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  • At the time of his death, Petrie had completed early drafts of two or three chapters of a book which was to have been called 'The Developmental Physiology of Plants', and the above quotation from Plato had been placed at the beginning of Chapter 2, 'The Change in Dry Weight and Leaf Area, and First Steps in the Analysis of Growth Rate'. Unfortunately the book had not reached a stage from which it could have been completed by any of his colleagues, and we had to content ourselves with placing the quotation on the title page of a bound volume of Petrie's papers in plant physiology for the...

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  • The Manual on Descriptive Analysis Testing for Sensory Evaluation was sponsored by Com-mittee E-18 on Sensory Evaluation. Descriptive analysis is a sensory method by which the attributes of a food or product are identified and quantified, using human subjects who have been specifically trained for this purpose.

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  • This article was aimed at studying the factor influence to close-knit family happiness of the northeastern rural households that have overseas migrating laborers using the quantitative research method and the household level as the analytical unit. Data collection was conducted in July, 2017 by means of interview with 334 households having overseas migrating members in Chaiyaphum, the province that has the second highest number of overseas migrating laborers. The analysis of data was based on descriptive statistics and Multiple Regression technique.

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  • The primary objective of this study is to investigate the effects of personal attitude toward entrepreneurship, self-efficacy (individual characteristics) and social capital, country norms (environmental characteristics) on entrepreneurial intention among students at universities and colleges in Vietnam. By collecting data from 210 students in Vietnam, authors employ the quantitative approach such as certain descriptive statistics, explorative factor analysis (EFA)

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  • The objective of this research was to determine the factors of Visual Merchandising on consumers’ purchase decision in retail stores in the districts of El Tambo and Huancayo, 2019. The study was carried out using the quantitative approach including the scientific method (general) and the deductive method (specific). In addition, the non-experimental - transversal - descriptive research design was used.

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  • Before entering into any investment, the risk of that venture must be identified and quantified. The Handbook of Risk provides in-depth coverage of risk from every possible angle and illuminates the subject by covering the quantitative and and behavioral issues faced by investment professionals on a day-to-day basis. This valuable reference offers a prescriptive and descriptive treatment of risk management for those looking to control, contain, and minimize the risk of their investments.

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  • Information Theory, Evolution, and the Origin of Life presents a timely introduction to the use of information theory and coding theory in molecular biology. The genetical information system, because it is linear and digital, resembles the algorithmic language of computers. George Gamow pointed out that the application of Shannon’s information theory breaks genetics and molecular biology out of the descriptive mode into the quantitative mode, and Dr. Yockey develops this theme, discussing how information theory and coding theory can be applied to molecular biology....

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  • World cocoa price has fallen by some 48% over the past three years, with direct impacts on the incomes, health and nutrition of cocoa producers and their family in the two major producing countries: Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, with some 41% and 22% of world output, respectively. The impact of the price drop has been far different in the two countries because of the greater age of plantations, market liberalisation, presence of free agents in the marketing channel, and much greater socio-political instability in one country: Côte d’Ivoire.

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  • Thermoelectric Thermometers Physical Principles Thermoelectric force It was T. Seebeck who discovered, in 1821, the effect which now bears his name . He observed that a current flows in a closed loop oftwo dissimilar metals when theirjunctions are at two different temperatures. As Ohm's law was not formulated by G. S. Ohm until 1826, the quantitative description of this phenomenon was not possible at the time of its discovery . In 1834, I.C.A.

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  • A univariate descriptive analysis of the quantitative survey data was undertaken to summarise the results for each question. Data was recoded by combining categories as required to facilitate a subsequent bivariate analysis aimed at identifying patterns within the data. Distributions of the respondents’ demographic variables were cross- tabulated with their attitudinal variables and future orientation variables. The coefficients phi, Cramer’s V and Goodman and Kruskal’s gamma were used to measure associations between variables as appropriate.

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  • This paper investigated the content validity of a Vietnamese Standardized Test of English Proficiency (VSTEP.3-5) Reading test via both qualitative and quantitative methods1 . The aim of the study is to evaluate the relevance and the coverage of the content in this test compared with the description in the test specification and the actual performance of examinees.

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  • In this chapter students will be able to: Select and develop the appropriate research design for your hypotheses or research questions; understand the strengths and limitations of each design form as it relates to research fi ndings, and argue for your design choices; explain the benefi ts of experimental forms over quasi-experimental and descriptive forms;

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  • This is a study of speech acts in the conversations of New Interchange 1, 2, and 3. The aim of the study is to examine speech act types in the conversations investigated. Both quantitative approach and qualitative approach are employed with the assistance of descriptive, contrastive, analytic, and synthetic methods to help work out the best possible findings.

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  • This article aims to examine factors associated with the happiness of the northeastern rural households that have international migrant laborers. The quantitative research method was implemented in the study, and the household level was presented as unit of analysis. The 334 sample households were systematic random from the population in four Sub-district of Phu Kiew District in Chaiyaphum Province, where is the province with the second highest number of international migrant in Thailand. Data collection was conducted in July, 2017 by interview schedule.

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  • This study aims to investigate the impact of educational background on perceived opportunities, perceived capacities, and entrepreneurial intention among Vietnamese students. By collecting data from 617 students at universities, colleges and institutes in Vietnam, the study employs some quantitative approaches including descriptive statistics, explorative factor analysis (EFA), correlation coefficient analysis, ANOVA tests and multiple linear regression to analyze the relationship between educational background, perceived opportunities perceived capacities and entrepreneurial intention.

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  • The aim of this paper was to evaluate the effect of tax incentive for domestic private investment over the period 1982 to 2017. The study adopts quantitative method and descriptive design of research respectively. To this end, secondary data have been collected from pertinent government authorities and World Bank. Descriptive statistical analysis has been used to analyze the trends of domestic investment, tax revenue and tax incentive of Ethiopia.

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  • This research aims to identify and evaluate different factors influencing the customer decision in selecting a community pharmacy in the city of Amman, and study the possible impact of branded pharmacy on the selection process. Five main factors were selected based on the literature review, including convenience, physical environment, sales promotions, qualified and experienced pharmacists and customer service and three main hypotheses and twelve sub-hypotheses were developed.

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  • This research explores the antecedence of the lecturer’s organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) of the private higher education in Indonesia. This research used a quantitative approach with a survey method. The sample of this research is 190 lecturers selected by purposive sampling. The data were obtained by spreading questionnaires and analyzing with path analysis based on supporting descriptive statistics and correlation.

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  • This paper study the impact of communication through collaboration on construction projects performance in Indonesia. The current descriptive study, applied quantitative method in data gathering, represented the construction companies in Indonesia.

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  • The aim of present literature is to examine the importance of institutional empowerment comprehensively related to the increasing competitiveness of agro-industry products in the perspective of bio-industrial agriculture for the achievement of sustainable agricultural development, which is enriched with a review of various studies and other related literature by using a quantitative descriptive method.

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