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  • This research project investigates the influence of decoration and decorating on a fashion design practice, exploring the transformative effects of both in relation to surface and structure. Decoration is considered an after-effect, an element that can be differentiated from the object it adheres to, sometimes making it superfluous to the object’s function. In this project I consider decoration as having its own function – the ability, through its link to the ‘exterior’ world, to transform the shape, appearance and materials of forms by modifying their façade.

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  • A major objective of the research presented here is to develop a link between the two approaches by establishing the relationship between the bridge component condition and the capacity and serviceability limits of the structure. A comprehensive review of literature identified methods of predictive modelling of bridge component condition change using different approaches. The review also indicated that a key to the proposed linkage is considering specific degradation mechanisms in predicting bridge deterioration.

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  • Regenerating jute into high-tech nanofibres is an alternative way to use jute fibres. However, dissolving jute has always been a challenge. The complex hierarchal structure of lignin is the main obstacle for hydrolysis of lignocellulosic fibres in obtaining value-added products. This work aims to develop regenerated jute nanofibres through electrospinning. A literature review was conducted to investigate on the methods of regenerating jute for value added products.

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  • Once the mechanical properties of printed TPU are characterised, a novel, low cost, and environmentally friendly method for concrete casting using printed TPU moulds is proposed in this thesis. The findings of this thesis will provide clear guidelines for the selection of processing parameters for additively manufactured TPU parts and the method of casting complicated concrete structures with additively manufactured TPU mould.

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  • Telomeres are protective structures at chromosome ends which shorten gradually with increasing age. In chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), short telomeres have been associated with unfavorable disease outcome, but the link between clonal evolution and telomere shortening remains unresolved.

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  • In the paper "A Raman Spectroscopy Study of Disorder and Local Vibrational Modes in \({\rm{L}}{{\rm{a}}_{{\rm{0:7}}}}{\rm{S}}{{\rm{r}}_{{\rm{0:3}}}}{\rm{M}}{{\rm{n}}_{{\rm{1 - x}}}}{{\rm{M}}_{\rm{x}}}{{\rm{O}}_{\rm{3}}}\) (M=Fe, Co)", the authors present results of Raman scattering and X-ray diraction studies of \({\rm{L}}{{\rm{a}}_{{\rm{0:7}}}}{\rm{S}}{{\rm{r}}_{{\rm{0:3}}}}{\rm{M}}{{\rm{n}}_{{\rm{1 - x}}}}{{\rm{M}}_{\rm{x}}}{{\rm{O}}_{\rm{3}}}\) (M=Fe, Co) manganites. Some Mn atoms were replaced by Fe and Co with x in the range of 0.0 { 0.75.

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  • In the paper, the author presented an algorithm for identifying hubs and authorities among potential web pages being relevant to a specified query. They said that a set of hubs and authorities is highly connected in comparison to the rest of the graph representing web pages.

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  • Myeloproliferative neoplasm is a group of blood cancers, including three main diseases: Essential thrombocythemia, primary myelofibrosis, and polycythemia vera. Several molecular signaling pathways such as JAK/STAT, PI3K or SHP have been demonstrated that play a crucial role in controlling the signaling-mediated immune response related to Myeloproliferative neoplasms.

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  • With their own distinctive characteristics, stylistic devices (SDs) play an important role in expressing the contents of literary works in general and novels in particular. This study is aimed at identifying lexical SDs and syntactical SDs in the novel series The Lord of The Rings and investigating loss and gain in terms of lexis, structure and meaning in their Vietnamese translational equivalents.

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  • Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) is one of the emerging areas of numerical simulation and calculation that many researchers pay more attention in recent years. In general, although a considerable number of FSI studies exist, the numerical prediction of free surface cause tidal in the fields of fluid to gate is challenging.

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  • Optical properties of silver Agn nanoclusters are demonstrated to be dependent on their size, structure and charge state. It is found that when being contained in the sodalite cavity of LTA zeolite the tetradecanuclear hexacation silver cluster Ag146+ is stable. Its lower-lying states and optical spectrum are theoretically determined using the quantum chemical TD-DFT method. Its ground state possesses an outer-shell electron configuration of A1g2 T2g6 mimicking the s2 p6 valence of noble gas atoms.

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  • The paper "Origin and evolution of structure for galaxies in the local group" summarizes a review of recent attempts to reconstruct this complex evolution. We compare simulated properties with various observed properties of the Local Group. Among the generic features of simulated systems is the tendency for galactic halos to form within the dark matter filaments that define a supergalactic plane. Gravitational interaction along this structure leads to a streaming flow toward the two dominant galaxies in the cluster.

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  • In this paper, we propose a simple-yet-efficient adaptive control method for accurate tracking-control problems of DC motors. Structure of the controller is designed based on a Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control framework. For significantly improving quality of the control system, a nonlinear-spatial adaptation law is proposed to reasonably adjust the control parameters based on information of the control error acquired.

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  • The lubricity of alkane is a research target for numerous tribological applications in either industrial area or fundamental scientific studies. In the current work, a comparative investigation using a classical molecular dynamics (MD) method is carried out to investigate the effect of pure iron and its oxide surfaces on structural properties, adsorption ability of hexadecane (C16H34).

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  • Periodic structural health survey is very crucial to guarantee the safety and serviceability of civil engineering structures. The study "Applications of Gaussian Steerable Filters in detecting structural damages" aims at developing a computer vision tool to detect defects on surface of civil engineering structures by means of Gaussian steerable filters. This tool has been developed with Visual C#. NET to facilitate its implementations. The developed software programs have been tested with images containing various defects such as crack, pothole, and spalling.

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  • The research purpose of the topic "Comparisons of discursive structures of English and Vietnamese" is to review the background knowledge of discourse analysis and resignation letters, to point out the similarities and the difference between the discursive structure of the English - Vietnamese resignation letter, to give some suggestions for writing resignation letters in English and Vietnamese.

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  • The study "A genre analysis of abstracts of MA theses in English Linguistics" explores to what extent the Vietnamese learners of English as a foreign language (EFL) apply the knowledge that they have formally learned in the Writing and the Doing scientific research courses to writing their MA graduation theses; the focus is on the abstract. From the perspective of genre analysis, this study aims to describe the structural features of this genre. Data for the investigation is 30 abstracts bounded in the master theses written in English by Vietnamese learners.

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  • The research of “Difficulties and mistakes in writing English of grade 10th students at The Asian International School, Cao Thang campus” is write to find out difficulties when students write English. This study will point out fields that students mostly have such as grammar, vocabulary, coherence, logic or structure of an essay. Therefore, this research can provide us with solutions to answer this problem.

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  • The mechanical properties of polycrystalline Cu70Ni30 sample was simulated by Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. The interaction potential used in the calculations for interactions between atoms in the sample is the Quantum Sutton-Chen embedded potential. This sample at temperature of 300 K consists of the face-centered cubic (fcc), hexagonal closest packed (hcp) structures and few disordered structures.

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  • Software design - Lecture 16. The main topics covered in this chapter include: problem statement; possible solution; UML class diagram; generic structure of class; visibility of variables; the class diagram is the main building block in object oriented modelling;...

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