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  • Gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (GEP-NETs) are rare and heterogeneous neoplasms with overall increasing incidence, but not an associated increase in survival rate over the past few decades. Tumors originate from at least 16 different cells of diffuse endocrine system (DES), scattered through mucosa of gastrointestinal tract. They are mainly sporadic, but sometimes exhibit familial inheritance.

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  • One unsolved issue concerns the role of the clonal B-cell receptor (BCR) in disease progression. Despite the fact that low expression of the BCR correlates with reduced induction of protein tyrosine kinase activity and defective intracellular calcium mobilization and tyrosine phosphorylation [66] this receptor conserves the capacity of antigen recognition and signaling, controlling thereby key behaviors of tumor cell, like proliferation and cell survival. Individual patients have different responses to IgM ligation which are related to VH gene status.

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  • We especially paid attention not to distend the bladder too much to prevent a high irrigation pressure and a resultant TUR syndrome. Special attention was paid to avoid the injury to Santorini’s plexus and the rectum. The procedure was started from the 12 o’clock position, dividing the prostate into 6 parts, and resected specimens were collected separately to examine the distribution of cancer. The seminal vesicle was partially resected at its attached part to the prostate between the 4 and 8 o’clock positions to determine the invasion of cancer.

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  • Over the period 2002-2007 the total net worth of all individual households increased by £430.3 billion in2003, £431.1 billion in 2004, £475.8 billion in 2005, £504.9 billion in 2006 and £420.9 billion in 2007. In 2008 the net worth showed a dramatic loss of £841.2 billion, which equalled 58.7% of 2008 nominal GDP. In the years to 2011 this loss has barely been recuperated, let alone that any growth path was created identical to the 2002-2007 net worth improvements. These gains and losses arise from both produced as well as financial assets.

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  • Combined methods have led to further refinements with, for example, high visuospatial resolution afforded by MRI combined with metabolic information from the lesion site (measured with 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography; FDG-PET) to indicate location and malignancy of gliomas, which in turn informs radiosurgical targeting. Kapsalaki et al. (Chapter 7) consider MRS spectroscopic profiles for differentiation among ring enhancing lesions including high grade gliomas, abscesses and post-radiation necrosis.

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  • The health effects of violence against women are serious, far-reaching, and intertwined. Health care providers have the opportunity and the obligation to identify cases of abuse. For many women in developing countries, a visit to a health clinic for reproductive or child health services may be their only contact with the health care system. The health care sector can capitalize on this opportunity by ensuring a supportive and safe environment for clients, helping providers ask about abuse, and helping women receive the care they need.

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  • Your Marketing major will cover all the essential components of marketing including consumer behaviour, marketing management, strategy, research and analysis. You’ll explore the strengths and weaknesses of many of the theories on which the conventional approach to marketing is based. You’ll also discover that marketing is not about routinely applying a standard set of techniques but instead about using knowledge and experience to give each issue its own specific strategy.

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  • Property, plant and equipment is carried at cost less accumulated depreciation. Assets manufactured by the Company include direct manufacturing costs, production overheads and interest charges incurred during the construction period. Government grants are deducted from the cost of the related asset. Depreciation is calculated using the straight-line method over the expected economic life of the asset. Depreciation of special tooling costs is based on the expected future economic benefit of these tools.

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  • ersonal “lives” were, generally not migrated into archives because of their on-going nature although nearly all photos were treated as archival. The rationale was that photos are fundamentally archives and this had to do with the mindset that Windows established by making “My Pictures” a special folder, that would lead people to store all photos in one folder hierarchy. Most of Bell’s photos are in a folder called “A Big Shoebox”. Over time, however, we also ended up storing photos throughout the folder hierarchy because all items pertaining to a single subject, e.

