The hue and cry

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  • When this romance touches history the author believes that it is, in every respect, with one possible exception, in accord with the accepted facts. In detailing the history of "the '45'" and the sufferings of the misguided gentlemen who flung away the scabbard out of loyalty to a worthless cause, care has been taken to make the story agree with history.

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  • How`s that? - what did you say? "How`s that? I couldn`t hear you because the radio was too loud." How so? - how is it so? "I know that you think that the answer is wrong but how so?" a hue and cry - an excited protest/alarm/outcry The bank raised a hue and cry when we failed to notify them about our financial problems. to huff and puff - to breathe very hard I was huffing and puffing after I walked up several floors in our apartment building. (to be) hung up on (someone or something) - to be obsessed or devoted to someone or something My friend is...

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  • A field experiment was conducted at Research farm of Department of Agronomy, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, during Kharif season of 2013 to evaluate different weed control treatments on weed dynamics, phenology, heat unit requirement and productivity of green gram. The experimental field was infested with both types of weeds. RM of imazethapyr + imazamox (RM) at 80 g/ha applied at 3-4 leaf stage recorded highest value of WCI (80.

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