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  • Tham khảo sách 'thin edge', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, tự động hoá phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Dog (canid) characteristics: Anatomy is the same in various domestic breeds and wild species—major difference is size and proportion (Dachshund to Great Dane). Typically with elongated skull—snout long and narrow (some domestic breeds have short muzzles). Large canines. Cheekteeth with sharp edges for shearing. Large, pointed ears—upright in all wild species and in many domestic breeds; hanging in some breeds. Deep chest (top to bottom); long, thin limbs. Five digits on front limb (thumb reduced), four on hind limb (big toe absent). Blunt, nonretractile claws. Walks on toes.

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  • Gluteus superficialis HORSE • Origin: Point of the hip (coxal tuberosity) and an adjacent area on the outer edge of the ilium of the pelvis; from fascia covering the gluteus medius (in part ultimately originating from the ligament connecting the sacrum to the ilium). • Insertion: Third trochanter of the femur, one third of the way down the outside of the bone. • Action: Flexes the hip joint; pulls the limb away from the body. • Structure: The gluteus superficialis is a thin, V-shaped muscle that converges on the femur. The front portion is partly covered by, and firmly...

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  • The supraspinatus together create the rounded front edge of the shoulder form (located at the base of the side of the neck). In the ox, however, the supraspinatus alone creates the front of the shoulder form (the subclavius is deep). DOG AND FELINE • Origin: Outer surface of the front portion of the scapula and the adjacent cartilage. • Insertion: Inner and outer front corners of the top of the humerus. • Action: Extends the shoulder joint, advancing the limb. • Structure: The belly of the supraspinatus is thin where it begins, on the outside of the top of the shoulder blade;...

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  • THE mud was black and oily where it spread thinly at the edges of the asphalt, and wherever it touched it left a stain; it was upon the leather of every pedestrian, even the most fastidious, and it bordered with almost laughable conspicuousness the higher marking of yellow clay upon the heavy shoes of David Jasper, where he stood at the curb in front of the big hotel with his young friend, Edward Lamb. Absorbed in "lodge," talk, neither of the oddly assorted cronies cared much for drizzle overhead or mire underfoot; but a splash of black mud in the face must necessarily command some...

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  • Wrist rests should not be needed with modern thin keyboards and well-rounded desk edges. Anti -glare screens should be only a last resort where the workstation cannot be arranged to avoid veiling reflections on the VDU screen. Just as some "ergonomic" equipment is not always necessary , the extent of adjustments available in some products may not be warranted. More adjustments does not necessarily mean better ergonomics. A bewildering array of adjustment stalks now protrudes from some "ergonomic" chairs.

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  • Thin stock is made on the table saw by double ripping the stock on edge, as in photos 1 and 2. The maximum width of stock you can achieve equals twice the maximum height of your blade above the table, which on most 10" saws is about 2-3/4", so 5- 1/2" is about the most. This kind of ripping is very demanding of your saw blade if you try to cut the full 2-3/4" in one pass, which I don't recommend. First set the blade at 1" high and double rip the stock as in photo 1, always putting the same...

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  • This building technique was adopted in the predigital era by architects such as Le Corbusier. The roof of the chapel at Ronchamp, for example­ likened to an airplane wing by the architect-is designed and built as a series of structural concrete ribs, tied together laterally by crossbeams. A paper model of the roof clearly shows the intentions for the internal construction.

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  • Lead sulfide (PbS) and Au-PbS core-shell nanoparticles were successfully synthesized using the sonochemical method at room temperature. The morphology of the synthesized particles was characterized by FESEM and TEM images. Pure fcc phase of PbS and Au crystal structures was examined and confirmed by XRD patterns. The quantum confinement effect plays a crucial role in blue-shifting the absorption edge and the band gap energy of both solid PbS nanoparticles and a thin spherical PbS shell toward shorter wavelength region in comparison to those of PbS bulk.

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