The standard relational model

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  • We extend the relational model of data to consider classes as attribute values, thereby to allow eary and convernient the representation of quantified queries. Facts regarding object classes can be stored and manipulated in the same way as facts regarding object instances. Our model is upwards compatible with the standard relational model

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  • The minimal supersymmetric extension of the standard model (MSSM) superfields propagate in the bulk between the UV and IR branes at separated orbifold fixed points, while the hidden sector in charge of supersymmetry breaking is confined on the UV brane. We derive the 4D effective action from the original 5D action of the underlying theory. The effective 4D Yukawa couplings and all the soft supersymmetry breaking terms are calculated in terms of the 5D theory’s coefficients.

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  • The interest of gradient models is then discussed in the context of damage mechanics and crack simulation. The phenomenon of strain localization in a time-dependent or timeindependent process of damage is explored as a convenient numerical method to simulate the propagation of cracks, in relation with some recent works of the literature, cf. Bourdin & Marigo [3], Lorentz & al [5], Henry & al [12].

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  • Statistical procedures of estimation and inference are most frequently justified in econometric work on the basis of certain desirable asymptotic properties. One estimation procedure may, for example, be selected over another because it is known to provide consistent and asymptotically efficient parameter estimates under certain stochastic environments.

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  • Statistical approaches to automatic text summarization based on term frequency continue to perform on par with more complex summarization methods. To compute useful frequency statistics, however, the semantically important words must be separated from the low-content function words. The standard approach of using an a priori stopword list tends to result in both undercoverage, where syntactical words are seen as semantically relevant, and overcoverage, where words related to content are ignored. ...

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  • We use the grammatical relations (GRs) described in Carroll et al. (1998) to compare a number of parsing algorithms A first ranking of the parsers is provided by comparing the extracted GRs to a gold standard GR annotation of 500 Susanne sentences: this required an implementation of GR extraction software for Penn Treebank style parsers. In addition, we perform an experiment using the extracted GRs as input to the Lappin and Leass (1994) anaphora resolution algorithm.

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  • We present the psycholinguistically motivated task of predicting human plausibility judgements for verb-role-argument triples and introduce a probabilistic model that solves it. We also evaluate our model on the related role-labelling task, and compare it with a standard role labeller. For both tasks, our model benefits from classbased smoothing, which allows it to make correct argument-specific predictions despite a severe sparse data problem. The standard labeller suffers from sparse data and a strong reliance on syntactic cues, especially in the prediction task. ...

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  • Lexical-semantic resources are used extensively for applied semantic inference, yet a clear quantitative picture of their current utility and limitations is largely missing. We propose system- and application-independent evaluation and analysis methodologies for resources’ performance, and systematically apply them to seven prominent resources. Our findings identify the currently limited recall of available resources, and indicate the potential to improve performance by examining non-standard relation types and by distilling the output of distributional methods. ...

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  • This lab will help to develop a better understanding of the seven layers of the OSI model. Specifically as they relate to the most popular functioning networking model in existence, the TCP/IP model. The Internet is based on TCP/IP. TCP/IP has become the standard language of networking. However, the seven layers of the OSI model are the ones most commonly used to describe and compare networking software and hardware from various vendors. It is very important to know both models and be able to relate or map the layers of one to the other.

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  • Pursuant to Article 1 of the Convention signed in Paris on 14th December 1960, and which came into force on 30th September 1961, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shall promote policies designed: – to achieve the highest sustainable economic growth and employment and a rising standard of living in member countries, while maintaining financial stability, and thus to contribute to the development of the world economy; – to contribute to sound economic expansion in member as well as non-member countries in the process of economic development; and – to contribu...

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  • Nevertheless, business tourism provide much higher revenue for enterprises as consumers are willing to pay more for their inflexible schedules and also destinations can increase their multiplier effects as some particular forms of business tourism use a much greater spectrum of local services than leisure tourism. Convenient transportation connections with major cities around the world, smooth arrangements at the destination and adequate provision of business related amenities are therefore very important.

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  • This book is motivated to a large extent by our dissatisfaction with current practices in behavioral measurement. Most of the basic data consists of dichotomous responses, and much of the rest is made of responses on short scales. Neither type of data furnishes information that can inherently be considered more than ordinal. The dominant contemporary treatment of this data is to derive from it scores on interval-scale latent variables through the application of one or another"model" that is presumed to explain the data.

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  • An alternative conception of consumer choice has recently gained the attention of economists, which allows for two closely related departures from the standard model. First, consumers may have dynamically inconsistent preferences. Second, as a rational response to this dynamic inconsistency, the consumer may use external commitment devices or personal rules in an attempt to limit overspending. We use data from a large, representative sample of households in the UK to test the relevance of these twin predictions in the field.

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  • MapReduce has been proven as a technique for high-scale data analysis by Internet leaders such as Google and Yahoo. Greenplum gives enterprises the best of both worlds—MapReduce for programmers and SQL for DBAs—and will execute both MapReduce and SQL directly within Greenplum’s Parallel Dataflow Engine (Figure 10), which is at the heart of the database. Greenplum MapReduce enables programmers to run analytics against petabyte-scale datasets stored in and outside of Greenplum Database.

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  • The primary objective is to collaborate with or conduct research consistent with division programs in the measurement science, standards, technology, instrumentation, models and data required to support the nation’s needs for design, production, and assessment of chemical and material products. In partnership with U.S.

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  • In this paper we investigate a novel method to detect asymmetric entailment relations between verbs. Our starting point is the idea that some point-wise verb selectional preferences carry relevant semantic information. Experiments using WordNet as a gold standard show promising results. Where applicable, our method, used in combination with other approaches, significantly increases the performance of entailment detection. A combined approach including our model improves the AROC of 5% absolute points with respect to standard models. ...

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  • One of the important observations done during the CLEF 2009 campaign (Ferro and Peters, 2009) related to CLIR was that the usage of Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) systems (eg. Google Translate) for query translation led to important improvements in the cross-lingual retrieval performance (the best CLIR performance increased from ˜55% of the monolingual baseline in 2008 to more than 90% in 2009 for French and German target languages). However, generalpurpose SMT systems are not necessarily adapted for query translation.

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  • The well-studied supervised Relation Extraction algorithms require training data that is accurate and has good coverage. To obtain such a gold standard, the common practice is to do independent double annotation followed by adjudication. This takes significantly more human effort than annotation done by a single annotator.

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  • Meni Adler Jonathan Berant Ido Dagan Bar Ilan University Tel Aviv University Bar Ilan University Ramat Gan, Israel Tel Aviv, Israel Ramat Gan, Israel Abstract We present a novel text exploration model, which extends the scope of state-of-the-art technologies by moving from standard concept-based exploration to statement-based exploration. The proposed scheme utilizes the textual entailment relation between statements as the basis of the exploration process.

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