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  • After prehospital insertion of i-gel, a popular supraglottic airway (SGA), fiberoptic-guided intubation through i-gel is often required to switch the i-gel to a definitive airway for anticipated difficult airway. The Aintree intubation catheter (AIC) was developed for this purpose yet it requires many procedural steps during which maintenance of adequate ventilation is difficult.

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  • Ultrasound-guided lateral transversus abdomianis plane (TAP) block can provide definite analgesia to the anterior abdominal wall. However, whether this method is useful in renal surgery through the lateral abdominal wall pathway remains unknown.

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  • "Ebook Babok v3 a guide to the business analysis body of knowledge" present business analysis key concepts; business analysis planning and monitoring; strategy analysis; elicitation and collaboration; requirements life cycle management; requirements analysis and design definition...

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  • Definitive diagnosis of peripheral pulmonary lesions (PPLs) depends on the histological analysis of the pleural biopsy sample. Ultrasound (US)-guided sampling is now standard practice in the clinical setting.

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  • Osteomyelitis is a challenge for orthopaedic surgeons. There is a lack of scientific evidence to guide treatment. The purpose of this study was to report the clinical outcome of unplanned retention of antibioticimpregnated cement spacer (ACS) in the management of osteomyelitis.

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  • This paper aims to contribute to this literature gap, firstly by demonstrating how city-regions are functional economic areas which can be empirically studied. Secondly, by analyzing the Vietnamese legal framework using the Hanoi Capital Region and the Ho Chi Minh City Region as case studies, this paper presents arguments that City-region development in Vietnam is highly normative and politically guided.

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  • better and more complete understanding of family farms is urgently needed to guide policy makers’ efforts towards achieving a number of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This paper takes stock of the number of farms worldwide, and their distribution and that of farmland, on the basis of agricultural censuses and survey data. Thus, it shows that there are more than 608 million farms in the world.

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  • Because of the increasing number of diabetic patients, it is important to generate pancreatic and duodenal homeobox gene 1 (Pdx1)-expressing cells, which are capable of differentiating into pancreatic endocrine β cells.

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  • A young women presented with iliac vein thrombosis, as extrapelvic endometriosis complication. Endometriosis mass had a subfascial position at the level of external oblique muscle and extended to the iliac vein. This paper reviewed the literature on endometriosis cases localized into striated muscles and cases of deep vein thrombosis due to this disease. There are not similar cases in the literature. The diagnostic role of ultrasound, in obtaining the definitive histological diagnosis, may be further enhanced through Elasticity Imaging Techniques and ultrasound-guided biopsy.

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  • Small lung nodule is a common problem in pulmonary practice. The definition of a classical solitary pulmonary nodule is a single, spherical, well-circumscribed, radiographic opacity less than or equal to 30 mm in diameter that is completely surrounded by aerated lung and is not associated with atelectasis, hilar enlargement, or pleural effusion. Ideally, the goal of diagnosis and management is to promptly bring to surgery all patients with operable malignant nodules while avoiding unnecessary thoracotomy in patients with benign disease.

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  • (bq) get your best grades with this cambridge international as and a level accounting revision guide. - manage your own revision with step-by-step support from experienced examiners ian harrison and michael hillman - maintain an appropriate international focus in exams with examples and case studies from around the world - get the top marks by applying accounting terms accurately with the help of definitions and key words use the revision,...

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  • definition of ads, ads overview, definition of sponsored stories, sponsored stories overview, all fac, news feed desktop,... as the main contents of the document "fac ads and sponsored stories guide". invite you to consult.

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  • This is shows how Ethernet components can be combined to create Ethernet LANs. While some basic network designs are shown in this book, there are an infinity of network designs that can be built using Ethernet, ranging from the smallest workgroup on up to very large enterprise networks that support tens of thousands of computers.

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  • Part 1 of the serial Tài liệu Pc Underground to part 2 of you will continue to learn about relevant issues such as: multi-segment configuration guidelines, building your ethernet system, structured cabling, twisted-pair cables and connectors, fiber optic cables and connectors,... Invite you to consult.

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  • (BQ) ACL Made Simple is a book/CD-ROM combination that educates orthopedic residents, athletic trainers, and various medical support staff about the fundamentals of ACL injuries. The content is both thorough and practical. Readers will benefit from comprehensive discussions of diagnosis, partial tears, treatment options, operative techniques, and complications. This definitive guide also outlines a six-month rehabilitation program complete with goals, stages, and exercises. More than 150 photographs and diagrams illuminate key concepts.

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  • Merlin Gerin technical guide Medium Voltage help you to carry out the calculations requires to define and determine equipment dimensions and provides useful information enabling you to design your MV switchboard. It's goal is presenting and assisting in the section of MV equipment in conformity with standards; proving design rules used to calculate the dimensions or ratings of an MV switchboard.



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  • Little ones are definitely fun and very positive subjects to photograph! Getting those real and authentic emotions and showing through your pictures the joy of a childhood is a very warm and sincere feeling.

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  • Collins Skills for the TOEIC9 Test: Listening and Reading and its companion edition, Speaking and Writing, offer a comprehensive guide to the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication). If you use this series to prepare for the test, you will be able to improve your score on the TOEIC test and demonstrate your skills in using English in a business setting. download CD tại :

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  • Sometimes we make things more difficult for ourselves than they really need to be. Programmers are no exception to this. For example, those of us of an object-oriented persuasion devote time and expertise to creating a model of a problem domain in terms of objects. We produce solutions that model real-world objects and that are highly extensible and reusable. And then we decide that we need those objects to stick around after the program stops, so we go ahead and create another, totally different model, just so that we can use a database....

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  • sendmail qmail sendmail Cookbook Programming Internet Email Essential System Administration TCP/IP Network Administration Running Mac OS X Panther Mac OS X Panther for Unix Geeks Mac OS X Panther in a Nutshell Mac OS X Panther Pocket Guide Learning Unix for Mac OS X Panther Applescript: The Definitive Guide

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