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  • Enjoy sightseeing and shopping in bustling Edinburgh and Glasgow or explore unspoiled scenery and welcoming towns in the Hebridean Islands, Southern Scotland, Tayside, and the Northeast. Go from the Highlands to the Lowlands. Hike, canoe, or just relax at Loch Lomand. This friendly guide gives you the scoop on:

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  • Having been born and educated in Scotland, and possessing a tolerable acquaintance with its History and Literature, the Author of the following Work felt that he had some facilities for giving to the people of this country a just idea of his native Land. The plan of his work is somewhat new, combining in a larger degree, than he has hitherto seen attempted, descriptions of Scenery, with Literary and Biographical Sketches, portraitures of character social and religious, incidents of travel, and reflections on matters of local or general interest.

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  • The Songkhram River is a large tributary of the Mekong River which runs through the northern part of northeast Thailand. The river system supports a large but previously undescribed capture fi shery. This survey covered villages within the lower one-third of the Songkhram River Basin (SRB), where extensive wetlands are associated with the most productive fi sheries.

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  • left panels). This ridge separates the Atlantic Ocean southwest of the ridge from the Norwegian Sea to the northeast. The sill of the ridge reaches different depths in different areas. Most of it is shallower than 500 m, but a small part is deeper with the Faroe Bank Channel being the deepest passage across the ridge. The upper layers of the waters surrounding the Faroes are dominated by ‘Modified North Atlantic Water’ which derives from the North Atlantic Current flowing towards the east and north-east (Hansen and Østerhus, 2000) (Figure, upper left panel).

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  • Afar pastoralists live in the northeast of Ethiopia, confined to the most arid part of the country, where there is least access to educational, health and other social services. Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the major public health problems in Afar region. Lack of knowledge about TB could affect the health-seeking behaviour of patients and sustain the transmission of the disease within the community. In this study, we assessed the knowledge and perception of apparently healthy individuals about pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) in pastoral communities of Afar.

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  • Paragraph 1 Delaware is the opposite of the old cliche: not much to visit, but a great place to live. To Amtrak passengers in the northeast corridor, it's a station between Baltimore and Philadelphia; to drivers on Interstate 95, it's not even a wide place in the road between Washington and New York; to its residents, it's one of the best-kept secrets around -- a pearl not to be cast before swinish outsiders.

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  • When you buy your first car, you experience an increase in demand for gasoline because gasoline is pretty useful for cars and not so much for other things. An imminent hurricane increases the demand for plywood (to protect windows), batteries, candles, and bottled water. An increase in demand is represented by a movement of the entire curve to the northeast (up and to the right), which represents an increase in the marginal value v (movement up) for any given unit, or an increase in the number of units demanded for any given price (movement to the right). ...

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  • Among the 30 states with large enough survey sample sizes, 56 percent of firms in Maryland plan to hire, more than in any other state. Conversely, only 14 percent of firms plan to hire new staff in South Carolina, the least amount of any state. Meanwhile, 37 percent of firms in Michigan plan layoffs for this year, the highest percentage of any state and no firms report planning layoffs in Maryland this year. More broadly, the employment outlook does vary based on region. A higher percentage (42 percent) of contractors working in the Northeast...

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  • Likewise, there are some significant variances in contractors’ expectations for growth in various market segments this year. For example, contractors in the Southwest and Northwest are more optimistic about the outlook for highway construction this year, with 32 percent of contractors expecting the market to increase in the Southwest, versus 31 percent expecting a decrease while 31 percent of contractors in the Northeast expect an increase and 30 percent a decrease, for a net positive of 1 percent for each region.

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  • Within the overall negative outlook for public buildings, contractors in the Southwest appear set to suffer the least, with 23 percent expect the market to improve and 33 percent expecting the marking to deteriorate, a net reading of -10 percent. Once again contractors in the South appear headed for a difficult year, with 14 percent expecting demand for public buildings to improve and 50 percent expecting it to decline, a net reading of -36 percent.

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  • So there we were, rumbling south down Highway 77 in our Chevy Impala on our way to a football game, when my dad became my hero and the Nebraska Cornhuskers my team for life. It happened, oddly enough, over the cb radio, the best in-car entertainment in those pre–Game Boy days. The drive to Lincoln from Rosalie, our tiny town of two hundred in the northeast corner of the state, wasn’t exactly jam-packed with excitement. There was the traditional pit stop at the Fremont Dairy Queen to look forward to or maybe even an interlude at the corner café in Wahoo....

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  • Beyond state-supported schemes, policy distortions against agriculture, especially for export, and scant public investment in rural areas reduced private investors’ incentives so that most area expansion was by smallholders. Policy reforms of the 1990s allowed agricultural growth to accelerate and paved the way for renewed investor interest in the continent.

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  • No sooner was the stout Puritan Commonwealth of Massachusetts firmly planted than it began rapidly to throw out branches in all directions. With every succeeding year the long, thin, sinuous line of settlements stretched farther and farther away to the northeast, fringing the wild shores of the Atlantic with houses and farms gathered together at the mouths or on the banks of the rivers, and with the homes of hardy fishermen which clustered in little groups beneath the shelter of the rocky headlands.

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  • Largely because of geographical restrictions, the New England culinary region is virtually identical to geopolitical New England. To the east and southeast, the Atlantic Ocean forms a definitive border. To the north and northeast lies Canada, whose East Coast culinary regions share elements of the New England style.

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  • This book brings together many authoritative scientific and technological papers which demonstrate the way in which systematic studies can help decision-makers understand the linkages between land- and water-use practices and their impacts on coral reef processes and structure.

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  • The three chapters of this report cover an assessment on the impacts of China ’s accession to the WTO (World Trade Organization), an analysis on Free Trade Areas in China, Japan and Korea, and an analysis on the perspectives and issues of Japanese and Korean direct investment in China, with a focus on technology transfer. These three areas represent the major issues related to the trend toward liberalized trade and investment in Northeast Asia.

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  • Hau Loc is a coastal district, located in the northeast of Thanh Hoa Province. its total natural land is 14,367.19 ha, 1.170 hectares of alluvial sites is suitable for planting forest and raise sea food. the The County has authorized 27 units (26 communes and townships 1). the total population of the district The year 2009 is 163.971 people, with density of 11.4 people per km2. The County has five coastal communes (Rhodes, Minh Loc, Ngu Loc, Hai Hung Loc and Loc) locate in East to the natural area is 3442.25 ha (accounting for 23.

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  • Methanol: Short-term inhalation of methanol is linked to motor dysfunctions and visual disturbances such as blurred vision leading to blindness. Long-term exposure can result in headaches, insomnia and visual disturbances. There is no evidence linking exposure to methanol and cancer. Toluene, xylenes, MEK, MIBK and methanol also are classified as VOCs. Once released to the atmosphere, VOCs react with nitrogen oxides and sunlight to form ground-level ozone.

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  • Quang Ninh Province, situated in Northeast coast of Vietnam, has about 250km of shoreline, many estuaries, and tidal flats and over 2000 islands. The diversified nature, natural landscapes and ecosystems grant the province a great potential for tourism and specially seafood products. Peanut-worms (Sipunculus nudus) are exploited and used as popular seafood in international and domestic markets as special food of high nutritional and pharmaceutical value.

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  • Policy-relevant background – This is an estimate based on air pollution models of the natural background ozone concentrations that would exist without sources of air pollution from human activity, and therefore cannot be affected by emissions control efforts (Fiore 2004).

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