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The data source object

Xem 1-20 trên 43 kết quả The data source object
  • Bài giảng DOM-DSO do Nguyễn Đức Cương biên soạn bao gồm những nội dung về the document object model (DOM); the simple API for XML (SAX); the data source object (DSO). Mời các bạn tham khảo bài giảng để bổ sung thêm kiến thức về lĩnh vực này.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 4.11 Updating Server Data Using a Web Service Problem You want to update a data source using an XML web service and use the web service from your client application. Solution Use a DataSet object. The XML web service code contains two methods: LoadOrders( )

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  • While there is a study guide (available from Ventus) that focuses largely on objects and their characteristics, it will be instructive to the learner (of the Java programming language) to understand how the concept of an object is applied to their construction and use in Java applications.

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  • Ultimately in any natural language production system the largest amount of human effort will go into the construction of the dictionary: the data base that associates objects and relations in the program's domain with the words and phrases that could be used to describe them.

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  • This book provides architects and designers with a concise source of core information needed to form a frame work for the detailed planning of any building project. The objective is to save time for building designers during their basic investigations.

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  • LINQ is the project name for a set of extensions to the .NET Framework that provide a generic approach to querying data from different data sources. LINQ will premier in Visual Studio 2008, and will become the next must–have skill for .NET developers. For more information about LINQ, you can check out the author’s portal at

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  • Data fusion is a research area that is growing rapidly due to the fact that it provides means for combining pieces of information coming from different sources/sensors, resulting in ameliorated overall system performance (improved decision making, increased detection capabilities, diminished number of false alarms, improved reliability in various situations at hand) with respect to separate sensors/sources.

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  • fast pace. As part of the structural adjustment programmes of the late 1980s and early 1990s Bangladesh undertook a number of initiatives towards trade liberalisation and trade promotion to stimulate exports and encourage investment in export-oriented activities. The major objective of these reforms was removal of anti-export bias, introduction of incentives for exports and facilitation of participation in global labour market.

    pdf80p lulanphuong 20-03-2012 54 8   Download

  • The objective of this study is to develop an early‐warning system (EWS) for identifying systemic banking risk, which will give policymakers and supervisors time to prevent or mitigate a potential financial crisis. It is important to forecast—and perhaps to alleviate—the pressures that lead to systemic crises, which are economically and socially costly and which require significant time to reverse (Honohan et al., 2003). The current U.S.

    pdf80p khanhnguyen1510 30-06-2013 55 8   Download

  • Greenplum’s SG Streaming™ technology ensures parallelism by “scattering” data from all source systems across hundreds or thousands of parallel streams that simultaneously flow to all Greenplum Database nodes (Figure 11). Performance scales with the number of Greenplum Database nodes, and the technology supports both large batch and continuous near-real-time loading patterns with negligible impact on concurrent database operations.

    pdf11p yasuyidol 02-04-2013 32 4   Download

  • It’s been over 10 years since I was first introduced to R. Back then, I was a young product development manager at DoubleClick, a company that sold advertising software for managing online ad sales. I was working on inventory prediction: estimating the number of ad impressions that could be sold for a given search term, web page, or demographic characteristic. I wanted to play with the data myself, but we couldn’t afford a piece of expensive software like SAS or MATLAB. I looked around for a little while, trying to find an open-source statistics package, and stumbled on R.

    pdf722p bachduong1311 12-12-2012 31 2   Download

  • Like job flows, the net jobs from continuing firms (firms that existed before and survived the period of analysis) overwhelm new and closing firms’ employment impact. Quarterly data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Business Employment Dynamics (BED) show that continuing establishments accounted for 69 percent of the net new jobs from 1993 to mid-2008, and the other 31 percent reflected net new jobs from establishment births minus those lost in deaths (Figure 3).

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  • Introduction to java programming: Chapter 32 - Java Database Programming's Objectives is to become familiar with the JDBC API; learn how to load a driver, connect to a database, execute statements, and process result sets using JDBC; use the prepared statements to execute precompiled SQL statements.

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  • In this paper, we present a new approach for word sense disambiguation (WSD) using an exemplar-based learning algorithm. This approach integrates a diverse set of knowledge sources to disambiguate word sense, including part of speech of neighboring words, morphological form, the unordered set of surrounding words, local collocations, and verb-object syntactic relation. We tested our WSD program, named LEXAS, on both a common data set used in previous work, as well as on a large sense-tagged corpus that we separately constructed. ...

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  • Study of the geological structural elements in the area of geothermal sources is important for identifying the geothermal reservoir, the object is capable of energy production. This paper presents the preliminary results of the structural study obtained by the seismic refraction data in the area of hot water spring Bang, Le Thuy, Quang Binh.

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  • In this study the issue of staff retention is explored and the external and internal factors affecting staff working in a humanitarian context are analysed. The objective of the study is to identify the most appropriate approach NGOs can adopt to improve retention of Gen Y staff working in a humanitarian context. NGOs will then be in a position to design a HR strategy that takes into consideration the specific needs and expectations of Gen Y staff. This is turn will allow for a more sustainable humanitarian workforce and more effective humanitarian action.

    pdf78p nguyenyenyn117 18-06-2019 1 0   Download

  • C # programmers at any level need to learn about LINQ (Language-Integrated Query), Microsoft’s breakthrough technology for simplifying and unifying data access from any data source. With LINQ you can write more elegant and flexible code, not just to access databases and files but also to manipulate data structures and XML. LINQ for Visual C# 2008 is a short guide to the major features of LINQ. It thoroughly covers LINQ to Objects, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to DataSet, and LINQ to XML. For instance, you’ll learn to...

    pdf197p dreamlclove 16-08-2009 1049 401   Download

  • Visual Basic 6 cho ta sự lựa chọn về kỹ thuật khi lập trình với database, hoặc là dùng DAO như trong hai bài trước, hoặc là dùng ADO (ActiveX Data Objects). Sự khác biệt chính giữa ADO và DAO là ADO cho phép ta làm việc với mọi loại nguồn dữ kiện (data sources), không nhất thiết phải là Access database hay ODBC.

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  • Structural Testing is used to verify the static strength, or fatigue strength of a component by applying measured loads to the test item. Testing can be done to failure, to contractual requirements or to validate finite element model predictions. DTB has successfully completed thousands of structural tests on items ranging in size and complexity from simple coupons to entire aircraft. Fatigue Testing is carried out with the objective of determining the relationship between the stress range and the number of times it can be applied before causing failure....

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  • LẬP TRÌNH VỚI ADO 24.1. Control Data ADO Visual Basic 6 cho ta sự lựa chọn về kỹ thuật khi lập trình với database, hoặc là dùng DAO như trong hai bài trước, hoặc là dùng ADO (ActiveX Data Objects). Sự khác biệt chính giữa ADO và DAO là ADO cho phép ta làm việc với mọi loại nguồn dữ kiện (data sources), không nhất thiết phải là Access database hay ODBC. Nguồn dữ kiện có thể là danh sách các địa chỉ Email, hay một file text string, trong đó mỗi dòng là một bản ghi gồm những fields ngăn...

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