hypotheses about population means, proportions and medians, and draw appropriate conclusions from them use the technology; the t distribution, estimat...

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