Theory and practice

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  • The objective of this research is to explore the domestic transfer pricing practices of service organisations in Australia with the emphasis placed on examining whether, in internal transactions, the domestic transfer price had any influence on the value perceived by the internal buyer. Because the extant transfer pricing theories cannot explain the value perceived by the internal customer in internal exchange of goods and services, an exploratory research methodology is adopted and no assumptions are made about the relationship.

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  • This thesis explores contemporary experiences of entrepreneurial knowledge work in emerging and rapidly changing areas of economy and society through a detailed ethnographic analysis of the motivations, social practices and changing experiences of a pioneering Coworking community in Melbourne, Australia. Coworking is a complex social phenomenon.

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  • This thesis provides a first step towards understanding how fear of crime, perceived risk, perceptions of unsafety, and avoidance behavior reciprocally and positively influence each other; and how personal characteristics and community-related factors influence threat of victimization within a nonrecursive frame of reference, laying the groundwork and advancing conceptual foundations upon which threat of victimization can be assessed.

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  • Ebook Ways of learning: Learning theories and learning styles in the classroom (Second edition) presents the following content: Chapter 1 learning; chapter 2 behaviourism and the beginnings of theory; chapter 3 cognitive, constructivist learning; chapter 4 multiple intelligences; chapter 5 learning styles; chapter 6 difficulties with learning; chapter 7 8 brain-based learning and other new understanding; chapter 8 relating theory to practice: what can we learn from research?

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  • Ebook Handbook of research on hybrid learning models: Advanced tools, technologies, and applications – Part 1 presents the following content: Chapter 1 In Love and War: Blended Learning Theories for Computer Scientists and Educationists; Chapter 2 Hybridizing Online Learning with External Interactivity; Chapter 3 Using Metanotation as a Tool for Describing Learning Systems; Chapter 4 A Tabular Approach to Outcome-Based Course Planning and Assessment; Chapter 5 Driver or Drifter? Two Case Studies of the Blended Learning Practices in Higher Education;…

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Travel marketing, tourism economics and the airline product: An introduction to theory and practice" presents the following content: an introduction to travel marketing; the tourism industry - an overview; understanding customer needs and wants; the marketing environment; market segmentation, targeting and positioning; integrated marketing communications; tourism distribution channels; strategic planning and the marketing effectiveness audit;...

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Travel marketing, tourism economics and the airline product: An introduction to theory and practice" presents the following content: tourism economics; tourism supply and demand; pricing and revenue management; the airline product; the airline business; airline schedules planning and route development; aircraft operating costs and profitability;...

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  • Ebook Learning & teaching with technology: principles and practices – Part 1 presents the following content: Chapter 1 Model facilitated learning; Chapter 2 Implicit theories of learning and change: their role in the development of e-learning environments for higher education; Chapter 3 Designing graphical, interactive simulations to model scientific problem solving; Chapter 4 Optimizing domain knowledge representation with multimedia objects;...

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  • Ebook Designing instruction for technology-enhanced learning: Part 2 presents the following content: Chapter VIII Designing and evaluating instruction for e-learning; Chapter IX Designing hypermedia instruction; Chapter X Applying instructional design principles and adult learning theory in the development of training for business and industry; Chapter XI A Blended technologies learning community–from theory to practice; Chapter XII United we stand–divided we fall! Development of a learning community of teachers on the net; Chapter XIII What to do with a C.O.W. in the classroom.

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Acting and character animation: The art of animated films, acting, and visualizing" presents the following content: the story of actors and acting in animation; acting against the odds of visual effects and animation; creativity training for writers, producers, and animators — a practical guide;...

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  • Ebook Principles of management and organisational behaviour: Part 1 includes the following lessons: Lesson 1 management science: theory and practice, lesson 2 management and society, lesson 3 functions of management, lesson 4 organising, lesson 5 human factors and motivation, lesson 6 leadership and group decision making, lesson 7 communication, lesson 8 the process of controlling, lesson 9 control techniques & global controlling, lesson 10 directing.

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  • Ebook The marketing book: Part 1 includes the following chapters: Chapter 1 one more time – what is marketing? chapter 2 postmodern marketing: everything must go! chapter 3 relationship marketing; chapter 4 the basics of marketing strategy; chapter 5 strategic marketing planning: theory and practice; chapter 6 consumer decision making: process, level and style; chapter 7 business-to-business marketing: organizational buying behaviour, relationships and networks; chapter 8 marketing research; chapter 9 quantitative methods in marketing; chapter 10 market segmentation.

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  • Ebook Business economics and managerial decision making: Part 1 presents the following content: Chapter 1 ownership control and corporate governance, chapter 2 business objectives: goals and theories of the firm, chapter 3 risk and uncertainty, chapter 4 consumer behaviour, chapter 5 demand analysis, chapter 6 estimation of demand functions, chapter 7 production and efficiency, chapter 8 costs, chapter 9 pricing and market structure: theoretical considerations, chapter 10 pricing in practice, chapter 11 advertising, chapter 12 investment appraisal.

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  • Ebook Strategic supply management: Principles, theories and practice - Part 1 presents the following content: Abbreviations, the supply challenge, the evolution of purchasing and supply management, the make–buy decision: a theoretical perspective, sourcing strategies and supply chain configurations, strategic supplier selection, supplier development, supply strategy: the development of the strategic supply wheel, aligning supply with corporate strategy, competency and skills development for strategic supply, organisational structures for supply management, performance measurement, cost–bene...

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  • Ebook Strategic supply management: Principles, theories and practice - Part 2 presents the following content: Chapter 14 environmental and ethical issues in supply management, chapter 15 involving suppliers in new product development, chapter 16 public and regulated supply management, chapter 17 electronic supply, chapter 18 the relevance of commodities, chapter 19 services procurement, chapter 20 the future – a trajectory for supply management.

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  • Ebook Investment analysis & portfolio management (Tenth edition): Part 1 presents the following content: The investment background, developments in investment theory, valuation principles and practices, analysis and management of common stocks.

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  • Ebook Theory and practice of online learning – Part 1 presents the following content: Chap 1 Foundations of educational theory for online learning; Chap 2 Toward a theory of online learning; Chap 3 Value chain analysis: a strategic approach to online learning; Chap 4 Developing an infrastructure for online learning; Chap 5 Technologies of online learning (e-learning); Chap 6 Media characteristics and online learning technology.

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  • Ebook Theory and practice of online learning – Part 2 presents the following content: Chap 7 The development of online courses; Chap 8 Developing team skills and accomplishing team projects online; Chap 9 Copyright issues in online courses: a moment in time; Chap 10 Value added - the editor in design and development of online courses; Chap 11 Teaching in an online learning context; Chap 12 Call centers in distance education; Chap 13 Supporting asynchronous discussions among online learners; Chap 14 Library support for online learners: e-resources, e-services, and the human factors; Chap 15 ...

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  • In recent years, the three-way decisions theory has been developed in both theoretical and practical applications. In fact, data are often incomplete and often change over time. To solve this problem, a method of updating the three-way decisions in the dynamic incomplete information system is proposed. First, we consider the relationship between the change of conditional probabilities for the change of the three regions.

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Export-Import theory, practices, and procedures (Second edition)" provide readers with content about: overview of international trade; export marketing and strategy; executing the transactions; payment terms and procedures;... Please refer to the part 1 of ebook for details!

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