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  • A project has discrete steps budgeted into time, and it is in finite steps that project management can go awry. Someone who has never run the kind of project being detailed is likely to assign steps and values that are unrealistic. Therefore, project management is best done by someone who has completed a similar project before and knows the steps that go into it. Like many management principles, project management isn’t new. Henry Laurence Gantt, a mechanical engineer and disciple of scientific management first published the Gantt chart in 1910.

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  • The act of incorporating modern music into silent film screenings is also not without precedent outside of academia. Since 1982, Pordenone Italy has hosted Le Giornate Del Cinema Muto, a silent film festival that has regularly featured contemporary scores written and performed by such composers as Wim Mertens and John Cale. 13 In 1984, Giorgio Moroder compiled a modern rock score for a theatrical re-release of Metropolis (Germany, 1928, Fritz Lang).

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  • Despite a variety of processes and the availability of raw-material sources, the widespread utilisation of annual plants in pulping has not been technically or economically feasible in Western countries due to the lack of a simple and environmentally efficient pulping method and the problems associated with raw material storage and logistics. An ideal non-wood pulping process is simple and environmentally efficient and can be applied on a small scale.

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  • Although substantial economic development and improvement of health services have occurred, Asia is a heterogeneous and resource-constrained continent. Over half of the 50 million people with epilepsy worldwide are estimated to live in Asia (Mac et al., 2007). There are some biological differences in epilepsy between Asia and the West, mainly related to the young average age and smaller physique among Asians. This probably partly explains the smaller doses of antiepileptic drugs found effective in some trials involving Asians (Yang et al., 2007).

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  • We approximate credit risk developments at the bank level by considering non- performing loans of each institution and rating changes at the individual security level. Importantly, our database allows us to identify not only the rating of these securities at the time of origination but also their evolution over time. We also analyze to what extent housing prices, securitization activity and lending may have asymmetric effects across institutions and geographically (at the regional level) by identifying the role of each of these factors.

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  • Until the early 1980s, banking was largely a local business, reflecting the limits placed by the states on intra- and interstate branching. At year-end 1977, 20 states allowed statewide branching, and the remaining 30 states placed limits on intrastate branching.17 However, as the benefits of geo- graphic diversification became better understood, many states began to lift the legal constraints on branching. By mid-1986, 26 states allowed statewide branch banking, while only 9 restricted banks to a unit banking business. By 2002, only 4 states placed any limits on branching.

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  • The different implications of high government debt and unsustainable public finances should be reflected in prices for government securities. The existence and implementation of the European fiscal framework should therefore have a twofold effect. First, the credibility of the European fiscal framework and its ability to deter “excessive” deficits and debt in the perception of market participants generally affect future risks associated with liabilities of all member states.

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  • Two commonly cited cross-country user-side data collection efforts are the FinMark Trust’s FinScope initiative, a specialized household survey in 14 African countries and Pakistan, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Life in Transition Survey (LITS), which covers 35 countries in Europe and Central Asia and includes several questions on financial decisions as part of a broader survey.

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  • As indicated above, in some instances, the Commissioner may decide to utilise powers conferred under section 24 of the Data Protection Acts and order an inspection team comprised of authorised officers to arrive unannounced at the premises of a particular data controller or data processor. In such cases, authorised officers will carry official photo identification and a signed letter from the Commissioner on logo-headed paper.

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  • The value for software losses due to counterfeiting in the European Union was estimated to be approximately $11 billion in 2006 compared with losses of $7.2 billion in the USA (Business Software Alliance, 2007). A similar story is apparent for the film industry with the Motion Picture Association of America reporting, through a survey of 22 countries, losses to its member studios of $6.1 billion in 2005, with $2.3 billion of that being made up of internet piracy.

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  • As new technologies emerge, the Federal government has a responsibility to lead by example. Our government owns and manages approximately 500,000 buildings and operates more than 600,000 fleet vehicles. The electricity used for its buildings, the fuel used in its cars and trucks, and the energy required in military operations make it the largest energy consumer in the US economy.

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